Welcome Lauren Lyle as Marsali… Damn, She Looks like Leg Hair, but…

She’s adorable, with a sense of humor that already fits right in with the rest of the gang… (see video below)


Photos from Twitter

Here is Lauren Lyle in a Crowdfunding video for Grey Bear Films, which is “a brand new production company that exists to give emerging artists an outlet to collaborate on short films,” taken from the Grey Bear Films Twitter Page. I’m not sure how old Lauren is, but she is playing Marsali, who is 18 at the time we meet her in Voyager. According to IMDb, notable works for Lauren include The Crucible and Broken. Very much looking forward to seeing Lauren in action and of course, seeing Lauren with our new Fergus, César Domboy

Welcome to the clan Lauren!!!


4 comments on “Welcome Lauren Lyle as Marsali… Damn, She Looks like Leg Hair, but…

    • Yes, Leg Hair is the derogatory pronunciation ? – I think I used to just skip that name when reading, or say Log Hair in my mind?? Thanks for writing — Courtney

    • Thank you. Entertainment Weekly said 18, so not sure if they’ll change the age or if that was a blunder. I guess we’ll find out tho! Thanks for writing –Courtney

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