Sam’s Going to WizardWorld New Orleans…

Sam is scheduled to be at Wizard World, New Orleans, January 3-5, 2020, and there are special packages ranging from affordable to pricey.  Check out the info here: Sam at New Orleans WizardWorld.

You should know that cancellations are a real possibility, unless this is an official promotional event for Season 5, sanctioned by Starz (which I don’t know at this time). My understanding is that in all actor contracts, actors are released from appearing if they become contracted for an acting job.

In collecting info for my Outlander Convention Guide, the feedback about WizardWorld Chicago, August 2018, which Sam did cancel due to a work commitment, is that people were disappointed, of course, but WizardWorld and Sam made a huge effort for fans (this is not a requirement), and Sam ended up Skyping with fans from his kitchen all day. Caitriona also made a special flight in for the convention, according to my source. Some organizations don’t do that, so that’s a plus for WizardWorld. Sam and Caitriona genuinely appreciate their fans (in my experience).

VIP packages range from $29.99 for admission to the 90 minute Sam Q&A (you have to buy a badge to the conference also, to get this price – the cheapest combo is a day pass for Saturday + the Sam Q&A – $54.99 + $29.99 = $84.98) to $1499.99 for a small group panel with Sam, including selfie, 1 convention photo, autograph, and good seats at the Q&A. All packages in between contain a portion of the $$$ package. These events all take place on Saturday, apparently. I don’t see that written anywhere but in the promo photo…


I hope to be there, and I’m trying to convince the BTS lasses to go too. If it all comes together, we will arrange a fun meetup like we did in NYC, which was really nice. I have also applied for a panel discussion for the ladies and me. Stay tuned for updates…

How about you? Will you be going? 

****UPDATE**** Please see the comments section for more positive comments about WizardWorld. I also received these:


****UPDATE**** Well, not only did I and the BTS Lasses go to this event, we hosted a get together, I did a Patron giveaway, and several lucky Patrons got tickets, I ended up interviewing Sam for this panel, and we did a BTS Lasses discussion panel! Phew.

If you haven’t seen those find them here: My interview with Sam at NOLA, OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Wizard World, NOLA. xo 


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28 comments on “Sam’s Going to WizardWorld New Orleans…

  1. I’m going and I truly hope I get to meet you there. I went to Chicago and I have to say that Wizard World was very accommodating. When Caitriona’s day changed to Friday, some of us were going to miss our autographs because our own flights were coming in after her autographs. They worked with us and we got our autographs in a 2nd mini session. We were also given a silver package at any other Wizard World. I was doubtful about that but they were good for it. All we had to do was check in at the VIP desk and our names were on a list. So although I was disappointed when Sam cancelled, the Skype was fun and he autographed a picture for us and Wizard World sent it to us. Great customer service.

    • Hi Ruth Ann, I hope we meet too!

      And I have to say, usually, with cancellations, they do try to backfill, but they usually refer to the small print, which says no guarantees. Maybe partial refund if the person is extremely distraught and makes a fuss, but what you are describing is above and beyond (and likely why Sam is choosing to work with them again). Thanks for your feedback. I think it’s a good one in the US to take a chance on. And it’s NEW ORLEANS!!!

  2. Unfortunately I cannot afford it. I hope they will come to either Los Angeles or San Diego next year as I live just in the middle.

    I am always excited to hear from your blog. Thank you so much Courtney.

  3. Working on a plan to be there…the timing is bad for those of us in retail, but I hope to work it out. It’s drivable, at least!
    Hope to see you there!

    • That would be a no Piper! But You Patrons help me out, which is why I can do this stuff in the first place! Thank you thank you xo

  4. I bit the bullit and bought the VIP package too! Hope to meet you there. After all the cancellations (and disappointed fans) that occured in 2018 I am hoping Sam double checked his schedule before committing to this! Very (guardedly) excited!

  5. I’m going with a friend. ??I hope I get to meet you, Courtney! I absolutely love Outlander BTS! ❤️ Your interviews and episode reviews are awesome!

    • Patty! I will send out info about a meet up. I look forward to meeting you! I’m so happy you enjoy my work. ?Antoinette and Cathy are in, working on Karmen. ?

  6. unfortunately I will not be able to be there – it would be the thrill of a lifetime, to meet Sam Heughan and to be in New Orleans. I hope that Wizard World New Orleans Convention will be an outstanding success.

  7. I’m waitlisted for Tier 2 ticket….hopefully more will open up soon! Customer Service suggested buying Tier 1, and waitlisting Tier 2…said they would refund Tier 1 if and when Tier 2 becomes available.

  8. Hi Courtney,

    Well I have booked a plane trip from San Francisco to New Orleans and I’m taking a chance that Sam will be there because that would be pretty disappointing to go to that expense and not get to see him. I am equally excited about meeting up with you blog gals and hope that you let us know where and when we can all meet up. I’m hoping one or all of you want to take a little trip over to the French Quarter with me like on Sunday for lunch or dinner, catch some jazz maybe? Do you know what time Sam is supposed to be there on Saturday. I know, so many questions. I’m traveling by myself, so I’m trying to get as much info as possible before hand. Getting so excited about seeing everyone!

    Love, Suzie

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