Season 2 Deleted Scene… Tender Jamie Reassures Claire about Becoming a Mother

Happy day, here is another peek at a deleted scene. From Season 2, Jamie reassures Claire about mothering. SO glad we get to see these scenes, as here is the tender side of Jamie that we all know and love…

6 comments on “Season 2 Deleted Scene… Tender Jamie Reassures Claire about Becoming a Mother

  1. This is the Jamie I love. His tenderness and humorous banter with Claire was missing in S2. I almost stopped watching it was so upsetting to see Jamie act so horrible with Claire. I never watched any episode but Faith again and that was difficult. I watched S1 so many times. I am hoping S3 is as good as 1. I have a feeling they learned a lesson. S2 felt like it was staged for RD’s wife.

    • I think Ron saw Claire as the central character, and there has been so much feedback about that. Very interested to see Season 3 too!

      • Thank you for responding to my post. Just wondering what kind of feedback you were referring. I think Jamie is on the same level as Claire or has become that way bc of the fans love for him. I want to see the original story tweaked perhaps for tv. That’s fine. Just don’t change the characters/relationship we love to appeal to some 21st century need to see females dominate men. Jamie was a much stronger man in the books then he was portrayed on screen. His personality was lost. It’s fine if others don’t agree bc we all have our own expectations and reasons for loving Outlander. Can’t wait for S3. I want to pre-order everything asap?

  2. I felt that maybe many scenes were set up to showcase the talents of Ms. Dresbach .Almost a fashion show, really. Yes the clothes were wonderful and brilliant, but I would rather have seen more of Jamie as a husband and father-to-be. Jamie should never have been dismissed to fetch drinks. Just my opinion.

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