Season 3 Trailer is Out!

I’ll be honest and say that I like to be surprised after waiting so long to see each new season of Outlander. So, with only one eye open, I watched this new Season 3 trailer. It’s not too spoilery, and it is very EXCITING!!! So, if you’d like a sneak peek, go for it (one or both eyes works). Below is the “official” version released by Outlander Starz Monday April 17th (today). 

Thanks to Outlander Italy and Outlander Headquarter for getting us through ’til the official one was released. 

PS I’m interested to know if people watched The White Princess, and if so what you thought? I think the guy who plays King Henry VII could make an excellent William Ransom – Lord Ellesmere etc etc ?

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  1. Courtney, I had the exact same thought about Henry…and William! Don’t know his name, but will be watching him!?

    • Rosanne, he’s in a wee upcoming piece I’m working on (briefly), meet Jacob Collins-Levy from Australia (rats, can’t post a photo here, guess you’ll just have to see my piece when it comes out 😉 ?

    • Sometimes in interviews Sam (to me) comes across as a bit too goofy to play a convincing Jamie. And then I re-watch an episode, or this new trailer, and breathe a sigh of relief (and anticipation!). Someone posted on one of the other Outlander sites that she would not want to wish Summer away, BUT… Mmmmmm….

  2. At last. It is coming. It’s only, what, 4-5 months? We can hang on till then.
    Gnawing our nails to the quick, watching S1 and S2, rereading and rereading every book. Thank you for posting this; I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t bother to keep Starz going when OL is not on.

  3. Why am I so emotionally involved with this show? It is as if these things are happening to me. I could feel Jamie’s desperation and I think him touching the heather coming home after Hellwater. He misses her so. And…was that Leoghaire hugging him? He didn’t look too happy. I also think he looks younger than at the end of S2. Thank goodness that’s over. I will pre-order S3 video but S2, NOT. Cannot wait for it to start. OMG!!! Can’t wait to see all the scenes from Voyager. Even the ones before the printshop bc I know they will be together.

  4. That was a don’t blink or you missed it trailer. Nonetheless. Excited to watch in September. I must say, sorry about commentor who finds Sam goofy, but that he’s good as Jamie. We all see things differently, I know. I find Sam charming and sweet. He’s so happy that his career choice worked out. He REALLY appreciates his fans. He gets why things are going well. I find his sense of humor and quick wit wonderful. He IS an actor. A good one. So grateful for his performances.

  5. I think Sam’s real personality comes through when he’s with Caitriona bc he’s so comfortable with her. I do think he is kind, shy and a bit overwhelmed with his popularity. He seems a little nerdy too in the best way, but it doesn’t fit with his great looks. I don’t think his real self is like Jamie. That’s fine. He’s a great actor and I for one cannot stop pinning him, or dreaming of Jamie, or buying Outlander stuff, or planting herbs, or…….thinking about walking through stones. I do get back to reality as soon as I get a migraine and am thankful for 21st century meds.

    • Have been thinking a bit more about what I wrote and reading these responses, and I don’t think I quite put down what I was thinking. I find goofy quite endearing, but Jamie in the books I would never describe as goofy (and I understand we don’t all see Sam that way, of course (and I did write “a BIT goofy”). I do think one of the things that, at least for me, makes the show that much more addictive is that Sam off screen does, sometimes, seem less like Jamie than, say, Cait / Claire, or Graham / Dougal. Watching Sam make Jamie his own, not quite as I had imagined from the books (I imagined him hiding his emotions more often, as described by Diana, and just more often seeming wiser/ older than his years) is really fascinating. I’ve watched A Princess for Christmas and bits of other shows/movies Sam’s starred in, and he can play a pretty wide range of male characters with more gravitas / emotional reserve than he seems to show in most of the interviews I’ve seen. One scene I thought he totally nailed was the wedding night – playing a 23 year old virgin when you are a presumably sexually experienced 35.. wow. He caught the layers and nuances of young Jamie’s reactions / character in that scene SO well – HOT, yes, and confident, charming, but with just the barest hint of vulnerability, and it was SO well written, filmed, directed. Cait is always good, but Sam OWNED that scene, and not just because he’s gorgeous, by any means. He is doing a stellar job of conveying the complexities of the man we’ve come to know and love over these past 25+ years.

  6. My name is Edith and I will be watching
    The White Princess tonight. Hope you all had a Happy Easter. I will let you know what I think of Prince Henry. Can’t wait to see it.

  7. So much to say tonight. Last post promise. Did anyone else notice the resemblance between the king on The White Princess and Jamie Fraser or is it just all in my head. By the way it’s another great show.

  8. SEPTEMBER! That’s just torture! Cruel and unusual punishment. What did we do to deserve to be put off that long? Don’t they already have season 3 completed and ready to go? Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!

    • Haha Hi Roz, no they are still filming as we speak, in South Africa. According to my calculations ?, they will finish filming @ the end of June and finish post production at the end of August. So yep, September… ? Hang in there!

    • I think if you do you will or have missed a lot. I just watched all of Black Sails, which was wonderful! Well acted and the story line was amazing. The White Princess is great. I watched the White Queen. It is fun to see the continuation. Well done. I would watch other things on Starz they are worth it.

  9. Funny, passionate comments. Yes, we all wait for the coming season and most of us re-re-re-view the S1 and S2, re-re-read the books. I am “inside” the last one I could find (Written in my own Hear’s Blood). But I am also re-reading the third one (in French as it is so long and English is not my mother tongue) and Outlander is just beginning to become an obsession with me. Trying to “survive and be patient” becomes my motto! Just a few months left…
    As to Jamie/Sam, he is different when interviewed and when interpreting our beloved character. He is Sam and not Jamie! And when you see him in other films or series he is different from Jamie and Sam. Claire said it once, when she visited him in the Leoch stables/meadows: “You are a complicated man, Mr. McTavish”. She is right maybe…

  10. I watched the first episode of the White Princess last night and LOVED it!! I adore Outlander (the books and TV show) and love historical costume dramas in general….
    I think WP will be a worthy distraction during Droughtlander ?

    • Almost makes the waiting harder! I want to just see the whole thing when it finally comes out. I have a feeling S3 will be ?

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