Season 4 Casting Has Officially Begun! Young Ian Gets His Rollo (x 2)

Photo: John Bell by Getty Images

The first character for Season 4 (Drums of Autumn) has been cast!

EW released this photo today, and similar to the Olsen twins in Full House, we have these adorable Northern Inuit puppy twins playing Young Ian’s beloved canine companion, Rollo.

Season 4 is in the early stages, which means the writers are writing, Terry’s team is doing research and preliminary costume design, and Gary’s team is engaged in research, location scouting and set design. The puppies will begin their training now for Season 4 with animal handler David Stewart, so when filming starts they will know all their lines!  

For those concerned about the puppies not having the correct eye color ? (yellow)…

Diana weighed in on this casting choice: “They look cute, but tough. They should be just right to play Rollo when the time comes,” Gabaldon tells EW. “They’d need to growl and look menacing on command, I think, and carry back prey of one kind or another to their master…”

I did a recent post about the same characters at different ages (Older J&C, Baby Bree…) and we all know dogs grow up much faster than humans. Filming for Season 4 will likely begin in Autumn sometime, and these pups may look more like this, when it does… 

Rollo is a beloved character, and seeing these guys makes me excited for all of the adventures (and misadventures) that lie ahead.


Source: EW

12 comments on “Season 4 Casting Has Officially Begun! Young Ian Gets His Rollo (x 2)

  1. I imagined Rollo to Have more black fur than these two, even with the adult dog photos. However they certainly look like their wolf ancestors.

  2. Looking forward to seeing Roll grow into a great wolf as he gets older his grey will come out more ?

  3. Actually, I thought, after reading some descriptions in the books or articles, that Rollo would
    have more of the Irish Wolfhound look than shepherd or husky… of the parents is an
    Irish Wolfhound and they are huge. Also, Rollo is described by those who see him as pretty darn
    BIG ……I’m up for anything (not that my vote counts) but was hoping to see a bit more of a
    Rollo with more obvious Irish in him.

    • These two puppies are adorable, but I also was expecting an Irish wolfhound. While reading Drums I mentally pictured a longer haired, darker, gangly dog. Choosing the Inuit breed isn’t going to detract too much from the show. Looking forward to September!

  4. Also not quite what I had pictured( as with many of us, I was thinking more if an Irish wolfhound look) but I guess they do have to pick a breed that typically responds well to training ( no idea if Irish wolfhounds are easy to train or not, but I know that’s a big reason Jack Russell Terriers (Who of course would be much too small to play Rollo) are used so often in ads, TV shows and movies).

    In the photo of the adult dog, the Inuit dog’s ears are very cool!!

    • I have a Jack Russell Terrier, my thoughts exactly, Wolfhound.. though intelligent, stubborn… 🙂

  5. awww Rollo, nothing like a “good dog”. He is Outlander’s “Lassie”. These two are adorable and sturdy enough to handle being ” Part Wolf” . Shepard mixes or there about are very intelligent dogs.. this should be wonderful addition to the cast. Rather like the sweet ” black” horse Jamie rides in Season 1.. ( see the nuzzle of said horse to ‘Murtagh’ when he takes the horse for Jamie.. 🙂 Animals, they bring out the ‘human’ in us.

  6. So exciting, I adored Drums of Autumn. It,s coming to life through film, I cannot wait. Kudos to you all for making it happen. Ian and Rollo are magic, theirs is a separate story that intrigued , mesmerised, admired me. Bring it On.

  7. I’m an animal lover. The pups are really cute. I just hope
    the trainer is a nice one, and the pups have a good home.
    So many animals used in movies, shows etc. are just tossed
    out after their use. Can’t wait for Season 3 in September.

  8. I agree with many of you – I was thinking more Irish Wolfhound – huge, and rather scruffy. But, I trust the show to have selected what works best for all concerned, and once Rollo hits the screen, I’ll love him as much as I have Rollo in the books. The casting director found the perfect Bouton, so I will trust her again.

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