Season 6 Official Trailer – Wowza!

Here it is, and with Diana’s words in mind… 

“Season 6 is my new favorite, after Season 1.”

 “The first episode is absolutely spectacular. It’s wonderful… They’re all good. As a matter of fact, this is the first season where I have not had a single episode that I found less likable. They always do a good job; it’s just which direction they’ve chosen to head in. Anyway, the season is extremely good throughout. A couple for instance, are focused heavily toward Young Ian and his life with the Mohawk and what happened there, whereas, others are more closely focused on Jamie and Claire. And there’s quite a bit on Roger and Brianna and Fergus and Marsali. There’s quite a lot of stuff for [eight] episodes, but they’ve handled it beautifully.”

Who’s excited?? I know I am!


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Happy Hump Day! (Or Thursday for you mates Down Undah!) xo

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Source: OutlanderBTS
Source: OutlanderBTS

10 comments on “Season 6 Official Trailer – Wowza!

  1. The Season 6 trailer is fabulous and dramatic. I can’t wait. The cast looks wonderful and I’m excited to see the new sets as well! Thanks for all of your updates, and for sharing your Outlander passion!

  2. Am counting the hours and days till Season 6 shows on March 6. Such a long wait. Diana Gabaldon says that Season 6 is her new favourite after Season 1 – then we are in for a real treasure. I loved all Outlander Seasons, but Season 1 is extra special. Thank you for sharing all the above with us, and keeping us all updated along the way.

  3. Not sure if my previous comment went through. Loving every minute of Outlander. Can hardly wait till Season 6 comes to TV on March 6. Diana Gabaldon says that Season 6 is her new favorite, after Season 1 – then Season 6 will be amazing. Season 1 was extra special and the one that started the journey with Claire and Jamie. Thank you Courtney for keeping us all updated.

  4. I LOVE your discussions after each episode. They tend to validate some of my little frustrations of the book to show changes. Lots of intelligent thought/strong opinions…concluding with “we still love Outlander-even if we don’t love every writer’s decision”. What I am hoping is that they don’t give so many of Jamie’s strong book lines to “Show”, Claire. We shall see – still will enjoy it.:) Jan

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