Thar She Blows… Diana is in South Africa

(Now I can only say “South Africa” in Rik Rankin’s accent in my head. Oh well).

Diana is in South Africa!! Woo hoo. She and her hubby were headed to set today at around 2:00PM local time, but were delayed by a traffic jam outside of Capetown (for about 2 hours!) so she had time to answer some fan q’s…

Apparently it’s Scotland weather in Capetown today…

(so she thought…)

Sabrina Spanke: Don’t forget to take pictures ?. Enjoy your time in SA ?…

Sabrina Spanke: Getting out of the car and walk to Cape Town isn’t an option, right? ??…

ruthayres: Hope no one was harmed in accident

karenjeanne: Diana! You’re in Capetown! Are you having fun yet? What’s on the agenda for today? I’m ? (x3)!

Vanessa Tyler Bourne: DIana, will u wave if I wait at the Studio gate……#obsessedSAfan

Maril Davis: don’t worry. We’ll be here all night. Light Coke waiting for you – different formula to Diet Coke ?

andrea: But [are you] ok?

and on that note, they arrived…

More from DG in SA

4 comments on “Thar She Blows… Diana is in South Africa

  1. It sounds like a real South African road trip. My ten minute drive to work entails at least five near misses of one kind or another. A good thing they have a driver used to the craziness. Hope they had a great time at the studio.

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