Outlander Returns: Season 4 Premiere Date is November 4th

Jamie and Claire will be back on our screens in the US on November 4th!

(I will pass on other countries’ premiere dates when I know them)

Let the countdown begin…

Season 4 Trailer

10 comments on “Outlander Returns: Season 4 Premiere Date is November 4th

  1. Yeah! I saw Sam’s movie yesterday with my adult daughter…. Sam and Kate were the stars – they were simply wonderful. The continual use of the “f” word grew tiresome (thus the “R” rating), literally it was the word of the script. Sam was believable, acting on point and action sequences as we’ve grown to expect. He really was Bond in this movie.

    • Thank you for your honest review of TSHDM. I was excited to go see it, but I abhor the “f”word!!! It ruins movies ……and is totally unnessary. I am disappointed, but will now pass it by.

  2. Saw Sam’s movie today. My boyfriend and I loved it. It was funny and Sam was very good and very James Bond. I will buy the DVD when it comes out.

  3. Hi thank you..question for those of us not able to go to comic cons will there be any video or audio of the Q and A in main auditorium..Creation is doing a lot of these but at previous ones like San Diego and Seattle at least we saw some videos..do you know anything about this thx Adele

  4. Fantastic news! Drums of Autumn coming to the small screen on November 4th. I knew November was going to be a very special month. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing Sam and Caitriona again on Outlander.

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