Sam, With Glimpses of Day 1 of Filming, Season 5

Sam is back in Jamie mode as of today, and gives us a glimpse into a day in his life. Here are some shots of Sam’s first day of filming for Season 5. Wahooooo! 

First, coffee… I think late start means they didn’t have to start at the usual very early time. Usually Sam gets up at some ungodly hour like 4:00AM to get a workout in before work! ?


Then, of course, a workout. Today’s was a quick run around Glasgow (which he says was not that quick), but 8.18 minutes per mile is not bad, if you ask me! 

Davie Hollywood has been Sam’s driver since the very beginning, and here they are, together again, starting Season 5…

Travel photo, with lots of gum??? They are heading to location to film today. Makes sense, if Season 5 is starting off like The Fiery Cross does, with the gathering in North Carolina! 

And here is Sam’s basecamp on location – his trailer. 

This is Sam’s makeup artist, Wendy, whom he’s referred to as “his rock.” She puts on Jamie’s back scars and every bit of makeup Sam wears for the show. They have spent many many hours together over four seasons. Now, time to make Older Jamie ready for his day! 

After makeup, time to get dressed… here are Jamie’s togs for the day…

In my interview with Gary Young, he said that a big part of an actor’s job is to “hurry up and wait.” Here is the hurry up and wait area for Season 5, Day 1, and likely where Sam was sitting when he put this nice little Instagram story together for us! 

He later added a shot of his lunch which looks very healthy, indeed. Their food on location is catered, since they are often in the middle of nowhere.

I am prepping for my chat with Sera-lys McArthur today, which I am very much looking forward to. If Sam adds any more photos of his food or other exciting glimpses ?, I will add them here later, in case you’d like to check back.

Have a wonderful day! xo

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17 comments on “Sam, With Glimpses of Day 1 of Filming, Season 5

  1. This made my week start off so positively. Good for Sam to remember his fans. Excited to know Season 5 is happening now. Thank you.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Something is really missing because the location isn’t authentic. I understand why however and try not to hold it against the Ron and colleagues.

      • No no can’t have them..we have hijacked them in Scotland forever..we like tge authenticity..hehe!!!

  2. Recovering from knee replacement surgery which is a bear and a half. Your post provided a wonderful Monday morning Pick me up.Thank you so much!

    Random thought, not related to your most recent blog post: watching streaming videos is a wonderful distraction from The boredom and gloom of lying in bed with an aching knee! As a book reader I find that I tend to enjoy the second go around much more than the first because I can just sit back and enjoy the story rather than Comparing everything to the book!

  3. This makes me so happy! OK, is the car photo graph backwards? Because the wheel is on the American side .. Happy Season 5 Sam (and the rest!) !!!

  4. What a lovely gift, thank you! Wishing all involved in the filming the most effortless and obstacle free season yet.

  5. Thank you so much for posting these! It’s very exciting to get a glimpse of what the actors and all the staff do in a day. Would love to be part of that!

  6. Sam was SO generous to fans today. I hope the fandom doesn’t get too greedy. It won’t be like this everyday! Thanks for posting.

  7. A good way to start the day – Coffee time! A run at 4:00 am! Okayyy! maybe another day. Love the feedback on what an actor’s day is for Outlander, and the many people behind the scenes that work so hard to get the actor’s prepped up to start their day. Love the posts sent by Sam- always appreciated. Sam is an amazing person – and very much a people person too!

  8. Thank you Sam! Have the feeling to participate a wee bit! At my old age it helps quite a lot as the days seem sometimes longer, especially when the skies are grey and cold. Thank you again for your kindness.

  9. #samheughan
    Thank you Sam for the first day video!
    We appreciate you being so sharing with us .
    Keep it up!!!

  10. All very nice but I don’t think they are filming the fifth season because I don’t see any other actor, producer or screenwriter… Maybe Sam had to do makeup tests and costumes because otherwise I don’t explain it. I mean, where is everybody? Possible that the first day of work of the fifth season no one else has published anything? No one made a selfie with the other actors? It seems very strange To me, and you What do you think?

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