Season 5 Wraps Today… Congrats Cast and Crew – Photos

Cover Photo: Duncan Lacroix, Instagram

Many congratulations to the hardworking cast and crew of our favorite tv show! Thank you so much for all of the energy, love, hours, sweat, and tears you ALL put into this production.

I did a What’s New yesterday, reporting that filming wraps today. We also had Sam’s Twitter Q&A, and Cait’s Twitter Q&A yesterday. Today, we are getting photos and notes streaming in, with the cast and crew celebrating the completion of their work. I will update this post with them as I see them roll in today, so check back. Also remember Sophie and Richard Twitter Q&A’s starting at 3:00PM EST.


Article: EW Mag









Hey, isn’t this the “excise man” from Episode 307? ?







I’ll add more as I see them…

For Caitriona’s Q&A recap: Cait End of Season 5 Q&A Highlights.

For yesterday’s OutlanderBTS What’s New: OutlanderBTS What’s New, Season 5 Wraps 

For Sam’s Q&A recap:  Sam’s Twitter Q&A

Wishing you fresh air and movement breaks today! xoxox

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9 comments on “Season 5 Wraps Today… Congrats Cast and Crew – Photos

  1. I remember when we didn’t know when Season 5 would start production and all of a sudden – it’s Wrap up Time. Can hardly wait till Season 5 starts on February 16/20. In the very top photo, both Duncan and Sam look tired, I am sure they must be looking forward to some time off, to do other projects or just plain relax.

    Just on the side, has there been a hard cover Special Anniversary Edition done for “Drums of Autumn”? I have the hard cover, special anniversary editions for Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, and Voyager, and am hoping there will be one for Drums of Autumn or if it has been printed already?

  2. I appreciate all of your content in one place….makes it easier to keep up with Outlander, the stars, etc. Thank you!

  3. Thank you Courtney for the bird’s eye peek at the last days of shooting, the stages, crew, studio and the exhilaration and thankfulness of the cast in anticipation of the last day and what it all means to us fans. They always keep us in mind and that is why this is such a fantastic experience for them and all of us.

  4. Thank you for all this. We stay connected to all of them through your devotion. Great. Without it we would be lost and not have voted as much for OL, the bingeworthy show. Not easy to forget Jamie and Claire, but it is always a good thing to hear from them or see them. Alone or in company with other actors or former Outlander actors. They seem to be part of a big family. I love it.

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