Season 3 Will Premiere in SEPTEMBER, 2017

Starz just announced that Season 3 will come out in September, 2017, so we have some more waiting to do!

Here are Cait and Sam saying farewell to Scotland, and looking forward to sunny (and HOT) South Africa…


In March, production and filming on the current season moves from its home base in Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa, to shoot sea voyage scenes on the former sets of Starz’s original series Black Sails. Production on Season 3 began in September and will wrap in June.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

16 comments on “Season 3 Will Premiere in SEPTEMBER, 2017

  1. oh well, I guess it will be in time for my birthday. Maybe Cait and Sam can send me a card with their Picts enclosed. My birthday is September 4. I hope it’s ready by then!!!!! Ha! Have to read the books, watch the Outlander reruns I love and Have Patience!

    • They don’t film half and then go through production processes and then start filming again….they film totally out of sync with the book so there is your answer why they cannot do half and show half of the book…

  2. Don’t mind waiting at all for a quality product! Voyager is my favorite book in the Outlander series, so I’m willing to give it the time and effort needed to make it spectacular! No doubt everyone involved in this production will.

    • Hi Lynn- here’s what I found out from my Aussie buddies- the new season of #Outlander will air on @showcaseaus via @Foxtel Courtney. It used to be on SoHo but that channel is gone now

      Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Of course it is long, but have confidence. It will be beautiful. Always is.
    I wish them a pleasant stay in SA. Gorgeous country. Been there many years ago!
    I admired Caitriona’s and Sam’s costumes and started laughing because they will definitely have to remove some layers. It is warm in SA in this period of the year. If I remember well! Really curious to see them in other clothes! We have been so used to the kilts and great Terri Dressbach’s creations for Claire.
    I Read the book and think they are going to undergo some fantastic and dramatic adventures. How is this going to be filmed?

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