Season 5 Table Read Today, Woot!

Photo: Table Read, Season 1, Block 2

The gang has all assembled, and Season 5 filming officially started today, with the first step: S5 Block 1 table read. Yippeeeee. (More on what a table read is below).

****Adding this wee beauty in from Sam, on instagram, which includes his new, expanded title. Nice. Thank you Frasers Ridge Brasil****

Caitriona gives us a glimpse of the Season 5, Episode 1 (501) script in what looks like a “people mover” (van) or on the train to work today. She says: “Mums the word on what’s inside …. but here it is Ep 1 Season ?5?”


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Mums the word on what’s inside …. but here it is Ep 1 Season ?5? @outlander_starz @sptv

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It seems Murtagh is back (no surprise here….)


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It’s that time again. #OutlanderS5

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A shot of Duncan’s place card for today’s table read..


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Here’s César, no doubt stepping out for a ciggy break. He’s right outside of the Cumbernauld studio front doors.


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#IGSTORIES @cesardomboy #outlander #outlandertemporada5 #cesardomboy #fergusfraser ❤

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Lauren Lyle gives us a glimpse of the room with her video of a fallen place card. As that is little Ricky Rankin across the way, I’m told by Eagle Eye Rare Woman (@OnlyOutlander) that it’s Richard’s card on the ground. I hear César’s voice in the background. Makes sense that Fergus would be seated near Marsali Parsley.


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Está acontecendo! Table reading (mesa de leitura para a 5T), hoje com o elenco. #igstories @laurenlyle7 #richardrankin #caitlinoryan #outlander #laurenlyle #outlandertemporada5 ❤

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Well, and if Roger is there, we know Bree is too. They have a big moment coming up at the Gathering in The Fiery Cross!

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Here. We. Go…!! #Readthrough #Outlander S5

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And before everyone starts to worry, rest assured, SAM IS THERE. He posted this on March 26th…

If you’re wondering what a table read is, here is one from Season 1. The cast members, producers, and some of the crew gather for a read-through of the scripts before they go out on location or to set to start filming. I believe they do read throughs in blocks. So they would’ve been doing Episode 501 and 502 today. I think this means they will actually be filming tomorrow! Exciting.


Incidentally, the table read video above was filmed during their second ever table read. Over the course of four complete seasons, plus the one today, they’ve now done a whopping 30(!) table reads, with an ever changing cast of characters. It must feel like coming home again. And most certainly, Sam and Caitriona will now be the veterans, where in the above video, they were the giggly newcomers. Ah, how time flies…. I’m sure they all miss Gary Lewis and his great hugs.

I hope you’re having a great day, and as always, I send you my best. x

For more info and updates on Season 5 production: Season 5 Updates.

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31 comments on “Season 5 Table Read Today, Woot!

  1. Very exciting about the table read! But putting that pic at the top of your post is very misleading, since you even say toward the bottom that it’s from s1.

    • Hmmm, I actually stated DIRECTLY under the photo that it’s from S1. There is no table read photo from today (that I have seen, yet), and I am getting that people are VERY disappointed by that. I can see if people thought that this was JUST a photo with the title, that would be misleading. But it’s a full piece. I did not put this photo up to *fool* anyone, I put it up to show what it would look like today in the absence of a photo of the group, and it relates to the video in the article. I put all the tidbits I have from the table read today in the article. I guess I could photoshop S5 cast heads onto these people, but that really would be misleading! I think it goes to people’s real hope of seeing a photo today, and this maybe played on that. Good to know for the future. Thanks for your comment, Erin.

      • I noted that as well – that was definitely not from S5 unless there were going to be flashbacks. Miss them all!

  2. Thanks for the great pictures. The table read from the first season didn’t come through on my computer. I’d love to watch. Anyway you could repost?

      • It seemed to show up right after I sent my message. Thanks for getting back to me! I really enjoyed watching it! I look forward to hopefully seeing some of those from the new season! I’ve always wondered about the process the shows go through. The end result seems so polished and effortless. Thanks again!

  3. Getting excited – things are starting to roll on Season 5- please keep us all posted about developments along the way.

  4. I loved the table read because the original cast were all there with their wonderful accents and seemed to be happy to be together hugging and all. Today I signed up as a patron because I so enjoy your blogs and interviews and thought it high time that I contribute to keep you going girl! So looking forward to S5 to see how they are able to pull some of the scenes off that were so gripping in the book. I’m reading book 6 now and last night I got such a kick out of a reference to Ringo Starr that I dreamed about it and had to tell my husband today. God I sure hope they get picked up for the entirety of the story to encompass all the books to the end. These books have become such a huge part of my life and it is so fascinating to see how they come to life on the screen. This is one of the best cast shows I’ve ever seen and whoever is responsible just nails it in my opinion. So Courtney, keep up the good work so we can live vicariously through you! Suz xo

    • Thank you for being a reader, a commenter, and now a Patron Suz! I really appreciate your support, and it brings me joy that you get so much from the blog. That’s my hope. I do it with my heart. xo

  5. I just wanted to add that I have been in several productions and the table read through is always such a good way to start working with other characters and scoping it all out, bantering off one another. So fun to see Outlander do it. That’s exactly how we always do it and its always such a rewarding way to begin. By the time the show closes after a long run, the read through seems like a million years ago and you can kind of sit back and think about how far we all have come along together. What a rush!

  6. Hi Courtney,
    thanks for the information…. sooooo curious about everything related to Outlander. & of course – sooo waiting for book 9 ?. Really like the way you explains everything – and for me, it didn‘t felt like cheating – the picture from season1. You explained directly & very clear.

    An other question – so love your „episode discussions“ – it‘s been a while now…. and no – i don‘t want to push you ?, buuuuuuuut – of course, would be awesome to hear a new one ?.

    Have a great evening & thanks for your passion & the great website ?


  7. Having gone to the Pleasanton California Highlands games the year that Gary Lewis came, I can attest to his absolutely amazing hugs. Without even realizing what I was doing I actually went in for a second one and he did not hesitate for one iota. What an absolutely fabulous person!

    • Gary Lewis is a great guy. I met him at an Outlander Convention in New Jersey in August of 2019. The convention was run by Creation Entertainment which was very poorly handled. The actors, Rick Rankin, Graham McTavish, Stephen Walters, Lotte Verbeek, Sophie Skelton, David Berry, Cesar Donny and Lauren Lyle were kind, and engaged in conversation with each guest getting their autograph. Gillebride MacMillan’s singing was wonderful ❤️ and he remembered me from a meeting while I was on tour in Scotland.

  8. Thank you, Courtney! This.Is.Fabulous. Taking us behind the scenes into the table read gave me such a rush! A question: has Herself ever been involved in the table reads? I panned the picture and she wasn’t there. Since she’s listed on the credit roll as consultant, I assume she sees the results of the table reads before they begin? And just one more comment. The Outlander team, the whole of them, are always so dedicated to bringing us the very best production of every episode. I salute them, and Sam and Cait as well. And yes, Gary Lewis gives the best bear hugs. I miss his Colum.

    • Hi Rosemary,

      You.are.welcome.Rosemary. ?I’m guessing she MAY have been at the table read for the episode she wrote for Season 2 , Episode 211, but that’s a great question! I’ll ask her when I get the chance.


    • Hi Rosemary: I miss Gary Lewis’s Colum as well. There was something so powerful about Column, even though he was crippled, that didn’t get in the way of being a very powerful leader and a very intelligent one at that. He also kind in his own way, and had a wry sense of humour – but he was also dangerous that those who crossed him and could be very ruthless. When Gary’s scenes came up, I didn’t notice anyone or anything else, except him. It was a sad scene when he passed away.

      • Yes, it was, Rhona, the moments even more tragic because he chose to take his own life to escape his never-ending pain. I even felt sympathy for Dougal, so bound by his own obsessions as he babbled on until he realized Colum was dead. The scene was no less than riveting.

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