William Ransom Has Been Cast! Who Is Charles Vandervaart?

Cover photo: Charles in a recent interview with Brief Take

We’ve been waiting a long time to meet William Ransom, and he’s finally been cast, and appears to be already in filming for Season 7! I wonder if Charles knows, just how much his life is about to change…? 

Charles Vandervaart is a Canadian actor from Toronto; born on September 9, 2000, he is 21 years young, very close to the actual age of William in A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

Looks like Suzanne Smith and team have done it again. He seems like an incredibly nice person, gracious, thoughtful and well spoken. Charles is an avid rock climber and an outdoorsman, like Sam.

Photo: Charles V instagram

Charles V climbing shots, instagram


He has the Fraser nose, with Geneva’s hair and big blue eyes. He’s 6’1″ tall and is an athlete, so very muscular. I am buying him as a member of the Fraser clan!



Charles, like Sam, also comes from a theater background. He is a musician, who plays piano and guitar, and he used to swim competitively.

When asked who his dream scene partner would be, in this December 2021 interview, he said Betty White!! I love him already! In the same interview, he mentions that Ford v Ferrari was one of his favorite films of 2019, so he already has an in with his new step mom 😁.

Some of his TV work includes: Lost in Space (2021)The Craft: Legacy (2020)October Faction (2020), and Holly Hobbie (2018-2022). He also voices the character of Sid the Pirate in popular kids’ show Paw Patrol.

Here is an interview Charles did in December of last year…


I was sent this photo in the last couple of weeks – could this be Charles on set? I don’t know, maybe! That would be exciting if so!

In early April I did a piece on who might play the part of William, and now we know! Welcome Charles! I look so forward to your portrayal of the Son of The King of Men (as well as the son of Lord John Gray, not too shabby!).

Welcome Charles! You have landed in a great role with a great team and great fans, and I can’t wait to see your work. 

Be sure and catch our latest episode discussion of the finale, Episode 608 I Am Not Alone.


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29 comments on “William Ransom Has Been Cast! Who Is Charles Vandervaart?

  1. He is absolutely perfect. Could be Sam’s son in real life!! Welcome, Charles, indeed!! Now to await pics from the sets!! Not to mention, Season 7!!! Thank you for your info and comments, as always.

  2. Thrilled about his casting. He looks perfect! I really needed some good news this week after Monday’s news.

  3. Suzanne Smith, the casting director for Outlander has made brilliant choices throughout. I’m sure we will all come to love Charles as William. Exciting news and I can see Jamie and Geneva in their choice. Congratulations to Charles!!

  4. I’m so disappointed that there were not more to the latest season. How long is this next drought going to last!!??

    • A. they were filming during the pandemic, pre-vaccine
      B Caitriona was pregnant
      C season 7 is going to be 16 episodes

      Happy now?

        • Pathetically replying again: They’re already filming Season 7 so the current Droughtlander is guaranteed to be shorter than the last one. I also suspect that they will split S. 7 into two parts as they did with S. 1, which was also 16 episodes. Not to cut into Outlander BTS’s fans, but I also get a lot of my ongoing news at Outlander TV News.

    • We were lucky to even get a Season 6. They had to overcome a whole lot of obstacles like Covid, Cait’s pregnancy and a very cold winter to bring us that shortened but very exciting season. I’m grateful they did that for us!

      • Takes lots of work by many people to put a season together. There’s no magic wand 😃 we must wait patiently for the always beautifully made finished product. 🍅🍷 who’s got the basil? 😅 no I’m not drinking wine at the moment. I’m just up late and it’s a great time of year for tomatoes!!

  5. Just watched the interview you posted. He’s lovely and seems very much a gentleman and respectful. Love him already!

  6. How exciting! Loving how many fellow Canadians have been part of this fabulous show!
    What an impressive interview and very special young man.

    • If any Canadian remembers, our Charles was once on Murdoch Mysteries. He played wonderfully the character John, the elder son of Police Captain of Division 5, lovable curmudgeon, Yorkshire football lover, Inspector Thomas Brackenreid. Played by actor Thomas Craig. Charles was great to watch as a young Canadian actor in this ongoing series. Toronto 1895, some truths, some 21st Century science and a little Canadian wry, dark humour in this fabulous show. Check it out. Murdoch Mysteries on You Tube, just finished filming season 17 this past Christmas….

  7. Good job finding this interview! It’s a great introduction to him. He does seem very friendly, down to earth and well-spoken. The interviewer was quite prescient saying he thought his career would soon take off. I can’t wait to see how he plays William in season 7 and wish him all the best!

    • And at the end when the interviewer asked him if he had any new projects coming up or who he would like to work with Charles just responded with the actors he’d like to work with. He HAD to have already landed the William role! I’d say his life is about to change! So excited for Charles!

    • I thought he looked familiar from Murdoch Murders as John Brackenreid. He did a great job as the charachter. I look forward to seeing him in the role as William.

  8. What a great interview.

    My eyes watered to realise the Outlander family has been increased to include this lovely and charming young man.

    I foresee BTS duets with Roger and perhaps Cait, corpsing on set with Cait and Sam, enthusiastic outdoor and gym activities with Sam, and absolutely great fun times with all the younger members of the cast.

    What a talented, well-spoken cast has been assembled over this magical and addictive Outlander Series.

    Congratulations to all the production team, cast and crew, for their ongoing efforts to give us such high quality entertainment

  9. YES!!! OL casting match his looks correctly. Good combo of both Sam and Hanna James. I hope his acting is up for this role and his tolerance as well because he has now been thrown into the very deep end of the OL fandom pool.

  10. Such exciting news! I think he’s a great physical match for Jamie and Geneva, the interview was fantastic too, he comes across as intelligent, articulate and grounded. I can’t wait to see his portrayal of William. Fingers crossed we get seasons 8, 9 and 10 – I am dying to see the scene where William asks Jamie “tell me how I came to be” and (completely unrelated) I would love to see Ian and Rachel’s blossoming romance and wedding 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  11. Thanks for posting this interview of Charles, he is quite well spoken and an experienced actor for his age. I loved Lost in Space and Charles did a wonderful job as Liam. Looking forward to his William…he did say he can play the jerk, and we know William can be one.

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