Y92 Season 5 Outlander Panel

This is not a new one, but I’ve not posted it on Outlander Behind The Scenes yet, so it’s new here. Many of you were actually there in the audience!

Enjoy watching for the first time, or for a subsequent time, as we wait for Episode 507.



Our discussion of Ep 506 – Better to Marry than Burn is live now! Go check it out. If you are behind on our Season 5 Episode discussions, catch up here: Episode Discussions

I’m hopeful that we’ll all look back on this time one day, and it will be a blip on the radar of a long life.

Take good care of you and yours. xo 

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7 comments on “Y92 Season 5 Outlander Panel

  1. Lynn and I were there! Last row balcony. Truly, almost a religious experience. Loved everything about the day: having dinner with Outlander sisters from different places; waiting in line with hundreds of like minded individuals and the interviews! Then, there was our brief rendez-vous with Antoinette. How quick we three were with hugging, jumping up and down and reviewing the upcoming season all in a matter of minutes.
    So much fun!!

  2. Very enjoyable, especially after a flight of whisky! And to end it with Rick’s beautiful voice, perfect!

  3. I hope Sam’s special brand of Whiskey “Sassenach” becomes a real favourite. I could listen to Richard Rankin talking for hours. Love his voice. Thank you for sharing the video above.

    Hi Courtney: Hope you and your family are keeping well in these uneasy times.

  4. I am a little behind, so just saw this one for the first time, what fun! Everyone was so easy with each other. Particularly liked
    that Diana was there with them to comment. Great panel!

  5. I have watched this one recently and I think because they all had a wee bit of whisky, they were loose and free with their answers and they were having fun. I think that’s how all interviews should be done! Even if you are a super star like Sam and Cait are, you still get nervous and self-conscience on stage in front of a big audience who are just staring at you, noticing everything you do and say. So a little whiskey goes a long way for a fun discussion I think. Oops, maybe that’s because I just drank a fair amount of wine after dinner! Love you Courtney!

  6. This was really fun to watch. I especially appreciate how everyone is trying to get the best writing for the episodes.

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