Silly Wee Interview with Sam and Caitriona at BAFTA Scotland

Sam and Caitriona are presenting Best Feature Film category at BAFTA Scotland today, and here is a silly little interview on the red carpet. The audio is a little dodgy in spots, but let’s give Iain a break, sometimes microphone management gets away from you on the red carpet! 

I love that Sam’s accent gets more Scottish talking to Iain. 

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10 comments on “Silly Wee Interview with Sam and Caitriona at BAFTA Scotland

  1. I loved the S: Let’s make Scotland great again & C: It’s always been great! exchange as a response to how they managed to make Scotland look like America. Hilarious!

  2. Open the website in Google Chrome — the videos play great there. Internet Explorer seems to have issues any more with videos. 🙂

  3. Having trouble hearing this one, no matter where I try to play It! But thanks so much for sharing with us, Courtney!🌹

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