Steven Cree Part 2: The Little Princess, Young Ian, The Outlander Effect, Heughan Talks

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Part 2 kicks off with a discussion about what it was like for Steven to play a dad in Season 3. When I asked the question, I wasn’t thinking about the time leap, and how very prolific Ian and Jenny are, (and their children too). Not only does Steven play a dad in Season 3, he of course plays a grandfather! He tells us what it’s like working with the actors who play Young Ian (John Bell), and Young Jamie (Conor McCarry), and remembers what he was like at their ages…


We change gears and talk about Steven’s hit talk show: Heughan Talks, in which Steven plays all of the characters, including host, Sam Heughan. He does multiple voices (with varying accents, including Irish, Irish/Pirate, British, feline, etc.). His guests have included: Hushpuppy (his cat), Caitriona Balfe, Stephen Walters, Graham McTavish, William Shatner, Charles (Ian’s wooden leg), a Michael Jackson doll (who is a regular), and of course, Sam. If you haven’t had the pleasure, his latest Heughan Talks is a topless version with guest Graham McTavish, and can be seen HERE.

In this next video, Steven explains how the idea for Heughan Talks came about, and also why the Michael Jackson doll is such a frequent guest. This leads us to West Side Story, and eventually My Split Challenge (remember those monkeys swinging from branch to branch??)… 


And then we get to the heart of this interview, which is a discussion about The Little Princess: a short film which Steven wrote and acted in, directed by pal Jason Maza. Many of you already know about this project, because you helped to make it happen. I (and also donated via The Little Princess Kickstarter campaign, the reward being a Skype chat. I asked Steven if we could do this interview in lieu of that, and he was gracious enough to oblige. He also saw it as an opportunity to help spread his gratitude to our fabulous Outlander community for our support of his work.

Steven starts this segment by talking about one of his favorite books, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The Little Prince is a children’s book, with many resonant messages for Steven…

His short film title, The Little Princess is a nod to The Little Prince, and their common theme, which he talks about next. His inspiration for the film came from a conversation Steven had with a friend’s daughter who only spoke French; despite the language barrier, they were able to communicate and understand each other. The film deals with depression, and Steven talks about that and his hopes for the film…

This interview with Steven was done in June, 2017. Since then, Steven’s goals for The Little Princess have been met, and then some…


Steven sings the praises of Outlander fans, and we segue into a discussion about Diana’s work, and how fans experience the books as compared to the actors. We then move on to the Outlander Effect, and Steven expands upon the wonderful relationships he’s developed working on Outlander.


Steven’s been busy. The film Churchill was released in the States on June 2nd, June 16th in the UK, and he’d been doing a lot of press for that. He plays Captain James Stagg, the Scottish meteorologist who was instrumental in choosing the date and time for the WWII D-Day landings in Normandy, France. Another film, The Titan, is currently in post production – set thirty years in the future, Steven plays Major Tom Pike, an astronaut going through experiments to adapt his physiology to thrive on another planet, as the earth is becoming uninhabitable. Steven has also written a half hour comedy pilot, which is in development with a production company. And, he will be the voice of a spaceship in an upcoming Sci Fi film.

In this last segment, Steven wraps up by sharing the bell shaped curve of a successful acting career. We get a special goodbye from Hushpuppy, and we hop onto one last random branch of discourse about molting vs. shedding (when you have a Gemini and a Pisces talking, you’re gonna have some hopping around of subjects, it just comes with the territory).  And finally, I share with you some comical BTS moments from our chat, including what happens when you do interviews from home while your teenager sleeps in and works out how to sneak past “undetected.” 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Steven, and putting together this final product for you guys. I hope you have enjoyed it too! Thanks again to Steven, to my video editor Bradley White, and as always, to my Patrons! 

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4 comments on “Steven Cree Part 2: The Little Princess, Young Ian, The Outlander Effect, Heughan Talks

  1. Enjoyed reading this “interview”. I like Steven Cree. Looks so confident and positive in S1. And, Steven is definitely in S2. At the end, when Jamie and Claire Fraser are back from France. Recovering of the parisian poisonous adventure. As a matter of fact, Ian Muray brings back to Lallybroch, the post and the news that Bonnie Prince Charlie is ready to land in Scotland and to start recovering his father’s throne! Remember Jenny Fraser Muray saying to the men that they had to scrape of the mud of their shoes? And when Jamie and Claire Fraser leave Lalybroch Claire asks Ian to take good care of his family? Have seen it so many times now… S1 and S2. So I am ready for S3, but do not know when that will be, over here.

    • Hi Diane, remind me where you are again and I’ll see what I can find out axout premiere info for you.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my chat with Steven, did you see both parts? We were being tongue in cheek about him not being in S2, as I said “you were in one episode…” and he said “it was one second” and then he joked about “map acting” with Duncan.

  2. Thank you for the reply. Great to be in contact. Yes, I have seen both parts as I am always eager to read and discover everything about Outlander. I enjoy your chats.

    Am a big fan of Duncan Lacroix too. Of course, as everybody I like Sam and Caitriona. But there are some characters I really appreciated much if not more. Annette Badland, Gary Lewis, Bill Paterson, etc… They are not the most important ones but without them, Outlander would not be the same. Their contribution makes it more enjoyable and interesting. It is the total Outlander clan gathering!

    I am living in Belgium. Small country and I discovered OL with the book “The Scottish Prisoner” (in French!). So I bought the first one of the long enormous books written by Diana Gabaldon in order to find out who James Fraser was. And with book Nr 2 I also found the DVD on the first season. Viewed it several times and bought Season 2 as soon as I could on Amazon. But nowhere available on TV. I bought the last book – in English, because it was not available in French – and read it without difficulties. So I am waiting for Season 3 and someone told me then it would be visible on Netflix in September or… in February 2018. Such a long time to wait…

    If you can give me more or better information, I would be very happy and thank you a thousand times! I am almost 80 years old and sometimes I am just thinking that I will never see the end of it! One book per season, means another 5 years to wait for the end. If Diana Gabaldon makes book nr 9 the last one. But she has such an energy. I Will have to find a way to stay in contact with her when in my grave or in… Heaven if admitted there by St Peter!

    Thank you for your kindness.

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