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Featured Favorites is a new section of the blog highlighting past posts that are worth revisiting. This is a good place to come and hang out for a while, especially during Droughtlander. This page will be updated periodically, so check back! Enjoy…

Seasons 6 & 7 

As I publish posts about updates on Seasons 6 and 7, they will go here.

Season 6 Filming Wraps, Overcoming Unprecedented Challenges

Cover photo: A glimpse of what filming looked like this season – cold, wet, and masked. Starz Season 6 teaser – the Frasers meet the Christies Woo hoo! The amazing leadership, cast, staff, and crew of our beloved Outlander have finished filming Season 6, amid unprecedented challenges. Literally, on the first day of filming, Scotland […]

How Will Season 6 End?

SPOILERS!! Based on yesterday’s news, that Season 6 will be eight episodes, and Season 7 will be 16, where do you think Season 6 will end? I’ve been asked if it will end with a cliffhanger, and my answer is a resounding Yes!!  Most assuredly – the question is – which cliff???  Some episode titles […]

Meet Tom Christie! Mark Lewis Jones

You’ll likely recognize Season 6 Tom Christie from The Crown – he played Edward Millward (‘Tedi’), the Welsh Nationalist and Aberystwyth University language professor, who tutors Prince Charles and takes him under his wing, developing a compassion for his station and teaching him to deliver his speech to the people in Welsh.  “His other roles […]

OutlanderBTS What’s New: S6 Filming, More On Bees, Sam & Cait Projects

Cover photo: Cait, hosting her delightful book club Season 6 filming continues. As usual, and, especially during Covid-19 I’m assuming, we don’t see much BTS. There are some little bits and bobs from cast and crew on social media, and in interviews.  During lockdown, and Droughtlander, Caitriona has been hosting a lovely book club, with […]

More On Season 6 Filming, Courtesy of Elle Mag

Photo: Sam and Cait filming the new season of Outlander! by Robert Wilson for Elle Magazine Here it is: the official announcement about Season 6 production from Starz, Now *this* is wonderful news. We're officially in production on #Outlander Season 6! pic.twitter.com/piwiX24KUc — Outlander (@Outlander_STARZ) February 9, 2021 via a nice piece from Elle Magazine, […]

Alexander Vlahos Heads to Scotland

Photo: Alexander Vlahos, WhatsonStage.com   Eagle eyed Outlander fans spotted reports on social media by Alex Vlahos, best known for playing Philippe, Duke of Orléans, in the television series Versailles, that he recently traveled to Glasgow for a new “top secret” role. Richard Rankin responded with an invitation for tea, and minds started spinning. Could […]

Season 6 Filming Starts, Amid Covid-19 Concerns

Cover photo: BTS Season 5, by Caitriona   ****Update – Nicola Sturgeon has just announced a new nationwide lockdown law for Scotland today (Jan 4), starting tomorrow (Jan 5), based on rising numbers of coronavirus. Source: itv. On the Scot.gov site (published today, Jan 4), it says that “Film and TV production can continue to […]

Happy Holidays and Malva Will Be in Season 6!

Photo: S5 ending, where we left off. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Caga Tió, Furaha ya Kwanzaa, Happy Boxing Day, First footing, Ōmisoka, or whatever you happen to celebrate! We got an exciting update from Starz yesterday – from Sam, Cait, Sophie, and Richard about filming starting for Season 6, and some little tidbits. Sam […]

Favorite Posts about Herself, Diana Gabaldon

In the spotlight for now, are posts from the past you may have missed or want to re-read about the woman who started it all… Diana Gabaldon, and updates about Bees…

Bees Publication Date and other info…

Excerpts from Bees and a lovely interview with Herself

Diana Gabaldon with Excerpts from Bees & Q&A

The Literary Southwest hosted a live conversation with Diana on Friday, April 2nd which includes lots of interesting questions and answers about Bees, including SPOILERS!, the show, her characters, etc. You’ll hear some familiar and some new. (I spot listened as I am waiting to read Bees and don’t want spoilers!). Enjoy!     What […]

An update on Bees, by Diana and me…

Thoughts and Updates on Bees, from Diana G. & Me

Photo: Diana G at home, Diana’s SM I’ve given several updates on the status of Season 6 filming, (the latest:  OutlanderBTS What’s New: Signs of Season 6 ). The other burning question in our minds is, what’s the update on Bees?? Below are my thoughts on the subject, with input from Diana, and she gives us […]

Diana tours the Outlander studio for the first time in 2013, a must see if you haven’t already!

Diana’s writing process & more – great outside interview

If you’re a book fan, this is a must read…

A great Q&A (recap) with fans and Diana…

Diana Gabaldon Answers Your Questions… S3, S4, Her Writing Process, Favorite Eps, Sam, Etc.

Diana took to Twitter today on Sony’s account and answered lots of fantastic fan questions. Great Q&A. Enjoy… Karen: Was there a specific moment in time that you realized that your “story” was bigger than you could ever have dreamed? I sent the ms. for Outlander to my agent and said, "I realized while finishing […]

An article on Diana’s process and Bees, with an Outside Interview…

A great Q&A between Maril and Diana

Season 5 Blu-Ray Available for Preorder (in the US) & Diana & Maril Convo Released Today!

Sony and Outlander production teamed has produced a great Q&A between Maril Davis and Herself. This is the second interview I’ve seen Maril do, and she’s fantastic! Great questions and answers.  This series is being promoted and distributed by Outlander Collector, and they’re calling it the End of Summer Series, benefiting Doctors Without Borders. You […]

Diana receives an award in Scotland…

OutlanderBTS Season 5 Updates & Insights, Diana Award in Scotland, Thoughts on Bees Release

Photo: Jamie, Claire and Jemmy, by the ever talented and gracious Vera Adxer  Happy Spring! As the Outlander story goes on and gets bigger and bigger, so does the cast, crew, and the fanbase. At any given time, there’s always something new to report, if not a lot to report!  Top of mind for fans […]

This one is about deviations from the books in the show, with excerpts from Diana.

Diana on Mr. Willoughby and Why Jamie was a virgin

Diana on the Origin of Mr. Willoughby, S3 Filming Schedule, and How Jamie Became a Virgin

Photo: from Diana’s website In an interview with Scotland’s The Herald earlier this month, Diana said filming was on schedule. “There are 13 episodes in season three and they are right in the middle of the sixth episode. They filmed the eighth episode already – they were out of order as they needed to accommodate […]

Diana & cast on the unsexiest moments BTS in S1

Tobias, Cait, Sam & Diana on the Unsexiest Moments BTS in S1

Excerpts: Tobias: “There was a bit where Caitriona [Balfe] and I were filming the stuff from 1915 or 1916, and I was leading her down this corridor, and I had sort of a flaming brazier in my hand,” recalled Tobias Menzies, who plays Balfe’s character Claire’s husband Frank and the villainous Black Jack. “It was an old […]

Diana’s response to J. Hirsch article

Diana Responds…

Photo: Wonderful Diana with our beloved Show Claire and Jamie, Pinterest Diana works in the wee hours of the night, as most of us know. And last night, presumably on a break from crafting the much anticipated ninth book in the series, Bees, she also wrote a response to Jeffrey Hirsch: @Outlander_Starz – Jeffrey Hirsch “Well, […]

Go here, for more posts about Diana Gabaldon.

3 Most Popular Posts of All Time

These are my most popular posts of all time. This first one, in a category all its own, is a spoof interview between Josh Horowitz and “Jamie and Claire” which is hilarious. Enjoy!

In 2nd place, is my interview with Graham McTavish about Clanlands…

Graham Talks Clanlands & Publication Date

Big news this morning from Sam and Graham – their book, Clanlands will be published on November 3rd, 2020, and is now available for preorder in the US. And, Diana, Herself, is writing the forward! She says: ‘I’m so pleased to announce that Sam and Graham have invited me to write the foreword for their Clanlands book! […]

And, the 3rd most popular post of all time, also in a category all its own: Sam and Cait’s original chemistry test, the scene from Ep 109, The Reckoning…

If, by chance, you’re looking for Reader Favorites, go HERE. xo