OutlanderBTS Wee What’s New: New S5 Photo and Filming Updates, S6, and Cast Updates

Photo: Jamie and Claire in their new digs, Season 5, Starz

Starz just released this new Season 5 pic of the Frasers on the porch of the Big House! Along with looking forward to Season 5 as a whole, as always, I look forward to seeing this and all of Jon Gary Steele’s work! 

Speaking of Jon Gary Steele, he told me recently that “It’s been a VERY busy season, Lots of great eps coming, battles, new homes, action and adventure, You know…the Usual…LOL” He also said, “Note…Lots of easter eggs in Claire’s new Surgery & Kitchen…….”

Oooohhhh, getting excited!!

Sam announced Sunday via Instagram that filming would begin on the last block this week. 

Presumably that means they are shooting Episode 511 this week and next, with 512 the following two weeks (or 3, if it’s to be a 90 minute finale episode, please please please!). As you may have heard, Episode 511 was written by Herself, Ms. Gabaldon <rubs hands together> which means it will be spectacular, of course.

***Updates – Reader Felice Croul brought up a very good point! Since most of the regular Season 5 cast (John Bell and Ed Speleers at Outlandish Vancouver, César, David Berry, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Tim Downie, Kyle Reese, and Colin McFarlane at Sasnak City), are away, it seems like Episode 511 will feature Claire, Jamie, Roger, Bree and Murtagh. My favorite episode from Season 4 was Ep 406, with just 5 people in it, even more reason to be excited about what 511 holds!

Indeed, we just got this tantalizing on set photo of the top of Brianna’s head, via Richard Rankin’s instagram early this morning….

Also, Outlander Locations on Twitter has some scoop on a filming location…

Episode 512 was written by Toni and Matt…


Toni and Matt, separately, and together, have written some of my favorite episodes across the seasons. They co-wrote Dragonfly In Amber (Season 2 finale), as well as Man of Worth from last season and also Ep 409 – The Birds And The Bees (when Bree and Jamie meet). 

Matt did an informal spontaneous and short Twitter Q&A recently…


Matt also said they have started work on Season 6 in the writers’ room…


Photo: Matt Roberts Twitter “Been busy lately”

And finally…



Diana says Bees is buzzing along. We are all buzzing with anticipation to read it!

In other big news, Diana’s daughter had grandbaby number two at the end of August… Beautiful new Leo. Big congrats to the new parents and the family! 

Here is an adorable recent photo from set of Sophie and Sam… with a colonial man on his mobile in the background!


And Bree and Jem…

Lovely Maria Doyle Kennedy performed in Glasgow this past weekend… (thanks Alisa)

A lot of the cast turned up to enjoy her performance (along with her husband Kieran Kennedy). Music is her absolute passion, I imagine this concert was soulful and special. I wish I could’ve been there! One day… For more on Maria… A Look at Season 4’s Jocasta.

This is a big convention weekend, with both Sasnak City and Outlandish Vancouver happening. Actors, fans, and organizers are making their way to both places…

I am currently in Vancouver, heading to Surrey today for the Surrey International Writers Conference this weekend. I attended last year, and it was very enriching – authors from all over the world come and present Thursday – Sunday in a very down home, relaxed, and fun environment. Diana will be there, and I’ll pop over and do the Sunday boat ride with Outlandish Vancouver group. I’m looking forward to all of it. ?

I hope this Thursday finds you well. xo


For all my Season 5 updates, go to Reader Favorites, Season 5 (first section).

Coming Up: NYCC post, More What’s New, and I’ll be doing an Upcoming Characters for Season 5 post (a big fan favorite in Season 3 and Season 4)

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12 comments on “OutlanderBTS Wee What’s New: New S5 Photo and Filming Updates, S6, and Cast Updates

  1. Hey Courtney,
    Your blog always greets me at just the right time! Thursday is a busy day. Relaxing with a cup of tea and OBTS. I’ve been puzzling over this question and you might know the answer. There are “beaucoup” producers and co-producers and head producers and other types of producers listed on the credits. What are their responsbilities? Any ideas? I am aware that Sam and Cait are producers this seasons and based on what they have said, I am pleased that they have more power to flesh out Jamie and Claire. But… what do all the other guys do?
    Thanks for keeping us all up to date.

    • Hi Susan, I think all of the producers listed are writers, for the most part, but since they all contribute, they get listed for every episode. And then there are assistant producer people who may be assistant writers, and people who help with the showrunner responsibilities. That’s what I think, though I haven’t researched in detail! Happy to have tea with you, my dear. xo

  2. Haha. . That’s actually what my books look like. . had to specially buy all those wee stickers to mark all my favourite passages!

  3. Thanks for posting for a Friday eve read! I have always loved Maria’s voice. She was fantastic in the 90’s movie “The Commitments”. This song is so soulful! I’d love to see her in concert.

  4. Loved the photo of the man in the background on his cell phone – Time Travel?? The photos above are real gems. Love them all. Season 5 is just about all wrapped up – production wise. Can hardly wait till February 16, 2020 – to be watching all my favourite people in the Fraser family. So, Season 6 is in the developing stages already! Wow! Thank you for sharing the above.

  5. Any word yet on negotiations between Comcast/Infinity and STARZ? I’ll need to find a new way to see the show if STARZ is dropped by them!

  6. Delightful photos that just make me more anxious for what is to come! And Maria, wow, beautiful song. Love your blog and all the tidbits of info you seem to find out about to share with us! I too am interested in where and how we are going to see Outlander in the future. I have taken the channel off my service for the time being, but will add it again before Season 5 begins, and hopefully they will either stay with Starz or an outlet that I will be able to see it on. Any news about that when you get it will be appreciated!

    • From what I understand Starz will be dropped on Dec 10th from your Comcast/Xfinity bundle. In place of it Epix will be added. However after talking to an Xfinity representative you can add Starz back on separately for an additional charge of $10.00.

      • Thanks Erica. I have DirecTV/AT&T and Starz has always been not part of the package that you have to add on if you want it. Hopefully they will keep it as an option. I’m just wondering if Starz will keep Outlander or will Outlander go to another entity.

  7. Hi Courtney,
    Between S3 and 4, the actors only had one month break if I am not mistaken. Will it be the same between S5 and S6?
    Thank you.


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