Sam Heughan on Wearing that Red Coat & More- Wizard World NOLA

Photo: Courtney and Sam at Wizard World NOLA Jan 2020, fireside chat.


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Photo: Sam during our interview at Wizard World, NOLA, by Wizard World.

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8 comments on “Sam Heughan on Wearing that Red Coat & More- Wizard World NOLA

  1. Just watched 507 this morning and watched this video. I was one who hated the idea of the red coat, whether it was Sam’s idea or not. Went in expecting not to like it. I will say I didn’t hate it, but didn’t like it either. Didn’t pack a punch for me and didn’t think it added anything to the story and felt Murtagh seeing him in it would have had a more visceral reaction to it than he did. So to me it was a big lead up to a big phhhht.

    I’m really curious to know if we’ve seen the love scenes that make it an 11 this season, because so far they don’t come close. Best one I thought so far was Episode 1 when they were playful and enjoying themselves. Besides that, not so much…especially not the stable, if that’s what he was referring to.

    • Hi Maryann – Good point about Murtagh! He would’ve had a huge reaction to the red coat. What do you think of the sex scenes now? I wouldn’t say 11 but I liked S5 – the intimacy. 7.5? 8?

  2. I have not commented but have listened to your podcast or group call on each episode. Like all of you, I was disappointed in 506. It wasn’t because it was poorly acted or poorly written. I’ve enjoyed the Murtagh storyline and sobbed like it was the end of the world Saturday night at midnight when I watched 507. So I asked myself what was so satisfying about 507 when 506 had some of the same elements? The same actors are capable of the same level of acting. The writing was good in both…I mean really, bugs/war, sex/sex,… It comes down to the directing. It was as though in 507, the actors were given the space to BE. They were allowed to feel and move in the space of the story. That’s what was missing in 506. I love the sex scenes between Jamie and Claire because they are so authentic. There is definitely a difference in how Sam, the actor, touches Cait, the actress, since she got married. I *think* that is because Cait is married and out of respect for her husband, they have modified what they do on screen. I mean honestly, we don’t need to see their tongues in each others mouths or watch Jamie lick Claire’s nipples to understand they are in love and enjoy each other’s touch and the feel of their mate’s body. They proved that last night. So for me, I have enjoyed the entire season in all its elements. Definitely appreciate that Rik and Sophie appear to tolerate and even like each other this season. I don’t require the series to match the books – I just ask that it be well done. 507 was well done. BTW…I’m Doctor_Gigi on twitter. Thanks!

    • RC I think you’re right about the directing – and I think editing was a huge problem in 506. 506 was very choppy and also a weird use of time (no pun intended). Probably my least favorite episode of the season and juxtaposed with possibly my favorite – 507.

      Thanks for watching and commenting Dr. Gigi! x

  3. Ep 507 was phenomenal. Sam deserves an award. He was brilliant. I already watched it 4 times. The red coat episode was very clever and seeing Jamie being so angry toward Tryon was great.

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