What Scenes Are You Looking Forward to in Season 6?

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It’s my practice to do a leisurely re-read of the corresponding book prior to each new tv season of Outlander. Season 6 is based on A Breath Of Snow And Ashes (ABOSAA), and possibly some Book 7, An Echo In The Bone (we haven’t had validation of that yet, to my knowledge. ABOSAA is a huge book, the longest of all of them, in fact, at 1157 pages, with an extraordinary amount of  “scenes” that take place in the story. I recently did a post about which storylines I hope will be in Season 6 (My Hopes and Predictions for Season 6 Storylines), which admittedly contains way too much for a 12 episode season, but hey, why not dream big? 

The writers had their work cut out for them, to “break” ABOSAA. Breaking a book is one of the first steps that happens in preparation for a new season. I attended the Thru The Stones fan convention in December of 2018, in Davenport, Iowa, (a very well done convention, that I highly recommend, by the way, they are gearing up for the next one this December of 2021). Ron D. Moore (Executive producer & Seasons 1-3 Showrunner) and Terry Dresbach (Seasons 1-4 Costume Designer, and Ron’s wife) were two of the Outlander guests there. One of the many well thought out and worthwhile sessions was an interview of Ron, done by Terry. During that, Ron went over the writing process, in detail…

He said the writers’ room has “great, free-flowing debate, but the show runner has to pick a point on the compass and say ‘we’re going this direction.'”
He went on to say, “[We always] desire to do the best piece of work we possibly can. Respect the audience, and tell the truth.”
During the interview, Ron broke down the steps involved in writing a season of Outlander:
“Step 1. – The writing staff breaks down the book into tent pole moments. For example, Season 1, Outlander: Frank, BJR, Claire meets Dougal, Jamie, Castle Leoch, etc.
Step 2. – The writing staff arranges, or divides up the tent pole moments into the structure – into the hours of TV. The writing staff brings out scene details, and structures the scenes. (A lot of scenes you’re not going to do).
Step 3. – The writing staff establishes the collection of scenes in each episode.
Step 4. – Individual writers choose their episodes / scripts.
Step 5. – Each individual writer goes off and writes his/her script [including dialogue].
Step 6. –  Upon completion, he/she gives it to me – I give notes, the studio gives notes, the network gives notes, [Diana gives notes,], etc.
Step 7 – Next, story boards are done – where we’ll shoot, cut scenes, etc.”
Ron went on to say that the process of production also impacts an episode, as does where that episode falls in the lineup. For example, if they’ve gone over budget in the first 3 episodes, an expensive scene from the 4th episode may get cut. He said, “then we say ‘oh it’s 200k over budget… you can’t do that! You’ve taken too long to rinse and repeat, and now we can’t burn someone at the stake!'”
(This was December of 2018, Outlander Season 4 was released on November 4, 2018, and we did get to see someone burned at the stake, in Episode 412, Providence, the next month! 😂 Nice budgeting team! 😊)
So, the writing team went through all of this for ABSOAA, (and possibly some of Echo). The question is, which scenes did they pick? What are you hoping for? Here are the favorites I am hoping to see in Season 6… SPOILERS!!! (obviously!)
I’ll note that we learned that the first episode of the season, Episode 601, is called Echoes, which Matt says is not referring to the book, but what can it be then…? hmmmm. They were reportedly shooting at Castle Leoch (Doune Castle) early on, could there be flashbacks? One can hope…
On to my favorites. I’ve also noted some favorite lines that I hope will be included… 
I hope the storyline of Jamie as “Indian Agent” will be in Season 6. There are a couple of scenes that I hope to see from that, including some opportunities for scenes with Young Ian:
Jamie and Young Ian in the Indian camp and Jamie being sent the Native American girls to “warm” his bed!
Jamie’s memory of Culloden and wistfulness for Scotland in the Indian camp. Bird’s mother coming to Jamie to comb the “snakes” from his hair. 
“Talk Bear Killer.”
He spoke in Gaelic. He spoke of Scotland, Culloden, of grief and loss and fear.
She said, “The words don’t matter, nor the tongue in which you speak, I will understand.
We discover more about the horrors of Culloden for Jamie – he killed 14 men, with one hovering thumb.
“I hold to no evil in my heart. More may come but this will not touch me, not here, not now.”
Claire checking Marsali and knowing something was wrong with the baby, convo about Fergus. Marsali writing to Laoghaire and her children, waiting for Fergus, Jamie and Claire convo about Fergus, his return. She asking for his help to bring the baby, their conversation, and his assistance.
“When the birth pangs are slow to start, suckling the woman’s breast encourages the womb to move, thus to hasten the child.”
“Not you, I will not let you go.”
“A man’s wife is his to protect.”
Henry Christian’s birth
“He is a dwarf.”
Claire and Fergus conversation in the stable.
Mrs Wilson’s funeral… this would be a riot, a classic Diana G chaos scene.
(I had a strange thought this last read through, is the sin eater Claire’s father? Disfigured by the car accident?)
Claire testing the ether LJG sends her on Bobby and Lizzy, and Bobby’s vision of Malva.
Outlander Season 5 Key Art and Marketing Shoot – Sep 17-21 2019

Claire sees Tom Christie punishing Malva with switches, and tells Jamie, they talk about Jamie spanking Claire right after they were married, and Jamie tells her about talking to Granny McNab about Jenny letting Ian spank her, and Granny McNab saying it’s because of Ian’s leg. Making it clear to Ian and maybe to herself as well that she still thought he was a man – leg or no.  How great would it be to have a Jenny and Ian flashback! (Spanking or no!)

“When you’re a man a good bit of what you have to do is draw up lines and fight other folk who come over them. -your enemies, your tenets, your children, your wife. You canna always just strike them or take a strap to them, but when you can, at least it’s clear to everyone who’s in charge. And if you’re a man, you’re in charge. It’s you that keeps order whether you like it or not, it’s true. Not to hurt her, to own her.”
“I did not want to possess her. You mo nieighan donn, you I would own. You’re mine, Sassenach, and I would do anything I thought I must to make they clear.”
“Including beat me?
“No, I dinna need to, because I could Sassenach, and ye ken that well.”
I was shamefully aroused at the thought of possession. Weak kneed at the notion.
“I wouldn’t ask, I’d tell you and you’d do as I said. Yes, you would, because I own you too, don’t I?”
“Oh aye.”
Roger saving Henry Christian in the river, chastising the boys and baptizing the baby all at once.
“I baptize thee, Henri-Christian, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost! D’ye hear me, wee bastards? His name is Christian! He belongs to the Lord! Trouble him again, ye lot of scabs, and Satan will pop up and drag ye straight down screaming–TO HELL!”
Jamie helps Brianna move a large boulder in the stream, teaches Jemmy to swim, Jamie helping Bree with the little boys playing, Jemmy kissing Jamie’s scarred back – how desperately beautifully men are.
“Dinna fashion yoursel’ lass, I’ll take care of Mordechi and your man. Take care of this one.”
Claire falls suddenly ill and nearly dies. Has an out of body experience, sees Malva with Jamie (no boobgate please!)

“If you didn’t look like you’re about to faint Sassenach, I’d turn you over and smack your bum.”
“You can’t, I haven’t got one. “
Young Ian and Bree excursion to the mammoth with the story of Emily – Ishabelle – Wee girl 
“Conditions of mortal sin:
Action grievously wrong
You know it’s grievously wrong
You give full consent.”
“I hear her greeting in the night – I canna help her I canna find her.”
“Daddy I need you to find Ian’s little girl – hold her in your arms and take care of her. Thank you Daddy. I’m a Catholic woman, and I believe in vitamins. I love you Daddy.”
Lizzie revealing that the Beardsley twins are the father of her baby. And the handfast switcharooo. 
In the kitchen, when everyone is being checked for lice, the maple cookies burn, and it’s chaos. They shave Jemmy’s head and notice Jem’s birthmark just like Roger’s, thus confirming Jem’s paternity, and Roger gets his head shaved too.
Claire’s sex talk with Malva…
“When you love someone, you want to give them pleasure, and they want to do the same for you.”
Malva names Jamie as the father of her baby…


Claire finds Malva murdered in her garden, and tries to save her unborn child, but fails.



Jamie and Young Ian attempt to rescue Claire from Gov Martin, and Tom Christie turns himself in, confessing to Malva’s murder. 


The sex scene when Jamie says I like the wee sounds ye make…
Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge in pea soup fog & the ghost of Murtagh appears to Jamie – Jamie flashback to Culloden – Murtagh coming to save him. 


Mandy’s birth (I’m thinking maybe they might do a redux of Jemmy’s for this?).



Claire discovers Mandy’s heart murmur 😢

Bree runs into LJG and William, and Jamie’s two children meet for the first time, and we meet Young Adult William!
Roger, Bree and the kids go back through the stones.



Jamie gives Claire a gemstone and she throws it out the window, meaning, she is staying in the past with him, always.



Allan Christie, Claire, and Young Ian at Malva’s grave 😬

The big house fire: Donner break in, Ian matches, ether,  (sorry Gary Steele!!)
I think this will be the end of the Jamie Claire story, and the end of the Roger Bree story will be them at Lallybroch happy as wee clams, and then we see Buck hiding out in the Broch Turroch. daaa dan daaaaaaaaan!
The End,
Some lines that I hope make it in are…
Reading this line this year, pretty well gave me the chills… as I remember reading it on several previous reads, thinking this only happened in “the past.”
“I was born at the end of the war – the great war they called it because the world had never seen anything like it. The year after I was born there was a great epidemic of influenza. All over the world people died in hundreds and thousands, whole villages disappeared in the space of a week.”
“What would I have to go back to? Roger Bree, Jem, Marsali, Fergus, Germaine, & the girls are all here.”
“I dinna ken, but I’ve seen ye there.”
“Seen me where?”
“There. I dreamt of you there .I dinne ken where it was, but I knew it was there in your proper time I knew it was then – by the light. You were sitting at a desk with light all round ye, but it wasn’t candlelight, nor yet firelight or sun light and I recall thinking to myself as I saw ye, ‘Oh so that’s what electric light is like.'”
“I dream of the past, why should I not dream of the future?”
“For your sake I will continue, though for mine, I would not.”
“When there is war in the air, men take to the roads.”
“I want to talk to grand da” when Jem sees the telephone 😢
“I cannot admit that there is anything to do but win.”
 “If ever you find yourself in the midst of paradox, you can be sure you stand on the edge of the truth. ” Reverend Wakefield
There ya have it – those are my fervently hoped for scenes for Season 6. What are yours? Let me and everyone else know in the comments. 
I am particularly grateful to be alive, and that my family is safe and well, on this day. May yours be also. xo
For all my latest Season 6 news in the new Featured Favorites Section, along with some interesting posts about Herself. If you haven’t read my update on Bees, with input from Diana, check it out here: Thoughts and Updates on Bees, from Diana G. & Me.

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35 comments on “What Scenes Are You Looking Forward to in Season 6?

  1. Great choices, but Roger, Bree and the kids don’t go thru stones. They walk through a marshy area on Ocrakoke that was discovered when Bree was kidnapped by Bonnet. 🙂

    • I assume they’ll use what they set up in S5, since the Bonnet storyline is over in the show. We shall see though!

  2. Wonderful summation of wished for events in season 6. How can they possibly fit it all in? I wish! Thanks again Courtney. x

  3. Wow Courtney! You certainly did more than a “light” reread! I’ve put Outlander aside for awhile but after reading your favorite scenes and lines for season 6 I am compelled to pull out ABOSAA and re-read!

  4. Wow, you’ve covered a lot of ground, Courtenay; we can only hope. One thing I do wonder about though re the lice scene…Richard has been growing his hair so he wouldn’t have to wear a wig in S6. It would be a shame if they shave it all off but then he wouldn’t have to wear a wig, would he!!

  5. I too am really hoping they have Jamie at Mandy’s birth as they should have with Jemmy. A beautiful scene not even attempted. Time coming back from the Mohawk is no excuse. They managed it in the book.

  6. Nailed it as always! We are so lucky you have been Outlander blogging from the beginning!!

    And Amen to this!!

    “I am particularly grateful to be alive, and that my family is safe and well, on this day.”

    I can hardly wait to get back out to protest in person (Stop the Money Pipeline and Stop Asian Hate)!

    • Yes, and you may not know Piper, I live in Boulder, Co. Such a horrible time, but there is beauty coming from it too. Unnecessary and senseless loss though.

  7. Courtney,
    Thank you for reminding us of the many reasons we are so intimately involved and connected with this family saga.

    Grateful that you and your family were
    and are safe. Take care.

    • Thank you Ann Marie – reading the books and working on this post has been a balm right now.

      There are so many reasons to love this series!

  8. Enjoyed all your favorites too. I have read all the books several times…hard to keep track of all my favorite lines. DG has so many that touch my heart, make me laugh or cry. I would highlight them if I was reading the actual hard copy. I read on my Kindle…gets me through many sleepless hours at night.

  9. Again, you have certainly covered the main points. Well done! I concur and
    I’m hoping they do 1. Jamie and Claire talking about the time he beat her with the strap and the following conversations… 2. Claire falling ill and recovering and going to Tom Christie to ask after him. 3. Malva naming Jamie and Claire running off….then Jamie following her and he tells her about his ‘liaison’ with Mary MacNab. 4. Throwing the gem out the window. She is staying with Jamie, (that conversation bought a tear to my eye). Bree meeting William…. and Jamie watching them from an upstairs window.
    How are they going to get it into 12 episodes… trying to get get a pint into a half pint pot!

  10. Courtney

    Thank you for these great scenes on your wish list. It will sadden me to see the big house burn, but I will be so happy when S6 airs. Take care and cheers!

  11. Season 6 is going to be a doozie! For book readers, I think Malva will be the character we will eventually come to dislike, as we did Laoghaire. For non book readers, her actions will come as a shock! Not looking forward to the burning down of the Big House, such a shame, it’s such a beautiful home. I love this time in between seasons, when we know that they are filming, and we can all have these discussions on what storylines may or may not included. It’s a big book with a lot of great storylines. Thank you Courtney for your insightful analysis. You are my favourite Outlander blogger.

    • Yes, Jessica is so young, like Nell, I hope fans can remember she’s an actress playing a part!

      I like this in between time too. By the time I watch, I let go of all these speculations and just enjoy their interpretation. I thoroughly enjoyed Season 5.

      They have a monumental task doing this book service and shooting it in the midst of a global pandemic!!

      Thanks for letting me know I’m your favorite blogger – that feels nice to receive. xo

  12. Thank you for taking the time and effort to give us your views and “wish list”. I now have to go back to the book and relive the moments you so artfully brought to life!

  13. Very industrious visions Courtney. But you are right about each and every one of them. I’m having a bit of a cancer scare right now and don’t have any answers yet. Pins and needles and just pray I’ll live long enough to see this saga through after Diana finishes the books. I need prayers right now if you are so inclined. I will let you know when I find out more.

    • Prayers for you Suzanne. The waiting time is so hard. I’ve never had cancer but lung issues all my life have given me empathy for anyone struggling with their health. 🙏🙏🙏

      • Thank you Courtney, that really means a lot to me. I can use all the positive prayers I can get!]

        Love, Suzie

  14. That was a wonderful summary Courtney and brought back so many great memories. This was one of my favourite books! Would love to see each and every one of those scenes, just cross fingers they can fit it all in. But whatever we get I’ll be happy 😊. Thanks so much for your great insights and all the effort you put into your blogs. One big highlight of S6 will be you 4 talking afterwards 👏👏👏

    • I will be happy too with wherever they bring us – such a big challenge to do this huge and beautiful story service while navigating a global pandemic!! And I look forward to discussing with the lasses too. xo

  15. I had hoped to hear Claire give Jamie the warrior blessing of St. Michael of the Red Domain in Gaelic. DG wrote it in 6 when they went to rescue Brianna from Bonnett. But they could easily move it to before jamie goes off to battle. It would show That Claire has learned the language, as has Bree.

  16. So many … but I agree with you – as long as the story is about and/or around Claire and Jamie! Outlander PR indicates the Christie story will be a strong focus. And Fergus will actually have a story line!!! About time.
    Most of all, I hope for humor … especially Claire & Jamie.
    Ex (paraphrased)
    Jamie: Why do you talk to yourself so much?
    Claire: It assures me of a good listener.

  17. So fun to find this! So many of your scene wishes are perfect but I want to also second that they really really need to have the Indian agent and the lasses coming to the tent…a welcome bit of hilarity for sure. As well as the older Indian woman speaking with Jamie – so poignant.
    I also hope they don’t spend too too much time on the Christie saga – there are so many more stories to share.
    Time will tell.

  18. Courtney … now that we know that Season 6 is truncated … might you consider editing down you fabulously thorough list to what you might expect within the time & filming limitations of this season? Love to know your thoughts.
    Wonder if they will rush through ABOSAA in the 8 episodes and Season 7 – which most likely will be the last- will combine ECHO & MOBY.
    Thinking the cast … especially Caitriona & Sam will move on and perhaps revisit Outlander’s BEES in years to come when they are closer to the age of the characters.

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