The Fraser & MacKenzie Lasses Live Tweet the Finale ~ Highlights

Photo: Starz, Claire and Jo

Well, we have Fersali, so why not Murtasta?? ?

MDK: You better believe it ?

The Urban Outlander: Murtagh + Jocasta’s idea of foreplay:
“You’re a schemer!
You drink too much!”
“You’ve been married 3 times! You’re a lunatic!”
“Here’s some whisky in yer face!” …. NOW WE’LL TAKE OUR CLOTHES OFF!

MDK: Neither of us getting any younger ….. ???

Good Gawd this is fabulous… by LaughOutLander:

MDK: ???

Blacklanderz: .Ooh-wee . . .Murtagh got himself a bae and Jocasta got her groove back. I ‘ain’t’ mad at them!

Emma: Jamie and Claire would do anything to protect their daughter. I love when they stand together.

Sophie: ???

Uhhh, I think a big chunk of this fan base can validate that research! ?


Courtney’s notes: I was in a small group session with John Bell at Land Con 2, and he talked about how much he enjoyed learning the Mohawk language for Season 4.

And, that’s a wrap. Cue: Droughtlander ?.

4 comments on “The Fraser & MacKenzie Lasses Live Tweet the Finale ~ Highlights

  1. Thanks a lot Courtney for relaying those tweets. I just loved the finale. So much action, so much emotion. God I am going to miss them.

  2. I love reading these tweet recaps. Thank you. And you totally called it on #Murcasta. We saw it here first with the fan art by Cyanbrise. I’m a little peeved that production thought they could keep that from us; we know a good match when we see it. Can’t wait to see the YouTube discussion on this episode. It’s going to be a tough Droughtlander, but at least we’ll get a new book in the meantime.

  3. Hi Courtney,

    I always miss those Q & As. How can I participate next time? Do you mind letting me know before it happens? I would have liked to ask where the newborn came from?

    Thank you.

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