Sam Heughan Q&A: S4 Updates, Willoughby Treatment, Rollo, Thundercats, & More

It was a Q&A kinda day, here are the highlights from Sam’s…

Sam reached 400,000 followers this past weekend,

and as a thank you he did a Q&A on Twitter today after filming wrapped.

But first, today is Nell Hudson’s birthday! Nell turned the ripe old age of 27 today, which makes this hair and makeup job for Laoghaire extra impressive. 

Sam wished Nell a happy birthday today, just before diving into the Q&A, and using the affectionate nickname her character has acquired over the years… ?


Paula: Were those acupuncture needles real???

On Season 4…

Irene asked: How has it been adapting Scotland to be North Carolina??

KJ: Has Rollo reached full size yet? Can you tell the two dog actors who play him apart?

Nancie: Do you and Cait use stunt doubles? 

*WARNING – DO NOT PROCEED if you are Sam’s insurer – NOTHING TO SEE HERE

Kenza: What’s your best memory on the set of Outlander?

Gigi: Diana Gabaldon hinted that the smithy Heughan in Book 8 was based on your colorful language. How true is that?

Sam: I’m afraid it’s true. God bless Gabs and her love of “language.”

On  ? Soup…

Amélie: how was the turtle soup scene shooting?? 

My personal favorite question… from Michigan Today

Who’s the better actor: Steven Cree’s wooden leg or César Domboy’s wooden hand? ?

Tali: If you could star in a Broadway play in New York, which would you choose? (and please make it happen!)

Lisa asked what recording artists Sam likes right now, and he said he was listening to Star Roving by Slowdive…


Thayná asked if Sam misses Romann Berrux on set,

and Sam answered: “It’s like missing an itch ;p”


Sam said hello to Diana, as Bear Killer let him know their Q&A’s were going on at the same time…

Diana’s answer…

Hadar wrote: Have you missed the part where Diana said she’s got a black jack side? I wouldn’t provoke her

To which Diana responded…

(I’d say so, I believe he lived through Eps 115 and 116 already ?)


Carla asked: do you have new projects soon?? To which Sam answered his movie The Spy Who Dumped Me, comes out this summer.


There were some “friend” questions, one from the owner of that wooden leg, himself:

Sam actually talked about Steven’s height challenge (and his language struggles) in our interview in NYC in Sept…


Sam also had a question from pal Tim Downie (Sam’s cohort in Tennents ads from yesteryear)…

Louise asked if Sam is a picky eater, and he said “No, I’ll try anything.”

Sam gave encouragement to Laura who was embarking on her MPC workout of the day, and said that there is a whole new look and program for 2018. We have seen some BTS shots from him on Twitter recently too. 

Leanne Aguilera from EW asked how many bottles of whisky she should bring on her next set visit, and sweet Sam said she should bring enough for all of us! Yipeeeee

Teresa asked what jobs Sam did before acting full time…

Megan: What movie or cartoon character frightened you as a kid?

Speaking of being a kid, Sam was asked by Jenny if he was educated using the Steiner (Waldorf) method as a child. His answer was: “Yes I was. Very lucky.” The Waldorf philosophy emphasizes the role of imagination and outdoors in learning, striving to integrate intellectual, practical, and artistic development. I happen to believe it’s a fabulous approach for young children. Hannah James (Geneva) was also educated with this approach.

And that’s a wrap!  For Diana’s Q&A from today, Click HERE


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