A respectful note to you, Ron, about Jamie

The recent uproar over deleted scenes from episode 207, and the resulting discussions has me revisiting and adding to thoughts that’ve been swirling in the periphery of my mind for some time now, about men. I won’t go into all that here, but this question is part of it: why did people react so strongly, and why do we love Jamie so much?

I’m sure we all have our reasons. For me, I think it’s honestly because Jamie shows up, always. As a man, as a husband, as a father, as a friend, etc. And if he doesn’t, he apologizes and makes up for it. He’s loyal, accountable, and he has the emotional range and health to actually “go there.” Wherever there is, wherever their life together takes them, he goes, and he shows up fully. He stays true to himself and to Claire, always. HUUUUUUUUGE. If guys fantasize about breasts and daily blow jobs, women fantasize about THAT: A guy who always shows up, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. We want to have sex with THAT guy! If he’s hot and wearing a kilt, great, bonus.

In my opinion, that’s the crux of the outcry about the deleted scenes. Jamie is not only obviously grieving this lost child, he actually expresses that to Claire, eloquently. We see and feel his pain. His emotions soften her. They change each other through this exchange. We need to see that. That’s the thing that makes us believe they can withstand a separation of 20 years and that she would risk everything to go back. It’s a huge reason we love the series.

Claire is Claire. She gets pissed, she tells people off, she makes mistakes with big consequences, she gets herself and him into messes, and she’s also brilliant and giving, headstrong and loving. It’s great to see a strong woman portrayed. But what’s even rarer, I think, is to see an emotionally healthy strong male who not only accepts and loves his strong woman fully, but also stands up to her and holds her accountable, as he stands by her, being tender, while maintaining his individuality, dignity and strength. YES that’s it. THAT’s what we want. That’s what makes Outlander what it is. Jamie is her match in every way. They are equals. Even though the story is from Claire’s perspective, we need to see Jamie go through what they experience together. We need to see him express emotionally, to see their intimacy grow, emotionally as well as physically and intellectually.

These deleted scenes show us that the writers and Sam can “go there,” and we want to see the character of Jamie do that.

I have so much respect for you and everyone on this project. I would never want to offend any of you, and I object to people carelessly flinging thoughtless and hurtful comments your way. This is ultimately your baby, and you and your team have done an amazing job. It’s so beautiful. Based on my discussions with some other very heartfelt appreciative fans, I wanted to offer these thoughts to you, respectfully.

I and others will devour whatever you all so brilliantly produce, and very much look forward to it.


Courtney Williams

To see deleted scenes mentioned above, Click Here 


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  1. This could not have been said more beautifully,and more respectfully! Thank you, thank you, for saying what so many of us feel about Jamie, Claire, their journey together, and their characters being brought to the screen.

  2. Thanks, Courtney. You’ve put my feelings into words here — something I have trouble doing myself. I, too, have great respect for Ron and the team he’s assembled in the telling of this wonderful story and trust their every decision. In my opinion, Diana has created the character of Jamie who does portray attributes women love so much in men and we want to experience it all, to see and learn what a positive and totally committed relationship looks like — to witness the honest journey through every mountain and valley of their relationship, to the fullest. I’m right there with you!

  3. I always felt something was amiss in the edit in 207. Seeing what was deleted fills in the blanks for me. My issues were: all of a sudden Jamie is behind the sofa and where in the world did Claire get her drink. I now know. Showrunner has got to be a tough job and Ron does it beautifully.

  4. Jesus H Roosevelt Christ! That was well said!!!!! You have a gift for searching the heart of the matter and then conveying it in such a graceful way.
    As I was reading your letter to Ron, a grievous thought popped into my pea brain. I wonder if it is difficult to send a scene like this to production because of the way our culture indoctrinates children. We don’t understand men like JAMMF…I’m going to have to think more on this…

    • That’s part of the “all of that” I didn’t go into. Very timely with Trump held up as basically the anti-Jamie right now. And, having met many of the guys who are part of this show, it’s very clear that the Scottish culture breeds Jamies a-plenty. It’s VERY thought provoking for me as a person, a woman, a wife, and the mother of a boy. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Bravo Courtney ! Bravo Ron!
    I am one obsessed fan!
    I agree with everything written in this article, but a am also a realist.
    So much material to cover, so little time.
    I do deeply appreciate the extended and deleted scenes we are allowed access to.
    They so help make Droughtlander more bearable.
    So thank you to whom ever!
    Can’t wait for Voyager ⚔⚔⚔???

  6. Thank you for expressing our feelings about Jamie’s character and this wonderful series of books. You have put it so eloquently – more than I ever could.

  7. Great exclamation point to your previous post. Although the costumes were outstanding in Season 2, and yes, costumes help bring a lot of things to life – but, as a fan, I could have forgone one less shot of Claire climbing stairs, strolling in a garden, or sitting with friends in a lovely frock in order to have had room for this scene.

  8. Wow Courtney, You hit the nail on the head! I’ve been thinking about the outcry by fans at the lack of sex scenes in season 2. After some rewatching and rereading I have finally come to the realization that that is not what I most missed. There were 2 things missing for me: The tender and loving moments between Jamie and Claire, and Jamie’s sense of humor. One of my favorite scenes in the first series was after Jamies saves Claire from the witch trial. The line that makes me smile every time I hear it is “Aye, I believe ye, Sassenach. But it would ha’ been a good deal easier if you’d only been a witch.”

  9. Brava Courtney!

    You said it all for many of us!

    Brilliant job to Ron and everyone connected to this awesome series that many of us thought never would be made but now that it has are ecstatic beyond words!

  10. I like this article and agree with everything you said. These people have taken on a whole life of their own and give us all an escape. I can not speak for anyone else but for me it helps forget the garbage going on in our world today. It is my escape and I love every minute spent in it.

    Thank You for all of your hard work. What a wonderful and beautiful product you have created.

    • Annie, I escape right there with you! Outlander has become my refuge from the uncertainties in my life. Courtney, your thoughtful insights are spot on. I’m glad we got to watch this scene, and appreciate all the hard work Ron, Sam, Cait, the writers, cast and crew do for us. Thanks for giving us a voice. ???

  11. Courtney….THIS post was the most respectful conveyance of all of our feelings about season 2. The fact that what we were craving WAS actually acted out and filmed, but omitted from the episodes left us reeling with anger and resentment.

    Sam is an incredible actor and it hurts to see his character diminished in the show, as compared to how full and rich it was written in the books. Diana has created a man, whom we’ve all fell in love with…and your post expresses how we all feel!!!

    Thank you so so much!!!

    And email me with any special colors you want me to send in your next present….?

    Thank you again for trying to help circulate Meg’s campaign. We equestrians have to stick together.


    Robyn Farrington

    • Thank you, Robyn, for your compliments of Sam. He so beautifully portrays the man Diana created and the man we readers and viewers cherish.

  12. THAT was unbelievably RIGHT ON!!
    I totally agree with every sentiment – well put and I think Ron would graciously understand.

    • I may be late with my reply, but Ron has said every thing I felt from the very start. That is why I love OUTLANDER.

  13. Oh yes this is so it. Thankyou for saying it. I think that is what made me so mad about the way they portrayed the relationship with Laoghaire, it frightened me so much that it would destroy the Jamie we know in the books. It still worries me now leading to season 3.
    Great words!!

  14. Agreed 100%. You nailed it. I actually didn’t realize there’s been so much of a to do about the deleted scene. I made sense to me. When I watched the episode, it felt choppy and intuitively it felt like there were bits missing (and the continuity was a bit off). Seeing the deleted scene made my reaction make sense. My hat is off to every single person that is involved in this amazing production. What I felt shift from season one to season two was exactly what you expressed above. I felt like we lost a bit of that balance someone, and it became more Claire and less Jamie. The balance is what makes the show so good. I sincerely hope the season one formula is replicated in season three and we get to experience more of the intimacy (emotional, energetic, physical, etc. all of it!) between Jamie and Claire and not so much of the outside story that we only get morsels of the magic.

    • Caroline – great comment. Balance was lost. and “not so much of the outside story” – good way to word it. I wonder if there ever was a formula? Perhaps not because Outlander is such an outstanding and different show. There were a lot of separate writers, which can work if the “show runner” guides them, and if the overall direction is consistent. I had a feeling they reached out trying for a more male audience for Season II. A male audience in a certain age range is the ideal for advertisers, and maybe Ron knows more than I what demographic you need to please to receive awards. Generally, sadly, most show producers probably would rather not get known for making a “women’s series”.

      • Interestingly I think Ron is genuinely trying to do right by the books and fans while combining his experience with tv making. The issue IMO is that he views Claire as the central character and Jamie as a supporting character. I think long time book fans see Jamie as front and center, equal to Claire, and their love is almost the central character. I think this is why something feels off. The true main character of the show isn’t getting enough focus, development, or air time. Thank you!

        • Thank you Caroline,for your responses.I hope that the balance can be restored,and that Jamie will be given his proper/intended place in the series.

  15. Beautifully said, Courtney. We need to feel Jamie’s emotions just as we feel Claire’s. It does not emasculate him – it only makes him more of a man. At least in our loyal reader’s eyes. I’m sure they will shoot a lot of the emotional reunion between Jamie & Claire I just hope we get to see Jamie’s breakdown. Sam will rock it.

  16. Perfectly stated. It saddened me on such a visceral level when I saw that deleted scene. I was saddened for Diana, for Metin, for we the viewers, but most of all for Sam who reached deeply to show the heartbreak that not only a mother feels, but that a father does as well. His plea, “Will you let me comfort you?” at the beginning of the scene shows Jamie’s concern and love for Claire and her well being. Men and women need to see that emotional strength that played throughout the deleted scene in a man on screen.
    Ron and his team do much well. But iOutlander could be even more powerful if they took your words to heart. Thank you for a powerful post.

    • Ruth thank you for your comments.watching the deleted scene from “Faith”.I cried.Sam reached inside himself and portrayed Jamie’s pain & loss and his wanting to comfort Claire.I don’t have BLUE-RAY so I guess it’s my loss.

  17. Well said! Respectful, succinct, spot on. I hope Ron reads it and takes it to heart. Send it also to Sony. They hold the purse strings and are behind decisions of “length of the show.” Thank you!

  18. Thank you, Courtney, for putting our thoughts into words. I have great respect for all the cast and crew, but I do hope they will consider these points for Season 3. Not everyone gets to see deleted scenes and some of these would have added so much to the story.

  19. You nailed it with what is missing from the show. I love the books and I like the show a lot but I always come away from the show feeling something is missing. I think the editors/producers of the show want to portray such a strong female role so badly that we lose some of the magic of the relationship of Jamie and Claire. They are both strong people in character, and actions and are each others equals and respect each other. If this show wants to be good and continue with the following it has in the future, it needs to step-up this next season and actually allow Jamie to be the man he is in the books or any future actions will not make sense. You wrote it so much more eloquently than I just did, if only the producers actually read these….thank you

  20. Yes yes and yes to all. And thank you Courtney. All the way through the show I have really missed his sense of humor. He is a VERY funny man and IMHO, that is very important. The combination of a bloody man and an adorable dork. I think Sam is great at pulling that off!

  21. wonderfully said. You nailed it! You described perfectly why we are so engrossed with these characters and story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  22. Courtney: I totally agree. We need to see this side of Jamie as he relates to what life throws at him and at Claire and at them, together! How he reacts to the unfairness that is Life. The strong bond between the two of them is the main or central feature of the books and (should be ) the show.
    I also LOVE the adaptation of the books to the screen and I want it to continue through the last page of the last book.
    Thank you for expressing your feelings (and those of many others) in a respectful and caring way.
    To Ron D. Moore and the entire staff, I want to say, “Bravo” for bringing our beloved novels to life.

  23. Jamie is the key to the success of Outlander and Sam is outsanding in the role. He deserves the strongest story line and juicy bits to work with
    He also deserves recognition by his peers. His performance is what makes Outlander so noteworthy.

  24. I’ve often thought that if I were young again and mother to a boy, I would introduce “Outlander” to him early on. I would want him to grow into an honorable man–even more, I would want him to be a happy man. I cannot think of a better model than Jamie Fraser. Unicorn he may be, but any young man who aspired to emulate this ideal masculine figure would be sure to find much love in his life. What a wonderful prescription Diana has concocted. As for the Starz series: I am watching it tonight again, for perhaps the sixth time. Both the novels and the series have their virtues: One has Jamie and the other Sam. More, please.

  25. Thank you for this wonderful expression of how so many of us are feeling. I love Outlander, and while I know the book is written from Claire’s POV, Jamie is the reason I read it (over and over again). I understand how difficult a job Ron has. I understand they can’t fit everything in. I understand that they have to change things because not everything translates from Book to TV. But it bothers me when they add made up story lines (Claire’s PTSD) and then leave out scenes like this, claiming there is not enough time. What I missed all season was their connection. Many of the deleted scenes I have seen this week show so much of what I missed! I hope they will reconsider what they choose to cut/include in Season 3. Thank you so much for finding a respectable way to get this point across!!

  26. So well said and done respectfully. I agree wholeheartedly and appreciate both your words and the considerate way you presented them. Thank you for putting into words so perfectfully what it is we as women love about Jamie Fraser. Bang on, and we want to see that.

  27. Thank you. You very respectfully and insightfully have expressed what I couldn’t put my finger on until I read your blog. I understand better now why my favorite episodes have been those that have given Jamie and Claire time to speak their hearts. Sometimes just a sentence or two between them makes all the difference between feeling fully satisfied or feeling a little empty. Most of the time the words are all there in the books.

  28. I clumsily tried to express exactly what you have so eloquently said here Courtney in a post yesterday. What you have said is exactly it and I love how fully, gently and respectfully you have expressed it. This makes me so happy that it’s like a weight lifted from my heart to hear it in such a beautiful way. Thank you :O)

  29. Well said. You have an amazing gift of putting all what we are thinking and feeling into words with so much respect for Ron and the outlander team. It is true why we love this one so much we all want to be Claire’s but know we have a man with Jamie’s attributes to be there to be our equal. In a society now where our own beings are being messed up. Thank you to Diane for writing such awesome material.

  30. Well said, this is what has driven us all to absolutely love these two characters, their strengths and their vulnerability. The very parts that brought us to tears reading could easily be lost to viewers who have never read the books. That connection to Claire and Jamie are the scenes that should never be tampered with. Leave them whole and everyone watching will be followers for ever, hook-line and sinker.

  31. Well said. You have said what most women who have read the books are saying needs to relay in the TV series. Diana has. Given us the ability to live in Claire’s head so we are seeing Jamie through her eyes in the books and we want that in the series. The only thing way to get that is through Jamie and Claire’s communication.

  32. Courtney- wonderful – I couldn’t agree more!! I think Ron D Moore and his team are extraordinary and I LOVE the series.I suspect those of us who really know the books and understand Claire and Jamie’s love story just yearn for those close, intimate ‘married’ moments we know are in there. However, I hope the wonderful production by Ron and his team will lead yet more people to the amazing books by Diana.

  33. Thanks Courtney well done. You said this about deleted scenes, specifically the mourning of Faith: “We see and feel his pain. His emotions soften her. They change each other through this exchange. We need to see that. That’s the thing that makes us believe they can withstand a separation of 20 years and that she would risk everything to go back. It’s a huge reason we love the series.” and I think you meant it to apply more generally, and I would apply your words to the missing parting scene — the overnight Jamie and Claire spend in the cottage. Which gives them time for intense bonding, intense sex, (with no distracting canon fire in the background) and time for the tender, intense cutting of the initials. And an elongated scene here, which was badly needed, changes the focus to the Brits chasing Claire up the hill to Craig na dun, while Jamie, once again, protects her as she escapes, and re-focuses her anger where it more belongs – on the Red coats, and not on Jamie “sending her back”. Yes, they are doing a great job with the show, or we wouldn’t care so much, and be asking it to be the best it can be, in every episode.

    • Jude you are so right about all the scenes you mention. I would also add that a lot of his humor is also lost. For example the Honey pot scene was changed and definitely NOT for the better. The scene where Jamie see the French kings lover with her breasts hanging out and nipple piercings. So funny in the book and so missed. I get they have limited time but they go to such lengths to make Claire multidimensional and not Jamie. Its so strange the POV that says its all about her.. Even though its from her perspective its about them. These opportunities are lost. Lots of meaningful dialogue between them which develops their relationship. Love the show don’t get me wrong but I think they might want to at lease ponder some of the constructive criticism out there.

      • Thank you Julie,your added insight and appreciation of Jude’s observations is such a comfort to me and I’m sure to many others.What resonates through so many of the replies are two things.1 if time constraints are a issue why change storylines (ptsd/Claire’s),inserting/enlarging parts (Leery)?? 2 the deleted scenes and ones omitted (their nite in shack and carvings)is another beautiful example of their deep love for each other.the main thing is Showing the depth of Jamie’s character and the beautiful fullness of the man himself needs to be shown and Sam has to be given the chance to do that . I love ❤️ the show and I do understand what a wonderful job has been done and truly hope that our feelings will be acknowledged.

    • Yes, I meant it for this scene and in general. Their characters and their love (which is almost a third character?) is always the center for me (and many). Need to touch into that throughout. Thank you

    • WOW !!what a great reply I sure hope Ron and staff do read some of these responses.Love the series,and know they have done a incredible job.Just want it to be the best it can be,and to do that They have to stop cutting Jamie out /down.Sam is a incredible actor.Really wish he would get the support he deserves.

  34. For any lover of Diana’s literary creation and the life that Ron has breathed into our Jamie, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I hope someone passes this to the Outlander team or at least allows us to have the 10 or 15 min longer version as they did with the Reckoning episode.

    • Yes! I think with Outlander, longer is always better! ? I’m amazed by the quality of what went into the show as well as what did not- so well written, acted, directed, and cut together with music. All so good. Thank you

  35. Thank you Courtney for putting into words what I was feeling in my heart… I hope that Ron gets to see this and understands how important this show is and emotionally uplifting to so many dedicated viewers, you stated every point brilliantly, thank you.

  36. Perfectly written, Courtney. While it is nice to see these deleted scenes now, part of me feels that it isn’t fair, in the long run, to the actors, writers, and ALL the others involved with Outlander, because these scenes are all done. They’ve spent the time creating them. That money is spent! But the scenes are deleted. We’ve now seen them for the wonderfully important work that they are. I, for one, feel they should be available to all. If it is important to Sony, or whatever powers-that-be to only put 13 episodes on television, then only put that many on TV. BUT, since they are already made, make an “extended complete version” available for us to buy for more money that just the 13 TV episodes. MANY of us would buy the extended version to see the version that most follows the books! That’s my three cents!

  37. Thank you Courtney for this gracious letter to Ron. The editing process is painful for both the writers and directors when precious moments that they took the time to film end up being edited out. In the case of “Faith” they took nothing away. We always have the TV version, but they gave us a gift of the extended scene for which we should be grateful and not resent the fact that it didn’t end up on the TV cut. Ron and his team have so many binding constraints and I am amazed at how much they pack into the 13 episodes they are given. Can’t wait for Voyager.

  38. Spot on! I know not all the scenes shot get to the completed show, and I have loved everything I have seen since day one. But you have very clearly stated why we love this story, these actors, this production. They make it all real!

  39. Totally agree with you Courtney and I believe that Ron knows that, he has Terry very close to him. The point is that “we”-outlander’s books reader fans- are not his target now. He’s already got us. Arguing or not, we’ll keep watching the series and he knows it. I think that he wants to arrive to a wider range of viewers. So simple and sad.

    • The issue about growing the audience has always been problematic for me. I fell in love with first half of season 1 and then went on to read all the books. I loved how the relationship was given time to congeal in those first 8 episodes. I also felt a big shift in the second half when the pace of the action picked up. When I think of the goal of expanding the audience, I wonder if that means to reach more women or bring on more men. I usually assume it is the latter. I’m just not sure about that as a useful or even attainable goal with books like DIA or Voyager with lots of plots and subplots.

      I have read that the audience share has been rather stable since the beginning. I also read that Outlander has been the biggest seller for Amazon Prime. I’ve also read that it has been the biggest binged watched program for Starz, and that S107 and S207 have been the most binged watch episodes. I can guessed who binged watch those episodes. I would guess it was women, not men.

      So I don’t think in is quite so simple. And more importantly it doesn’t have to be so much of an either/or appeal. A few moments here and there where Jamie and Claire reconnect and bare their hearts and their thoughts go a long way. I think that some of the uproar about the deleted scenes is that they are more like deleted seconds or moments…..deleted from shows that might easily have deleted other things.

      I have written this elsewhere, but while we are talking about deleting things in order to fit Voyager into 13 episodes, there are several subplots that could be easily lost from my point of view: The Campbells and all that’s associated with them including the murder at the Governor’s ball, Creme de menthe Man, some of Willoughby’s antics.

      • Thank you. I wonder if it’s wider audience appeal or artistic license that drives the decisions. Probably both. I agree whole heartedly, we need to see those moments. (But I do love Mr Willoughby!)

    • I hope it’s clear that J&C are the heart of the story, for all fans, old and new. Fingers crossed for S3. Thank you

  40. You articulated that beautifully!! Exactly what I was thinking but couldn’t articulate. What they have created is wonderful and I think constructive criticism is always a good thing. There is no need for nasty criticism. Thank you for what you wrote.

  41. I couldn’t agree more!! I love the show yet I always feel something is lacking- Jamie. We generally don’t quite see the Jamie we are used to, that we and those new to the story need to see to truly portray Jamie and the their love and relationship. Sam portrays him wonderfully, as far as he’s allowed to, but it very often feels he’s being restrained, it seems he and the charcther are about to expand into absolute brilliance and then it’s cut off. The recent deleted scenes seem to explain what’s been going on, cutting of scenes. Sam and the character have so much more to give, if they’ll just let them…
    I truly hope Ron reads this article and the comments and takes it on board for season 3.

  42. Wow, guys. I am blown away by all of your comments. Humbled. Thank you so much for leaving your important thoughts here. I really appreciate it. This is such a great community. Thank you

    • Thank you Julie, no I didn’t, but I didn’t really expect one. Hoping the message is received in the spirit intended & looking forward to S3 and a deeper view of Jamie (fingers crossed).

  43. I would gladly take this as an advice on how to write good male romance heroes (My story is also a time-travel romance, based on a Greek Myth. The Hero is not exactly like Jamie (Jamie is to perfect to be like any other); my hero is illiterate, illegitimate and not entirely school educated, but he is emotionally intelligent, keen on memory, reads people clearly, is understanding, and has this total respect for death and shows no fear of it. He sees death as a neutral companion and a misunderstood loner. He accepts his mortality and values what life has to offer).

  44. Well said. Totally agree. I understand there’s cinematic prejudices toward “too much” romance, but Jamie and Claire have no ordinary romance.

  45. Thank you for conveying my feelings regarding the insufficient screen time for Sam Heughan and his character Jamie Fraser. Hopefully in the future the powers that be will give him his due. After all, HE is the reason Claire is even committed to this period in time. If not for HIM, she would not have the compulsion to change the course of HER life. IMHO

  46. Just came across these deleted scenes and your eloquently articulated comment to Ron. I agree wholeheartedly. I think in an effort to display Claire’s strength & intellect, Jamies’ qualities have been diminished. In doing so, many scenes which show Sam at his best were cut. He acting prowess deserves equal play…for the series is at its best when Cait and Sam are equally showcased.

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