Who Will Play William in Season 7?

Cover photo: Jamie saves Baby Willie’s life in Episode 304, Of Lost Things, Starz

It’s a good time to be an Outlander fan. We got spectacular Bees in November,  Season 6 is fabulous, (be sure and catch our BTS Season 6 Episode Discussions if you haven’t already), and now Season 7 filming is underway! I mean, are we lucky, or what?

I’ve been meaning to do a William post for a long while now, and the recent signs that Season 7 filming is underway, like the tall ship spotted in Fife,

Source: jacqueline.lewis.965

(which makes me think we will see Governor Martin and Tom Christie back in Season 7), and the tall Scot, also spotted in Fife,

Source: annalie.fife

along with an official announcement this past week from Starz and the cast…

mean it’s a perfect time.

I don’t think we’ll see William in Season 6. Maybe we would have done, if Season 6 were 12 episodes, but with only 8, I find it unlikely. The question is, was he cast already for Season 6? This tweet from Diana back in February, makes me think not…

Has he been cast yet for Season 7? Sometimes they do casting as they go, so it all depends when he will appear in Season 7 – which somewhat depends on how Season 6 ends, which we don’t know yet. 

What we do know, is that he won’t be introduced at Bonnet’s execution, since that happened back in Season 5; but after seeing the creative and seamless adaptations of Season 6, I have no doubt it’ll be perfect. He is a much anticipated character, that’s for sure.

I went to Twitter yesterday to ask the experts who should play William, and below are many excellent suggestions! 

But, first, some background info – according to Outlander Book Expert Karmen Schmidt, (and others, thank you all for your responses), “Bree was born in 1948 and William was born in 1758. So first blush suggests he was 10 years younger, but they are 202 years apart. So she is 12 years older than William by my math. i.e. Bree would have been born in 1746 had Claire stayed.” 

Bree and William meet in July of 1776 in ABOSAA, which means he is 18 and she is (adjusted age) 30. (Claire is 57, and Jamie is 52 at the start of ABOSAA).

OK, on to your suggestions!

*Please note – I only included suggested actors (no models / singers 😁). Also, let’s remember – these very handsome young men are people, please run replies through an internal filter before putting them in print. Thank you. 


@wakefulwife ‘s idea for William: George MacKay

Age: 30
Height: 6′

“George MacKay is my number 1 after I saw 1917. He is not a dead ringer for Sam but he has the same kind of energy.”


@wakefulwife ‘s other idea for William: Callum Woodhouse
Age: 28
Height: 5’8″

“Callum Woodhouse is my 2nd choice…but it’s a tight race between the two. I would be thrilled with either.”


@Okiemom50 ‘s idea for William: Alex Roe

Age: 31
Height 6′

“For years now, I’ve been suggesting Alex Roe. He’s an English actor who has been in a few things. Has an English accent, 6′ tall, Blue eyes, Built like Sam…”


@Portside49 ‘s idea for William: Louis Partridge

Age: 19
Height 6′

“Louis Partridge is an English actor, 18yrs (was in “Enola”).”

@ss4man: “My vote goes for Louis Partridge. As soon as I saw him on screen in Enola Holmes, I thought OMG! – he’d make a good William. Right age (19 this year) & height listed as 6 ft……no blue eyes but …..Sophie/Bree doesn’t either…”


@Portside49 ‘s other idea for William: Josha Stradowski

Age: 25
Height 6’2″

“Dutch actor from Wheel of Time, Josha Stradowski, he speaks perfect English.”

@FLABaltKate: “Last summer when this came up I saw this young guy on Wheel of Time!”


@swartzrm119 ‘s idea for William: Sam Corlett
Age: 27
Height 6′
“Sam Corlett, lead in Vikings Valhalla”


@LydiaHerlihy ‘s idea for William: Adam Palsson

Age: 34
Height 6′
“The dude from Young Wallander.”


@Suzanne47 ‘s idea for William: Bill Skarsgard

Age: 31
Height 6’3.5″


@CynthiaDianneM1 ‘s idea for William: Corey Gruter Andrew

Age: 19
Height 5’11”

“My first impulse … assuming when we meet Will and that he is still YOUNG… was Corey Gruter Andrew from Anne with an E. Big ++ he is Canadian AND a very good actor.”


@YRoseTexas ‘s idea for William: Josh Whitehouse

Age: 32
Height 6’2″

@BlackpoolChelle: “This is who I’ve been thinking but couldn’t remember his name. He is who I picture as I’m reading the books. He was fabulous in Poldark.”

@AnteMariKat ‘s idea for William: Ansel Elgort
Age: 28
Height 6’4″
@99KristinLee: “He was so amazing in West Side Story as Tony”
@CeeEmmDee56 ‘s idea for William: Finn Jones
Age: 34
Height: 6′
“He’s the William I see in my head since I first saw him. He’s 34 but looks 25, and is Jamie to the life.”


@SamHeughansNo1 ‘s idea for William: Ruairi O’Connor
Age: 30
Height: 5’10”
“He played Henry in the Spanish princess and would be a great member for the outlander series.” 
@humanheart34 ‘s idea for William: Alexander Dreymon
Age: 39
Height: 5’10”
@sue2948: “Love him as Uhtred”
@shoffner_rosa ‘s idea for William: David Cade
Age: 34
Height: 5’11”


@ilMarissa ‘s idea for William: Paul Mescal 
Age: 24
Height: 5’11”
Hands down…..Paul Mescal from Normal People”


@LynnHorner6 ‘s idea of William: Mark Rannoch
Age: TBD
Height: 6’3″
“I was told Mark Rannoch would play him this season. Confirmed by those that knew him. His SM and IMDB has disappeared. A little old but so was Sam in Season 1.”
@cargalnyc: “I’ve seen him post on Twitter regarding Outlander, yet haven’t seen him yet on the show. I did find this image, so it looks like he’s been cast to play “Jack” but for the life of me I can’t recall that character from the books.”

@phewee_67 ‘s idea of William: William Franklyn-Miller
Age: 18
Height: 6’2″
“William franklyn has even the right name, and he is as tall as Sam. And he is very handsome”
@Vani_C78 ‘s idea for William: Victor Meutelet
Age: 24
Height: 5’11”

I think @VictorMeuteletwill be perfect for that role”


@MartinaPrior6 ‘s idea for William: Alex Pettyfer
Age: 31
Height: 5’11”
Dream casting for William I love the intensity in his eyes.”
@alumnieib: “He was in “Magic Mike”.


@eabehrendt214 ‘s idea for William: Harry Gilby
Age: 20
Height: 5’7″
“Harry Gilby. (Played Aethelstan in TLK.) age, size perfect. Dark hair like Geneva was.”
@clbagnell ‘s idea of William: Murray Fraser
Age: 27
Height: Unknown


@arthingtonwendy ‘s idea for William: James Norton
Age: 36
Height: 6’1″
“James Norton from early grant Chester”
@Georgiana_2  ‘s idea for William: Liam Hemsworth
Age: 32
Height: 6’3″
“Liam Hemsworth. The eyes have it…”
@FPorpentine ‘s idea for William: Dayle Hudson
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’3″
“Dayle Hudson aka Peter Beale from Eastenders!!”
@AnitaLouiseB ‘s idea for William: Edvin Endre
Age: 27
Height: 5’10”


@kath1734 ‘s idea for William: Jaakko Ohtonen
Age: 32
Height: 6’2″
“I think he looks a lot like Sam.”
@MarySim29037142 ‘s idea for William: Toby Regbo
Age: 30
Height: 5’10”
“I choose Toby!”
@LadyM03607896 ‘s idea for William: Frank Blake
Age: 25
Height: Unknown
“Frank Blake, who plays Captain Fraser in Season 2 of Sanditon, has red hair and is very handsome. I vote for him.”
@vixenC ‘s idea for William: Jacob Elordi
Age: 24
Height: 6’5″
@gingerwitch80 ‘s idea for William: Harry Lawtey
Age: 25
Height: 6’2″
“English actor Harry Lawtey is 25 and made me think of a young Jamie Fraser when I saw him in TV show Industry.”
@KDBask ‘s idea for William: Hero Fiennes Tiffin
Age: 24
Height: 6’2″
“Hero Finnes Tiffin would be my pick. Looks similar to the kid who played William in Season 4, face structure similar to Sam & looks very much like the actress who played his mother.”

I think I got everybody!

In addition,

@BreannCowan’s wondering if Oliver Finnegan will come back and play William:
Age: Estimated at 18
Height: Unknown 


In the past, fans have also suggested for William: Jacob Collins-Levy

Age: 30
Height: Around 6’1″

 And, there is quite a contingency of people who think Sam should play William, citing Tobias playing BJR and Frank, and also Paul Gorman playing both Kezzie and Josiah Beardsley. I think that would be a tall order for Sam – just hours a day and makeup wise! To go from Grandpa Jamie to 18 year old William, and play both parts, not to mention, how to have continuity of facial hair 😟. I suppose anything is possible! 

Thanks for reading! The BTS Lasses are skipping Episode 605 for now, and will do that one at the end of the season. We will discuss 606 this week! 

Catch our latest discussion, 

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Have a wonderful Friday xo

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45 comments on “Who Will Play William in Season 7?

  1. If I remember correctly they cast Sophie way before she hit the screen in season 2. Perhaps they have done the same with William? On a lighter note, maybe Graham will take on a third role?

  2. I love all the William suggestions. Jacob Elordi!!! Can you imagine? I love Paul Mescal so much! He is an intense actor. With a wig he could be great! There are others that look like them. These two fellas are great actors! Thanks for a great article!

  3. Lots of nice suggestions, but a lot of these men are in their 30s. Sam was a very youthful looking 34 when he played at Jamie at 22, and mostly pulled it off, but he would not have passed for 19, which is how old William is when we meet him again. William is only maybe 22 in Bees. So it really needs to be someone in his 20s, preferably early 20s.

    • To me, William needs to be at least 6’1” or taller. One was 5’10”. William is tall like Jamie. Bree is shorter because they cast Roger first and he’s 6’. They weren’t going to cast a 6’3” Bree who towered over Roger!

    • Hi I think so too! I still like William T-M. He’s 18 or 19 and 6’2″ so far. Check out some others photos of him.😍

    • Have you looked at William TM I can’t even remember his name Tyler Miller maybe. He’s my fave! But didn’t win me over from these photos alone. I checked out his instagram and I just feel he’s a great choice for William!
      Thank you for putting his photo in to whomever did it.

  4. Gigglesnort! The idea of Sam playing William is about as silly as those who wanted Sean Bean to play Jamie. I am a massive fan of Sean, but he was never Jamie. Stephen Bonnet, yes, in fact he was almost born to play Steven Bonnet right down to the green eyes. Unfortunately he’d aged out by the time the series finally went into production. I doubt any of these actors will be cast sine they’re already well known and would be too expensive. One actor I wouldn’t want is Oliver Finnegan. His nose is all wrong for Jamie.

  5. The second I saw your photo of Louis Partridge my mind immediately pulled up the young actor who played William in Season 4. He has that same pout, half sad, lonely expression that Oliver had when he looks over his shoulder at Jamie as he and LJG leave the Ridge. I have always pictured William as tall, dark haired, well built but on the thin side, with an aristocratic air about him, similar to Fergus.

  6. Excellent , fun piece. I hope they abandon the dark brooding look they started with and pick a younger man, who looks more like Sam, ala the books, Of course, Its always the auditiont hat decides, not just the looks- and in that- the casting director has been pretty astonishing getting it close to perfect.

    • In the books, it’s said that he looks more like Geneva, but has the presence, height and nose of Jamie.

      • Sorry, but I don’t agree. Book William has Geneva’s hair but otherwise looks to much like Jamie that it’s obvious to anyone who sees both of them that Jamie is his father.

  7. I vote for the kid who played William.

    Also, he’s American but the guy who plays young Kevin in This is Us would be perfect in my opinion. His attitude is William.

      • Not Justin Hartley, she’s referring to the younger version, not long out of HS. He’s blond and doesn’t seem overly tall, though.
        I must say, if they cast Toby Regbo, I’d have to slash my wrist. Too much exposure as a villian.

  8. There are a good many options that could work on the list though I know nothing about their acting abilities. On looks alone I favour David Cole or Bill Skarsgard as their features most closely match Sam and Sophie. I also think that casting someone youthful is better than someone over 30. It’s much easier to age an actor with makeup than to have an actor too close to Sam’s age and much older than Sophie to attempt to pull off an 18 year old.

  9. I liked quite a few of these suggestions, but I agree with the responder who said that anyone much over 30 might be too old. I do like the Callum Woodhouse and Josha Stradowski suggestions, as well as Frank Blake, who seems to be quite tall when I’ve seen him in Sanditon. From the way the casting on the show has gone overall, however, I’d say anyone the showrunners go with will work out well.

  10. While I am not in the let Sam do it camp. Not because he wouldn’t be great. But the logistics could make it impossible as you pointed out. Along with Tobias and the twins don’t forget Dougal and Buck.

    • He would be my pick. Most look too old for the part. I know the magic of makeup and acting ability will play a big part. I would love to see the screen tests.

  11. Sorry, but don’t think Oliver should play young adult William. Nor Sam, that’s ridiculous. None of these guys really spoke to me, but you can’t really tell anything from a photo ( remember Diana thought Sam’s pic “grotesque”, haha) Must be tall, have beautiful blue eyes & be obstinate & dashing. Good luck casting director, no pressure! 🙂

  12. I didnt know we had to exclude models or musicians…. Cait was a model before landing her role as Claire. But I agree that I dont won’t someone who can’t act… we just don’t know whether Christopher Mason can/want to act or not. Yet.

    If I can’t vote for Chris Mason, then I vote for Alex Pettyfer. He was on my casting announcement watch list too.

    • Caitríona had switched from model to actor and had several movie roles to her credit, by the time she auditioned for Outlander. Also, she had studied acting before and after her years as a model.

  13. I’m liking Murray Fraser! I’ve also thought in the past that Johnny Flynn could appear younger and favors both Geneva’s actress and SH. Great actor.

  14. my opinion-probably no one will agree
    forget the short ones
    for William: Bill Skarsgard
    tall -face makeup could be made to look more like Sam
    or Joshua Stradowski (probably best look-a-like from picture)
    Of course a test
    This is not to dish on Sophia Skelton (she is a very good actress) but casting got that one wrong,
    She doesn’t capture the character for me and definitely doesn’t have a 40’s Boston accent
    Surely there was a tall redheaded (or tall anyway) American actress!

    • They don’t use American actors due to the unions (SAG, etc.) I don’t blame them. European actors, to me, are much more credible to the character they portray.

  15. The choices here are almost Sam’s real age. Even at his “57” age in Season 6, he’s young looking. They need to find someone who looks younger than him, not like a peer.

  16. It’s fun to play casting director! So far, only the wonderful Francis de La Tour (Mother Hildegarde) and Dominique Piñon (Master Raymond) have fit my mental image of their characters. So not feeling I have the answer.

    Would a chemistry test be in order?
    They’ll pick the right William Ransom, son of James Fraser; and someone younger (20 something) seems reasonable to me.

    Sam is a producer now. We’ve seen the influence he and Caitriona have had on Season 6. Outlander is is good hands.

    William Ransom – Come On Down!

  17. I don’t like any of the picks except Oliver coming back. None of the others resemble Sam/Jamie and many are too old to play 18. Sam looked exceptionally young when he began Outlander, which is why he could get away with playing 19-year-old Jamie when he was 33 (34?).

  18. Wow Courtney, great list of handsome actors! I can’t pick one, the more I scrolled I found myself saying…Ohhh he’d be perfect, no he’d be perfect. LOL. I remember when you hosted one of the live events with Sam, and you said that one of your favorite intimate scenes was between Jamie & Geneva! Guurrll I couldn’t agree more!

    • Christine! Lots of handsome men here to be sure.

      I was trying to say in that interview with Sam that I like the quiet intimate scenes with family & Claire & him (like the ones we are getting so many of in Season 6), but he sort of turned the tables and I got a little flustered & went with my hottest sex scene, which is the Geneva & Jamie scene – taken as a sex scene on its own, without the complicated backstory or incongruous nature of that scene given the premise. Phew. And it did yield William, whom I can’t wait to meet! 😁

  19. I do like some of these ( Callum Woodhouse – in everything he has been in and he has Jamie’s explosiveness) and Ruairi O’Connor but I think they will pick a young, fresh. unknown actor. I think no matter who they choose he’ll need to have the essence of William. Casting has done well so far so I am hopeful BUT 50% of the people will hate whom ever they choose!

  20. Outlander has done a great job with casting. Most of the actors posted that I thought had the physical attributes are too old. They need to find someone who can grow into the role and stand eye to eye with Sam as they have a confrontational relationship. John Bell is a good example of someone who grew into the role. In the book, it’s William’s eyes and physicality that are like Jamie, not his looks per se. he’s dark like Geneva

  21. OK – my bad. I should have said like Massachusetts accent. Most immigrant children, raised in American Schools, do not speak English like their parents.
    SAG rules prevent filming in US unless all actors, crew (everyone) are SAG members, which would strip Outlanders Budget to comply.
    Some production and SAG members get around the rules that a SAG member cannot work on non-SAG projects. I am not privileged to the inside details (how? when? Where? Timeline?). If you know, I welcome the explanation.
    Maggie Smith -Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood- was filmed in North Carolina. I’M sure I will get scuttlebutt on this one.
    I think some Outlander actors have filmed in the US.
    I believe the Outlander production office is in Los Angeles where Sam and Caitríona did their compatibility test.
    My comments were simply what “I” wanted in the character of William.

  22. Amstel Elgot for William. Great actor
    Baby’s Driver, west Side Story, and three others I can’t remember the names of. He’s really hot.

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