Sam Redux at Jibland

Photo: Sam Heughan at Jibland, Outlander Italy

Due to schedule conflicts, Sam had to cancel his appearance at Jibland in Rome last month. His schedule did allow for an appearance there this weekend, and some video clips are emerging, courtesy of Outlander Italy. Enjoy!

Sam on Brianna meeting…

On David Berry as John Grey…

Some Twitter banter…


Adding this video from Day 2, Courtesy of Planet Heughan. Lots of goodies here, including Sam’s favorite Season 3 episode, and favorite filming locations and places in Scotland…

On Stephen Bonnet…

On funny moments on set…

13 comments on “Sam Redux at Jibland

  1. I just love the banter between these two! Great chemistry on screen and off! A friendship that will last far beyond the end of this brilliant TV series,I’m sure??

  2. I was wondering the same thing. He never seemed to be into jewelry much. The two rings look like a his (thumb) and hers (pinky) wedding bands. Have we a big surprise coming?

    • I couldn’t get the sound to work on the last video. Anyone else have trouble?
      Thanks so much for all your work Courtney!

      • Francie, the Facebook videos always come muted now, not sure why. Find the little speaker icon at the bottom and turn up the volume – you should hear it then! And you’re welcome, thanks for taking time to say thanks! x

    • I saw on social media that he switched bracelets with his “handler” and put on her bracelet and rings as a joke because of the interest in his bracelet from yesterday. I wasn’t there, but again, that seems to have what happened from reading the replies on Twitter.

      The pictures and videos are great – thanks to everyone who shared.

  3. Thank you Courtney for posting these. I found great pictures on Instagram of Sam posing with several fans. Very lucky girls! He’s such a beautiful man inside and out for doing that.

  4. That’s our Sam – a wonderful person, amazingly talented, with a great sense of humour. I have read that he has another movie in the making this summer called “Bloodshot” – should be interesting.

  5. Saw the clips this morning and he was charming , funny, gracious and right there in the mix. Sam Heughan just can’t be this flawless.

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