Excellent Interview with Sam by Peter Travers

Here’s a refreshing interview with Sam. Most press tour interviews tend to be wide and shallow, in my opinion, and Peter is a real journalist who does a great job.

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Please enjoy Peter’s interview with Sam…


Happy Friday. xo

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4 comments on “Excellent Interview with Sam by Peter Travers

  1. He IS a great interviewer because he got Sam to sing of all things! All in all he brought Sam out and answered some very interesting questions about himself, his origins, his family and his career. Didn’t know he did Batman live! Wow, what a hunk in that suit!

  2. That had to be the best interview ever with Sam. There was humour and intelligence in the questions and answers, it covered Sam’s interests in fitness, hiking, promoting Scotland, wanting to be a magician, making other movies as well as doing his pod cast of Scotland, and so much more. Sam is a very busy man, and when he said he didn’t know where he will be when Outlander comes to an end. I hope he doesn’t disappear off the radar. Bill Travers was excellent, he gave Sam free rein and time to answer. Thank you for sharing this with us all.

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