Tim Downie, on Playing Governor Tryon

Photo: Starz, Tim Downie as Governor Tryon, Season 5, Outlander

I am re-releasing my interview with Tim Downie, done last May, just after filming for Season 5 got underway. He played such a big part in the latest episode, here is more insight into his character, Governor William Tryon…

What a pleasure it was to spend a chunk of time recently with Tim Downie, whom I have known on Twitter now, for years. A friend of Mr. Heughan, Tim joined into the Twitter banter with Outlander fans back in 2013, winning our hearts, and then eventually winning a role on Outlander, in Season 4, as the not-so-popular Governor William Tryon. We talk about his casting story, the development of his character, stories from set, his own history, Tryon’s relationship with Jamie, and Claire, possible deleted scenes, his many pursuits outside of Outlander, his friendship with Sam, and more. 

Two points of clarification: in the UK, 

hiring = renting, and
UK public school = US private school, and UK private school = US public school. 

Tim has made many many cakes since this chat, here are but a few:






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7 comments on “Tim Downie, on Playing Governor Tryon

  1. Thanks so much! What an interesting, expressive man. I’ll have to look up what he’s written on Victorian ghost stories. Fascinating that the books fell off the shelves every time Jacobites were mentioned in his scenes with Sam Heughan.

  2. A great interview. It was a history lesson, a human characterization, and an indepth look at how he perceived Lord Tyron and his mental and the cultural outlook at that. The little bit part with Sam and himself in the Lager ad – hilarious, especially Tim’s part as Sam’s butler.

  3. So funny and interesting. I enjoyed the history seen by a British “subject” as he told it. Have always thought that they were awful sometimes during the colonisation period. Whatever… And I hated him for forcing Jamie to put on the red coat! Heavens! How could he do such a mean thing? But as he said, Jamie is a strong man with charisma and he himself is notthat kind of man even if he is as powerful as a king in this new world. Jealoous of the natural sympathy and respect Jamie Fraser obtains just in a wink? He orders this and that and Jamie appears as a Scot, calls his men and they just kneel down in front of him and promise their fidelity to him. Jamie does not have to order. It is an accepted and perfect thing, a kind of voluntary submission. Tryon will never obtain this.
    But I loved the actor. I did not know him before and he is very interesting. For someone like me, livng out of the grip and celebrity of the British actors, on the European continent, I am discovering many of them and enjoy it. They are great. The majority of them! And T. Downey is one of them.
    The book falling from the shelf made me laugh. Corresponds to the ghost stories he is interested in, in the Victorian period.
    Many thanks to you Courtney.

  4. Thanks Courtney, I very much enjoyed your interview with Tim. It’s alway interesting to hear how an actor explores all the facits of a character and then to see them come to life as the character is played. It’s magical! Also, I loved hearing about all of the background he and Sam share with the Tennent’s commercials. And, to top it off, he’s got serious cake decorating skills! ! Thanks again for highlighting this interesting artist!

  5. Thank you. What a fun interview.
    What a fun household to be in every day! Would love to see his comedy.

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