Tribute to Jamie as a Dad + David Berry Tour…

Cover art by Vera Adxer, Jamie with (some) of his kiddos.

Good Wednesday to you (or Thursday if you’re Down Under), here are a couple of fun videos… first, David Berry gives us a wee tour around the Cumbernauld studio props area…



And next, a beautiful tribute to Jamie, as a father, by Julia LeBlanc. Get out some tissues, and enjoy…


In other news, I have updated and expanded the Reader Favorites section of this site, so if you haven’t been in a while, or ever, take a gander. I’ve added a Season 5 section, My Interviews, Outside Interviews, and Costumes. I’ve also updated the content in the other sections of Reader Favorites. It’s a great place to poke around during Droughtlander.

I hope this Wednesday, or Thursday finds you happy and well. xo

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6 comments on “Tribute to Jamie as a Dad + David Berry Tour…

  1. The show and the books are definitely not the same beast, but each is so powerful in its own way. Kudos to Julia LeBlanc once again!

  2. An awesome and emotional tribute to Jamie as a Father. Fate can be so cruel, for a man who values family above everything else who missed out on the early years of Willy’s and Bree’s upbringing, couldn’t be there for Fergus (as Jamie lived in a cave for years and then was in prison for more years after that), This tribute shows that even though Jamie wasn’t around for his children’s early years, he more than demonstrated later on that he was an wonderful Father. This Tribute is a real treasure. Thank you for sharing.

    • I agree Rhona! Jamie is a wonderful father to his own kids and to all of the souls who came his way, even when he was absent.

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