Claire and BJR, Season 1, Episode 1, Deleted Scene

At this stage I’m astounded when I come across something I’ve not seen before from Outlander, like this deleted part of an extended scene from the very first episode of Season 1. This clip makes me respect Caitriona even more, when I consider that she landed this role a mere two weeks before starting work on Outlander. She had been living in sunny LA, going to auditions, and getting occasional work, when BLAM!, next thing, she’s running around half naked in freezing Scotland, with the likes of Black Jack Randall tackling her onto the wet ground. Caitriona is no wimp! Here we are 5+ years later, and A LOT has certainly transpired since then, both on and off screen (for all of us!).

If you’ve also not seen this before, enjoy! And if you have seen it, I bet you’ll still enjoy watching it again. ?


7 comments on “Claire and BJR, Season 1, Episode 1, Deleted Scene

  1. You know, I hadn’t seen the actual footage, but remember that RDM talked about cutting it in “THE OFFICIAL OUTLANDER PODCAST By Starz” for that episode, and what a fantastic job CB did in that work. Of course they cut it for time… Even in the days of luxuriously having 16 episodes to work with. Thanks for making it available!

  2. I was wondering where that scene went. It is too bad they left it out – it would have added to the impact on the whole relationship on the Claire, Black Jack Randall, Jamie issue. Sometimes, believe it or not, often the clips that are left out are the connecting pieces to the whole continuity of the storey being told. Thank you for sharing this deleted scene – it contributed to the amazing survival skills of Claire as she was transported 200 years back in time.

    • Rhona, we don’t have to “believe it or not”, as that is clearly, and, in my case, painfully felt, and waaay too often in some episodes. I’d say more OBVIOUS than anything else!

      • Hi Kimber: I agree with you 100%. Thank you for your reply. I am devoted fan of Outlander from the Season 1 right through and including Season 4. I will just enjoy what we see as the story continues. I also enjoy reading the many perspectives and viewpoints on Outlander. I am truly hoping there will be further seasons after Season 5 and 6.

  3. I had not seen this and appreciate that you bring it to this forum. This scene sure rounds out and enriches that episode. Caitriona and Tobias are so talented. I continue to enjoy Outlander and would not want to criticize the very talented people who work hard to keep this story authentic BUT I sure miss Tobias!

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