Sam Says His Tarot Card Reading May Be Right…

The Tarot Ship has done a reading for Sam, and it seems pretty darn on point. Flirtatious? Hard working? Incredibly successful? Looking for true love? His series may be extended for another season???? (yes please!!!)

Here’s what Sam had to say about it…

Take a look and see what you think… 😊



Check out this cute on set video of the Season 7 Denzel and Rachel Hunter…

OutlanderBTS Casting News: Denzel and Rachel Video


The BTS Lassies are going back and discussing the episodes we missed in Season 4 – we’ve done two so far – 401 & 403, and we do 404 later this month. Here is the latest…

To see them all, go to Episode Discussions.

OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 403 ~ The False Bride


Enjoy your weekend! Remember to get outside and breathe deeply. xo

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2 comments on “Sam Says His Tarot Card Reading May Be Right…

  1. I am not A Tarot card reader; but, darn… this seems like he will be paid back for all of his hard work. He has such tenacity. I do hope that he finds true love ( he deserves it) and continues his Philanthropic ways while taking care for his Mom and friends who he loves and have stood by him in the lean years before. 007 maybe they will realize their mistake in not considering him. Here’s hoping that he will finally get the accolades that he deserves! Slai’nte!

  2. I have heard the reading myself, and if any of it comes true, I will be. very happy for Sam, he deserves all the good and happiness in his life, and if he finds his true love in 2023, I hope it is everything he is looking for to complete his life.

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