Want Tickets to the London Premiere of Season 6???

Photo: Sam and Cait at ECCC, 2017, by Courtney Williams 😊

StarzPlayUK announced on February 10th, they will be giving away 300 tickets for fans to attend a red carpet event in London, for the premiere of Season 6! (You lucky dogs!)

What: Fans will enjoy a screening of Episode 601 accompanied by the Philharmonia Orchestra and Philharmonia Chorus Choir (!!) (Oh my gosh, you guys will be getting Bear’s amazing music played live!!! Thud. This will be so cool!!), followed by a live and virtual panel with cast and executive producers, moderated by Broadcaster Edith Bowman. U.S. fans will have a chance to attend this event virtually, details HERE.

Where: The Royal Festival Hall in London.

When: February 24th, 2022 *Update – 6:00PM GMT (10:00AM Pacific / 1:00PM Eastern).

How: Registration opens on Monday, February 14, at 10:00AM GMT, which is Monday, 5:00AM Eastern time, 4:00AM Central, 3:00AM Mountain, 2:00AM Pacific, and 9:00PM Monday, in Sydney, Australia. Here is the Registration Link. (This page will go live at the time mentioned above, and should present you with a form to fill out). 

Ticket details: Tickets are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are free.  Maximum of two tickets per person.

Covid information: Covid protocols will be outlined on the final registration page, but I have read that attendees are required to have proof of full vaccinations, a booster shot, and a negative covid test on the day of the event. Masks are also required. 

This sounds absolutely fabulous! My guess on what cast will attend (virtually or in person) is: Cait, Sam, Richard and Sophie; possibly John Bell, Lauren, César, and one or all of the Christies?  I’m sure Diana and Maril will be there, and either Ron or Matt. 

Lots of folks have asked if I’ll be going, and as of now, the answer is no. But, with Outlander, you just never know. I’ll keep you posted if that changes.

I do wish my buddies in the UK so much luck in getting into this event; I am quite sure it’ll be a feast for the senses and an event to remember! 

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Have a great week! 🙂

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Source: Scottish Daily Express

14 comments on “Want Tickets to the London Premiere of Season 6???

  1. The premieres usually take place in the US and I am glad for once that UK fans will have a chance to see it first. I’ll just have to be patient and wait until March 6! Good like everyone who gets tickets!

  2. Sounds fabulous!! I would fly to London tomorrow if I could leave Perth or even get a flight! But sadly with Covid not feeling confident about being with lots of people.thankyou for your lovely emails always so informative stay safe and healthy.cheers Tina😊♥️🇦🇺

  3. I would dearly love to go but also realistic enough to know have no chance of getting a ticket. So with those that do manage to attend please share lots of photos.

  4. There is a special showing of Episode 1 at the Glasgow Film Festival on 3rd March..It is free..and tickets are available at Glasgow Film Theatre box office on the day.
    Good luck to those who are hardy enough to queue from early on the day.

  5. Would love to travel to London to see the premiere of Outlander, Season 6 – but with travel not comfortable these days, I’ll have to enjoy the show on TV.

  6. I am again frustrated by the income required to be a good Outlander fan. Who can afford to fly to London at the drop of a hat, book a room, pay for meals, etc. for Season 6 debut? I just wish you would include a sentence like “this is probably not a possibility for most, but for those …”. Ain’t got no trip, ain’t got no whisky, ain’t got no MPC, ain’t got no cable TV.

    • Barbara:

      There are some events in the United States, but I do agree being an Outlander Fan is not for the faint of heart. ie not everyone can afford to go every time. Maybe when the right event comes up you can find some other fans who want to attend and split expenses.

    • Hi Barbara,

      I hear you, thank you for making me more aware. In all honesty, I expected mostly UK or at least European readers to try for this.

      I have a thought for you, I will be in touch. x

    • Royal Festival Hall has seating for 2800 people but Starz are only giving away 300 tickets HOW VERY GENEROUS sure they will also sell a virtual viewing. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY – NOT ABOUT FANS!!!!!

  7. 📌 Are you guys for REAL 😱 no, you are pulling my leg right 😜🤪 If you AL read this and then tell me what YOU 🤔 think:

    “/Covid information: Covid protocols will be outlined on the final registration page, but I have read that attendees are required to have proof of full vaccinations, a booster shot, and a negative covid test on the day of the event. Masks are also required./”

    This is so discriminating it has gone MADNESS 🤬🤑 I pray to GOD that every man and woman who had anything to do with this PLANdemic gets what they deserve 👎🏼 if not GOD then KARMA 👊🏼

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