Wizard World Chat with Colin, Ed, John, Richard, Tim, Duncan, and Kyle

In case you missed my online chat with the gang from Castle Leoch & Lallybroch on 4/30, it’s here: Video Chat with Lotte, Grant, Nell, Stephen, Annette, & Steven.

There was a second Wizard World Chat on 5/5 with 7 gents from the S5 cast (See cover photo – video below, Outlander content starts at 22:00.) 


Coming up: A Wee OutlanderBTS What’s New

and OutlanderBTS Episode Discussions: 508, 509, 511, 512, and 501, not necessarily in that order! 

For our Season 5 Episode discussion, catch up here: Episode Discussions

Stay safe. xo

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2 comments on “Wizard World Chat with Colin, Ed, John, Richard, Tim, Duncan, and Kyle

  1. I loved the video chats with “the guys” (Ed, Duncan, Kyle, etc.) what fun! It was just the ticket after a very stressful work day. I too, have technical issues all the time, so I was very sympathetic with them. Now, Droughtlander has officially begun. Now, I think I’ll be reading ABOSSA quite soon. Thanks Courtney. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for posting this video with ‘the guys’. There was some LOL moments for sure! I sure get the technical difficulties as I experience them daily with working from home. This was such a treat after a particularly stressful day. Keep up the great work, Courtney!

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