San Diego Comic Con… The Gangs All There…

I’m on a family vaca, but sneaking in a quick post, hope you’re all well xo

The gang has landed in CA…

and will be doing a panel today for San Diego Comic Con.

Here’s a chat with Leanne Aguilera from earlier today… interview starts at about :40 seconds… there are some show spoilers here… personally, I like to be surprised by what’s coming, after having waited this long. If you like to be surprised, you might skip this. Otherwise, enjoy. 

So far, I have not located info on a live stream for the Outlander panel. If I find anything, I will update this post. I will also release a video when I see one. 

My wifi is a bit spotty from where I sit right now, but I’ll do my best šŸ˜‰ 

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