What Scenes Are You Looking Forward To In Season 5?

Artwork: Jamie, Claire and Jemmy, by The talented Vera Adxer. To see more of Vera’s wonderful artwork, go to Vera Adxer on Redbubble. I have also added a permanent link to Vera’s work on my site, bottom right, under “Links to More Great Outlander Stuff” on the homepage.


*****WARNING***** This post contains SPOILERS for non book readers and for people who have not seen Season 4 yet.


I am re-reading, or re-Davina’ing, to be accurate, The Fiery Cross – what a pleasure it is to go back and relive these stories! Especially knowing we have the next book coming out this year (??), and Season 5 right on its heels. We are so lucky!

I don’t usually get too attached to what scenes will be in the next season (since, let’s face it, I have zero control over that), but it is fun to speculate….

I’m only up to Chapter 25 so far in my re-read, so my list will be far from complete. Please feel free to share the scenes you’re hoping to see in Season 5 in the comments section below. There are so many wonderful moments in The Fiery Cross, as in all of Diana’s books, but, these are my top picks (so far)….

I would love to see the opening scene in the book, when Claire wakes up in the tent with Jamie at the gathering, with the feel of Frank’s kiss on her lips. Now, that does mean we’d likely see Frank again, which I wouldn’t mind, if only for a kiss, (i.e., not a whole episode), and a small conversation. In fact, there are lots of already filmed kisses they could choose from to use, and maybe get Tobias in for a ghostly voiceover? (It just occurred to me, in whatever time period Claire finds herself, she always has a ghostly husband around ?). 

Since a lot of that sequence goes on in Claire’s head, it might be challenging to adapt to film, but opening with an intimate scene between Jamie and Claire would sure be nice… “Sassenach, you’re squirming like a toadling in a wee lad’s fist. Do you need to get up and go to the privy?” 

We already know Jamie and Claire do good tent work…. 

I love this shot from Episode 401; Sam and Cait are both so beautiful, and the lighting is just gorgeous. Very artful. 

I am also looking forward to meeting the Bugs.

In fact, I met an actor whom I thought would make an excellent Arch Bug, back in September of 2015, on one of my early OutlanderBTS Adventures (before this blog, and before I was writing about them). I met a couple of Twitter friends (Karenjeanne @purpleiris13 and K6 @kdsixer) in Edinburgh for whisky and dinner. KJ mentioned that Bill Paterson was performing in Waiting for Godot at the Lyceum with Brian Cox, so that night I bought a ticket. It just so happened that after the performance, the director and cast held a brief Q&A, so naturally, I stayed. Afterward, as the crowd filed out of the auditorium, the director and cast walked down the stairs from backstage and joined the throng as we flowed out of the theater. I ended up right beside Bill Paterson, and as we advanced slowly, I told him how much I enjoyed the play (which I did), and that I also enjoyed his performance as Ned Gowan in Outlander. He seemed genuinely thrilled (this was early days, and Outlander had only just premiered in the UK on Amazon Prime in March of that year. It was relatively unknown in the UK still). As we continued to walk and chat, he invited me to join him and some of the cast for a drink, so, I did.

The Lyceum is a beautiful, intimate, venue. I love the little bar area, where incidentally, you can place a drink order before the show, and at intermission, all of the patrons’ drinks are lined up, with receipts, on a little drink ledge that runs around the room. Everyone can relax, have a drink, and have time to chat about the show, before a quick stop at the toilets, and back in for the second half. It’s fabulous! I also saw The Crucible at The Lyceum on another occasion, which was fantastic.

Anyway, Bill’s wife was there, to whom he introduced me, and they had some friends visiting, so I really spent most of the time with other cast members and their families. I think I met Brian Cox, but it’s hard to remember. I did talk with Benny Young, who played the character of Lucky (photo below). My immediate thought when I met him was, this guy would make a PERFECT Arch Bug! The Arch Bug in my imagination, anyway. Here is a photo of Benny…

Photo: Brian Cox (left) and Benny Young (right) in Waiting for Godot.

Here is a head shot of Benny.

I told Benny about the character of Arch Bug, but Season 5 was a far off concept at that time, as they were just filming Season 2! I did send his headshot with a note to Suzanne Smith back in 2015, so, who knows??? Does he look like your idea of Arch Bug?

And who will be cast as Mrs. Bug? Could we suspend our disbelief and welcome back Annette Badland? (I wish!) 

Another scene I’d really like to see, is the one between Roger and Jocasta, in her lavish tent at the gathering, when she is testing his motives for marrying Bree, to make sure he’s not just after Bree’s inheritance. Through this exchange, she basically offends the crap out of Roger, and he tells her to “cram it up yer hole!” ?

I just think Richard Rankin and Maria Doyle Kennedy would absolutely KILL that scene!!! 

I’m really looking forward to seeing Jamie toting Jemmy around the gathering, and, in fact, all of the family scenes with the babies.  I hope Sam took some baby whispering classes over the break, as last season Sam apparently did not pass his chemistry test with Baby Germain or Baby Jemmy ?.

We have seen snippets of Jamie with babies over the years, but when I really delve in…

There was the Changeling Baby, which was… er… no a live baby ?

and Baby Kittie in Season 2… who seems to have been mostly asleep…

And Baby Young Ian in Season 3… who may well have been a wee bundle of laundry.

Now, we know Jamie is GREAT with kiddos…

Jamie and Wee Willie


Jamie and Wee Fergus


Jamie and Preteen Willie


and apparently Sam is good with kiddos too… ?

If you haven’t seen this video, it’s a must see – Go HERE.

We’ll just hope for the best.

AND, on the off chance,

that Sam sees this post,

knowing how competitive he is,

I’ll just put this wee photo here…

as motivation… ?



Here’s hoping the King of Men can master the art of babies as well!

Along those lines, I’d greatly love to see the baptismal scene, with Jamie, confessing his sins, particularly the one about the butter churn, and Claire’s reaction! ?And then the girls slipping in with the children, and they being baptized with whisky, and Roger and Fergus playing their parts too, along with  Father Kenneth, Mr. Lillywhite, et al. 

And then Roger and Bree’s wedding, of course. Here is another wonderful creation by Vera…. 

I’m also hoping we get to see the subsequent calling of the clans by Jamie and all that ensues after Roger and Bree’s wedding. I did wonder why, in the book, Jamie doesn’t call Fergus as one of his sons in that segment. Anyone have ideas there? We’ll have to ask Herself perhaps.

In The Fiery Cross, Jocasta is set to marry Duncan Innes at this same gathering; Duncan Innes never shows up in her bed in the show, but Duncan Lacroix does! As Murtagh, of course. Rarrrr.

Season 4, Ep 413, Murcasta! 

Will Jocasta be planning to marry Murtagh at the gathering instead? (I actually asked this question in a piece I did during the Droughtlander between Seasons 3 and 4. Looking back, Duncan’s answer to a Season 3 Q&A question is pretty funny. If you haven’t seen that, GO HERE).

An impending wedding between these two would certainly lend itself to added drama involving Tryon and the regulators. And I will love any scene between Maria Doyle Kennedy and Duncan Lacroix, as I think they’re both fabulous.

I would also like to see some of Claire’s healing at the gathering, however, I say this with some trepidation, as we seem to get obnoxious, bossy Claire for the medical scenes in the show. If we can have chilled out, compassionate, talented healer Claire, that would be great.

That’s it for me – those are my top picks (so far ) that I hope will be included in Season 5. I would love to hear yours! xo

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44 comments on “What Scenes Are You Looking Forward To In Season 5?

  1. Hi Courtney,
    In response to your comment:
    “I did wonder why, in the book, Jamie doesn’t call Fergus as one of his sons in that segment. Anyone have ideas there? We’ll have to ask Herself perhaps.”

    I would say that I don’t assume to know the mind of Herself, but I assumed that by this time, both Jamie and Fergus are secure in their father-son relationship, so there was no need to make any public declaration of it. But “calling” Roger, Jamie seems to be making public atonement for the all that had happened to Roger as a result of lack of honesty and communication in the past, and it is also a declaration by Jamie to Roger that Jamie has accepted Roger into the family.

  2. Lovely post, Courtney, thank you! I read The Fiery Cross only last summer (twice) but it’s still a difficult question. The Gathering is definitely up there, so is the hanging of Roger. And I can’t recall if the scene in which Jamie is having a back-problem 🙂 was in TFC or in DOA ? But above all, I’m looking forward to the last chaptures in which Jamie is sick and of course the last line in the book !! So many gems …

    I think it’s really stupid that they didn’t take the time for a baby to get used to Sam. I Loved your photo’s of Jamie/Sam with ‘his’ children! He is so great with them.

    On mr. Bug: funny, in my recollection, he was a very small man.

  3. Physically, Benny Young would be a great Arch Bug. And the man can certainly act. Re. Murdina Bug, I would love to see Miriam Margoyles in this part. She is just right physically, can talk the hind legs off the proverbial donkey and has the most anarchic sense of humour imaginable so would keep everyone on the set entertained.
    Unlike a lot of people who think/thought the book too long, I loved every word of The Fiery Cross, especially the part about The Gathering. Ok, nothing major happens really, but the interaction between all the characters is fabulous. The part where Abel MacLennan talks about his wife’s death is heartbreaking and then the part about the present to Claire from Grannie Bacon of the cap is very funny.
    Later in the book, Roger talks about the day his Mum died and how she saved his life, again heartbreaking. I could mention lots of other “little” scenes that are as equally moving. I’d like to see little moments like those onscreen but almost certainly won’t as they don’t move the action forward in any way and I can understand that.
    I think it’s probably obvious that I am foremost a reader rather than a watcher, first read Cross Stitch (UK name for Outlander) when it was published in 1991, and have enjoyed every book in the series.

    • Hi Jacqui, I think many of us enjoy the little moments, so brilliantly written by Diana. There are many in The Fiery Cross – one of the appeals of that book for me. That’s why Episode 406 is my favorite of Season 4, it’s about the relationships. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I like what you said ” re-Davina’ing” The Fiery Cross. My re-read is currently Davina’ing all the way through and right now at Echo in the Bone. As for Season 5, I would like to see one episode for the Gathering, even though it is the first 250 pages or so. But in order to include so many interesting things, the Roger and Brie wedding, it might need more than one episode. The intimacy of both Jamie & Claire and Brie & Roger, the baptism of the children, Claire’s “clinic”, introduction of the Bugs, and other characters that will later figure into the story, all important. The Chieftan’s call, the burning of the fiery cross. I could do without the whole Beardsley story line, but still important since the twins will be part of the story ahead. It is a huge book, and I do not envy the job of the screenplay writers to try to do it justice in 10 or so episodes. I do like what they do with the show fine. Recognizing that the book is one thing, and the show is another.

  5. I love all your choices. I would also like to see the twins, without the rest of that family’s story. This season will be a challenge, especially including the Murtagh storyline, but I trust the show and the writers. I love both the books and the show and am really curious how this one will be portrayed.

  6. I would love to see what happend with Phillip Wylie and Claire, Jamie’s reaction and how they solve it 🙂
    I think all the scenes you mentioned would be worth watching!!

  7. I loved the scene when Claire wakes up and feels the wee furry body on her chest and it bites her and she screams and Jamie jumps out of bed, stark naked, thinking they are being attacked and goes hunting for the rat she is sure it is and then comes up with Adso. I hope they include that among many others.

  8. The return of Ian, Claire and Jamie on the window sill, calling Claire and Roger at the gathering, Roger telling Jocasta off, Claire and Jamie’s conversation when she is “frazzled” and he wonders if she’ll still want him as she gets older/hits menopause, Claire explaining the concept of modern birth control to Jamie, Jamie and the poison ivy.

  9. I just got to the part where Jamie is bitten by a rattlesnake while hunting bison. (I listen to the divine Davina on my daily commute). While not a favorite scene I think it is important to include.

  10. Great choices Courtney…now hurry and get to Claire ‘s hot flash!!!!!
    The Fiery Cross is one of my favorite books in the series and there are so many good parts.
    I have no idea how the writers are gonna get this right in just 12 episodes!!!! It needs at least 20!!!

  11. Courtney, I would love the erotic scene between, who else, Jaimie and Claire in the barn after the weddings when Jaimie sees her standing in the hallway and after someone has sexually fondled her foot (takes one’s breath away LOL). Or when Claire and Jaimie have a moment in the bushes before the weddings. I mean, after all, the books are notorious for some pretty torrid sex scenes. YEAH!

    • Hahaha, I echo your YEAH! Maybe that’s the scene Sam was talking about when he mentioned making love without making love? Hmmm

  12. I am in total agreement with the suggestions so far, but they really do need to put in the part about ” the sperms “. Wonderful funny scene. Sam & Cait would be delightful. Firey Cross is fantastic, have collected all eight books, both Companions, Virgins ( needs re-record with Davina ), and a couple of Lord Johns all on audiobooks, to go with all eight printed copies. Best book investments i ever made.

  13. I love all the input above. We are in for an exciting ride with Season 5 – The Fiery Cross. Jamie and Claire know how to have a great time no matter what. Thanks for all the above. Always appreciated.

  14. Currently rereading Fiery Cross. So many good scenes in it. Would love to see the scene I just read – brief but hilarious when Gov. Tryon asks Jamie to assemble his troops and Jamie gives the Highland cry that scares Tryon’s horse.

  15. I think all of what Roger was put through in delivering the message, getting caught in the middle of the skirmish and then hung is the main thing I want to see. And yes Clair in her surgery with the sperm would be so funny with Jamie, and yes, the foot fondle and resulting sex with Jamie would be kinky and sublime. More sex period I say!

  16. The cane break fire retreat with Jamie and Claire in the thunderstorm and the white bear roasted in the tree but that story line was poorly done already with the “bear” being a man in a costume????

    • Yes, I think they took that one from TFC and did it in DOA as a way to do it but not have to work with a real bear?

  17. It’s written in the book that Jamie sends the Bugs’ home early along with Fergus as a guide. Jamie says that they should have arrived 2 days prior to them getting home.

  18. So want to see Sam, as Jamie, react to Clare’s explanation of the wee sperms. I laughed out loud when I read it, even for the third time. But most of all I want to see the adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s words, so beautifully written, not the interpretation of her words by this new group of writers who seem to think they have the right to install their thoughts and ideas into the scripts instead of using what so many fans consider the perfection of Diana’s work.

  19. What scenes would I want to see in Season 5 – Jamie’s and Claire’s amazing loving relationship, Roger’s struggles adapting to the 18th century – poor fellow, and his relationship with Brianna – there is so much tension and misunderstanding between those two, and Bree’s personal struggles as well. There is quite a lot of humorous instances as well. There is so many parts of Season 5 that make up this amazing series of Outlander, that it will be outstanding when it comes to the screen on February 16th.-

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