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Photo: Sam and Cait, LA Times

Featured Favorites is a new section of the blog highlighting past posts, that are worth a revisit. This is a good place to come and hang out for a while, especially during Droughtlander. This page will be updated periodically, so check back! Enjoy…

Season 6

As I publish posts about the filming of Season 6, they will go here. Yipeee!

Alexander Vlahos Heads to Scotland

Photo: Alexander Vlahos, WhatsonStage.com   Eagle eyed Outlander fans spotted reports on social media by Alex Vlahos, best known for playing Philippe, Duke of Orléans, in the television series Versailles, that he recently traveled to Glasgow for a new “top secret” role. Richard Rankin responded with an invitation for tea, and minds started spinning. Could […]

Season 6 Filming Starts, Amid Covid-19 Concerns

Cover photo: BTS Season 5, by Caitriona   ****Update – Nicola Sturgeon has just announced a new nationwide lockdown law for Scotland today (Jan 4), starting tomorrow (Jan 5), based on rising numbers of coronavirus. Source: itv. On the Scot.gov site (published today, Jan 4), it says that “Film and TV production can continue to […]

Happy Holidays and Malva Will Be in Season 6!

Photo: S5 ending, where we left off. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Caga Tió, Furaha ya Kwanzaa, Happy Boxing Day, First footing, Ōmisoka, or whatever you happen to celebrate! We got an exciting update from Starz yesterday – from Sam, Cait, Sophie, and Richard about filming starting for Season 6, and some little tidbits. Sam […]

Top 3 Most Popular Posts of All Time

These are my most popular posts of all time. This first one, in a category all its own, is a spoof interview between Josh Horowitz and “Jamie and Claire” which is hilarious. Enjoy!

The 2nd most popular post of all time, is also in a category of its own: Sam and Cait’s original chemistry test, the scene from Ep 109, The Reckoning…

The 3rd most popular post of all time is my interview with Graham McTavish about Clanlands…

Graham Talks Clanlands & Publication Date

Big news this morning from Sam and Graham – their book, Clanlands will be published on November 3rd, 2020, and is now available for preorder in the US. And, Diana, Herself, is writing the forward! She says: ‘I’m so pleased to announce that Sam and Graham have invited me to write the foreword for their Clanlands book! […]

Gag Reels & Funny Posts

In the spotlight for now, are fun, funny posts from the past. Check these out when you need an Outlander inspired laugh…

The Season 4 Gag Reel… Enjoy!

Photo: Sony/Starz… Does Murtagh lose his mind in Season 5??? Nawww, that’s Duncan pulling a face, in the Season 4 gag reel!  Here is the Season 4 gag reel, (thanks to Heughlander 2.0) which is verra entertaining, imo. It’s wonderful to see how much fun these guys have on location, and DANG it looks cold […]

OutlanderBTS Original: The Story Behind The Story – Àdhamh Ó Broin Part 5, Impressions

Photo: BTS Season 2, Stephen, Grant, and Andrew, from Twitter Àdhamh does some brilliant impressions of the cast, some characters, the showrunner, and more in this segment of our interview.    Click here for PART 1 of this interview.  For Part 6, CLICK HERE To purchase the cd and request a signed copy of Air Forladh […]

Jamie & Claire, Rupert & Angus, Murtagh & Fergus on Delousing… Deleted Scene

What a treat! Enjoy this comedic deleted scene from Episode 209… The gang’s all here, discussing their unique approaches to getting rid of lice. I can certainly see why Grant nicknamed Claire “Kill Joy” (or something similar) based on this scene. Phew! In her defense, this precedes the PTSD sequence, so she’s not exactly supposed […]

Outlander BTS: London Extra – William Shatner Tweets w/ Outlander Cast, DG & Fans

Photo by @GleniceSells (PS Bill, that’s Grant right behind you and Jamie there) Courtney’s Comments: Now I promised you guys Quality Curated Content, but sometimes I have to take an immaturity break, so if you find this offensive, please skip along to the next post 🙂 and thank you for visiting. And yes, I do like Bill […]


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