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Featured Favorites highlights past posts that are worth revisiting. In this first section, you’ll find posts about Season 7 – An Echo In The Bone – which is currently being filmed, and untitled as of yet Book 10, which is currently being written! Below that you’ll find all of our Episode Discussions in chronological order – starting with the newly published Episode 401 and running through our Season 6 discussions. We will be backfilling Season 4 discussions over the next months, so check back for new ones. 

Season 7 & Book 10

As I publish posts about updates on Season 7 and Book 10, they will go here.

Welcome 2022 & What’s New: Seasons 6, 7 & 8, Book 10 & More

Photo: Starz Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! I want to take this opportunity to let 2022 know that it will be a fantastic year, full of healing, promise, and thriving! All the best to you… Caitriona bids farewell to 2021 – work /life balancing atop a pack of diapers… 😊 Goodbye 2021 […]

My Convo with The Dipp on Season 6 & 7 Storylines, Casting, LJG Spin Off, & More

The Dipp invited me for a chat on 5/12, and we had a good old time. Here it is in case you missed it. Thanks to Caitlin and everyone who came for a fun evening!  Be sure and check out my latest interview, with Jack Holden (who played Lord John Grey’s love, Hector Dalrymple, in […]

Outlander Season 7 Announced!

Photo: Starz, Outlander Season 5 The saga will continue on screen, yes!! I think it’s about time we answer some fan questions… #Outlander pic.twitter.com/6aNvNSkYlx — Outlander (@Outlander_STARZ) March 14, 2021 A congratulatory tweet from Sam, about finishing Season 6 first… Congrats to @STARZ , the cast and crew and of course, HUGE thank you to […]

Meet Malva Christie!! Jessica Reynolds

Starz just released this – hot off the press. Meet Irish actress, Jessica Reynolds who is playing Malva!  “Jessica is a 2019 graduate of LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) – founded by Paul McCartney. At the age of 17, Jessica landed the regular role of Gwen in MORGANA in a Television Pilot for Disney […]

Meet Tom Christie! Mark Lewis Jones

You’ll likely recognize Season 6 Tom Christie from The Crown – he played Edward Millward (‘Tedi’), the Welsh Nationalist and Aberystwyth University language professor, who tutors Prince Charles and takes him under his wing, developing a compassion for his station and teaching him to deliver his speech to the people in Welsh.  “His other roles […]

Alexander Vlahos is Our Season 6 Allan Christie!

Cover photo: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images We welcomed him aboard a while back, but now we have confirmation! Another Welshman, (that’s 3 now – Kyle Rees, Mark Lewis Jones, and now Alex), Alexander Vlahos is playing Allan Christie! You’ll maybe know him from his role as Philippe, Duke of Orléans, in the television series Versailles. Alex Vlahos […]

OutlanderBTS Episode Discussions

Here are all of our Episode Discussions in chronological order. We have done some live panel discussions as well, to see those, go here: OutlanderBTS Lasses Live.

Episode 401, America The Beautiful

Episode 402, Do No Harm

OutlanderBTS Episode 402, The Discussion – Do No Harm

Photo: Starz, Claire, Jamie and Jocasta, Ep 402 After seeing and digesting 402, I decided to do something a little different to cover it this week. After some thought and coordination, it worked out that Friday, I spent a lovely evening with three fascinating women: Karmen Schmidt, whom most of you know as Outlander Anatomy, […]

Episode 403, The False Bride

Episode 406, Blood of My Blood

OutlanderBTS Episode 406, The Discussion – Blood of My Blood

OK ladies and gents, it’s Friday evening, you’ve worked hard all week, time to grab a cocktail and join me… I invite you into this warm, wonderful, and often hilarious discussion of Episode 406, with the same crew from last time (Episode 402, The Discussion) : Antoinette Simmons, Karmen Schmidt (Outlander Anatomy), Catherine Toomer (Blacklanderz), […]

Episode 407, Down the Rabbit Hole

OutlanderBTS Episode 407, The Discussion – Down the Rabbit Hole

Photo: Brianna Randall and Laoghaire, in Dr Jekyll mode, Starz, Episode 407 Boy oh boy, there are a lot of mixed feelings about this episode! I’ve seen comments that run the gamut, from “Best episode of the season!!!”  to “What the @#$%&!????” The lasses and I got together again, to discuss it… For more Episode Discussions […]

Episode 408, Wilmington

Episode 409, The Birds and the Bees

OutlanderBTS Episode 409, The Discussion – The Birds and the Bees

OK folks, in time for a Thursday night cocktail. Enjoy….   For more Episode Discussions like this one, go to Episode Discussions.  If you’re looking for more Outlander during Droughtlander (aside from anticipating Bees, re-reading Diana’s other 8 books, and re-watching the show), visit my Interviews page, and Reader Favorites page. Subscribe to receive an email each time I post […]

Episode 411, If Not for Hope

OutlanderBTS Episode 411, The Discussion – If Not For Hope

Photo: Brianna hears something… Starz, Episode 411 Phew! This one is long, and good, and nsfw (not safe for work), meaning, in this case, if you’re listening to this at home or at work, earbuds are recommended. You need to know that we discuss pretty much EVERYTHING in 411, and beyond. There are MAJOR spoilers […]

Episode 412, Providence

OutlanderBTS Episode 412, The Discussion – Providence

Photo: Starz, Braeden Clarke breaks our hearts as Kaheroton in Episode 412. I dedicate this OutlanderBTS Episode Discussion to Antoinette, (whom we were so happy to have back), for her courage, intelligence, authenticity, compassion, and general  badassery.  Let’s drink to Antoinette!  We’re back! Discussing compelling Episode 412. What did you think of it? We found […]

Episode 413, Man of Worth

OutlanderBTS Episode 413, The Discussion – Man of Worth

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I had some technical issues with my laptop, so this one has taken me a while to bring to you, but finally, here it is! I hope you enjoy. Diana and her real life Jamie (Doug) celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary yesterday! Here’s to long lasting love ❤️.   We celebrate another […]

Episode 501, The Fiery Cross

Episode 502, Between Two Fires

OutlanderBTS Episode 502, The Discussion – Between Two Fires

Photo: Lauren Lyle (aka the scene stealer), as Marsali and Caitriona Balfe as Claire, Ep 502, Starz We’re BACK! And I’m so happy about it! 🤗 We four enjoyed a wonderful chat Monday night about the second Ep of Season 5, and I’ve captured and edited it to share with you all. We have a […]

Episode 503, Free Will

Episode 504, The Company We Keep

OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 504 – The Company We Keep

Claire and Jamie in the Moonlight Walk scene, Ep 504, Starz Here it is…. Life dictated that we were a small group this week, but the others are always with us in our minds and hearts. Please enjoy… To catch up on our Episode Discussions you may have missed, go to Episode Discussions.  Let us know what you thought […]

Episode 505, Perpetual Adoration

OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 505 – Perpetual Adoration

Photo: Jamie and Leftenant Knox from Ep 505, Perpetual Adoration, Starz Ohhh Kay, this is a long one. Which works nicely for being quarantined, as most of us are, no matter where in the world we cry home (as Angus says in Season 1). So, grab your beverage of choice, depending on what time it […]

Episode 506, Better to Marry Than Burn

Episode 507, The Ballad of Roger Mac

Episode 508, Famous Last Words

OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 508 – Famous Last Words

At long last, the journey of this episode discussion has arrived at publication. This one was quite powerful, in many ways, including behind the scenes, for all 4 of us. Fertile ground for personal and communal growth, indeed. You may want to rewatch Episode 508 before watching, as it’s been a while. Thanks for joining […]

Episode 509, Monsters and Heroes

OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 509 – Monsters and Heroes

Cover Photo: Claire and Jamie, Monsters and Heroes, Starz Please enjoy our discussion of Ep 509, written by Shaina Fewell, and directed by Annie Griffin! xo Below are some runners up for cover photos… For our Season 5 Episode discussions, catch up here: Episode Discussions. We are lacking #BTS508 and #BTS501, still to come over the […]

Episode 510, Mercy Shall Follow Me

Episode 511, Journeycake

Episode 512, Never My Love

Episode 601, Echoes

Episode 602, Echoes

Episode 603, Temperance

Episode 604, Hour of the Wolf

Episode 605, Give Me Liberty

Episode 606, The World Turned Upside Down

Episode 607, Sticks and Stones

Episode 608, I Am Not Alone


3 Most Popular Posts of All Time

These are my most popular posts of all time. This first one, in a category all its own, is a spoof interview between Josh Horowitz and “Jamie and Claire” which is hilarious. Enjoy!

In 2nd place, is my interview with Graham McTavish about Clanlands…

Graham Talks Clanlands & Publication Date

Big news this morning from Sam and Graham – their book, Clanlands will be published on November 3rd, 2020, and is now available for preorder in the US. And, Diana, Herself, is writing the forward! She says: ‘I’m so pleased to announce that Sam and Graham have invited me to write the foreword for their Clanlands book! […]

And, the 3rd most popular post of all time, also in a category all its own: Sam and Cait’s original chemistry test, the scene from Ep 109, The Reckoning…

If, by chance, you’re looking for Reader Favorites (which is no longer being updated), go HERE. xo