World Outlander Day Is Even Better Than A Pair Of Ripe Melons!

Happy World Outlander Day everyone! In honor of the day, we heard from Diana, Herself, who posted some enticing daily lines from Book 9: Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone

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Jamie read the letter through twice, his lips tightening at the same place, halfway down the first page—and then again, at the end. It wasn’t actually unusual for him to react to one of John’s letters that way, but when he did, it was normally because it held unwelcome news of the war, of William, or of some incipient action on the part of the British government that might be about to result in Jamie’s imminent arrest or some other domestic inconvenience.

This, however, was the first letter John had sent in nearly two years—since before Jamie’s return from the dead to find me married to John Grey, and before he had punched John in the eye as a result of this news and inadvertently caused his lordship to be arrested and nearly hanged by the American militia. Well, turnabout was fair play, I supposed…

No point in putting it off.

“What does John have to say?” I asked, keeping my voice pleasantly neutral. Jamie glanced up at me, snorted, and took off his spectacles.

“He wants Brianna,” he said shortly, and pushed the letter across the table to me.

I glanced involuntarily over my shoulder, but Bree had gone to the springhouse with a box of freshly-made cheeses.

[Plot Stuff/Spoilers]

“Well, I _do_ have a plan,” Brianna said, with some asperity. “I’m going to take the kids with me.”

Jamie said something under his breath in Gaelic. Roger didn’t say it, but might as well have had the words “God help us all,” tattooed on his forehead. I felt similarly, but for once, I thought I’d concealed my sentiments better than the men, who weren’t trying to conceal theirs at all. I wiped my face with a towel, and bent to ladle the stew into bowls.

“Possibly there are a few refinements that could be added,” I said, as soothingly as possible, my back safely turned. “Why don’t you call everybody in to dinner, Bree, and we’ll talk about it when the children are in bed.”

Source: Diana G Facebook Page

Diana asked what our favorite line from Outlander is… That’s a hard one!!! My answer: the one I happen to be reading at any given moment! There are just too many to choose from to pick only one.

We also heard from Cait, Sam, Richard, and Sophie from their filming location in Scotland…


Happy World Outlander Day! xo

6 comments on “World Outlander Day Is Even Better Than A Pair Of Ripe Melons!

  1. Love the daily lines wish this one was longer. Can’t wait for book 9. This summer would help with the droughtlander. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Favourite Outlander Line – among many, of course.
    “It would have been easier if you’d only been a witch.”

  3. “Does it ever stop the wanting you?” is one lineamong others. Corresponds to the Outlander-obsession that does not stop!

  4. In Outlander my favorite line is…You need not be scarit of me or anything else as long as I am with you…The first bit of comfort that Jamie offered a woman who must have been frightened out of her mind…The woman that would become his heart and soul…

  5. I love passages perhaps more than a line. So I will agree with you the part I”m reading at the moment. Thank you for posting. Love your blog.

  6. I luv me fun crew here!!! Geezus all you kids and lashes. You were picked for reason!
    Cheers on next season.
    And for love of God please visit me here in Canada!!!!!!!!??????????
    I need ya by’es. Dan I’ll serve you up some Newfie grub . And y’all will be secure . Give me call when ye in my area. ONTARIO

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