Some Jamie for Your Sunday ǣfnung

Photo: Jamie, Season 2

What do you love about Jamie? 

For me: his humor, honesty, willingness to take responsibility and to lead, his loyalty, his deep voice, his physical stature and capabilities, his love and dedication to Claire and his family, he’s sexy, his relationship with his kids and grandkids, his fierceness, his fairness, his moral code, the list goes on….


Thanks to W Network, you guys always put together great compilation videos!

I hope this post finds you safe and warm. xo

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8 comments on “Some Jamie for Your Sunday ǣfnung

  1. Wow! There is no other man around like Jamie Fraser. Charismatic, a fierce fighter, a true warrior, a great sense of humour, a rare and precious love for Claire, and protector for his family. Can’t beat that.

  2. Have they begun filming next season? If so when can we look forward to the next season? Civid and droughtlander are pulling me down!

  3. Have they begun filming next season? If so when can we look forward to the next season? Covid and droughtlander are pulling me down!

  4. Hi Courtney. Funny you should ask. Jamie is a tough act to follow for sure! But since reading the Outlander books, I’ve become more appreciative of similar attributes in the men in my family or their potential. “WWJD” now has a second meaning (J for Jamie). 😉 He’s definitely someone to aspire to, especially for his emotional intelligence and devotion to loved ones.

  5. Thank you Courtney, it’s wonderful! I agree about W Network. They have had the best ads, and compilations like this, since they picked up the show – bravo! They seem to understand the characters and story even better than SONY and Starz, IMO. Or may just have more freedom? They have no creative agenda to push, so it’s what you see is what you get with them xoxo. Fantastic.

  6. Well said, Courtney. Jamie is intelligent, loving, educated, charming, handsome, charismatic, and sexy. He is a survivor and a natural leader. His moral code is centered on family, friends, faith, and justice. His warrior training is tempered by emotional intelligence and self-awareness (of his blessings, his limitations, and his sins), solution-oriented style, and openness to possibilities. As Murtagh said, “Jamie needs a woman.” Claire, his soulmate, is that woman and their story is a classic.

    With James Fraser, everyone feels safe.

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