Happy World Outlander Day!

Photo: David Berry and Charles Vandervaart talking with the director on the set of Wilmington, Season 7

On June 1st, 1991 Outlander was published, setting the wheels in motion for millions of hours of reading, for millions of people all over the world. Outlander has influenced and changed the lives of so many over its 31 years in published form. Outlander has literally changed the GNP of Scotland, it has provided jobs for thousands of people who do and have worked on the show, and most particularly, one Sam Heughan and one Caitriona Balfe. Wow, what a ride. And the amazing thing is – it has all come (and is still coming!) from the brilliant mind of one person… Diana Gabaldon, Herself. I mean Head Explosion Emoji Png - Mind Blown Emoji Png, Transparent Png - kindpng!!!


For World Outlander Day, Diana gifted us with an excerpt from Book 10…

“What are you thinking?” I asked. “I know it’s about William.”

“Oh, aye?” He glanced at me, mouth curled up at one side. “And what do I look like if I’m thinking of William?”

“Like someone’s handed you a wrapped package and you’re not sure whether it’s something wonderful, or a bomb.”

That made him laugh, and he put an arm around me and pulled me in close, kissing my temple. He smelled of day-old linen, ink and hay, and the dribble of honey that had dried down the front of his shirt, like tiny amber beads.

“Aye, well, one look at the lad and ye ken he’ll explode before too long,” he said. “I only hope he doesna damage himself doing it.”

“Or you.”

He shrugged comfortably.

“I’m no very breakable, Sassenach.” 

Read the rest here: Excerpt from Untitled Book 10.

And Starz gifted us with a video compilation of actors on location, filming Season 7…

The start of Season 7 filming was announced by Starz on April 6th of this year, which means they’ve been in production for a full 8 weeks now. It takes about two weeks to film one episode, which means if they’re running on schedule, they should have about 4 of the 16 total episodes for Season 7 completed. That’s pretty fantastic in my book, as we aren’t even really feeling the sting of Droughtlander just yet, are we?

I spied a Wee Mandy in the above clip, and of course William, Lord John, little Stephen Bonnet look alike Jemmy, Young Ian is dancing in his wig again, and Richard has his beard back! What else did you catch?

Cait and Sam celebrated WOD with some BTS shots from Season 6…

Young Ian texting in church… better than what Obediah and Malva got up to in there?

From Cait: Happy World Outlander Day … (still can’t believe we got a day!!) 💗

Photo: Cait’s IG

From Sam: Some bts from the last day shooting Season 6, with some great friends old and new!
(Oh and our treat: a fish supper!)







Photos: Sam’s instagram.

Other cast members posted their tributes to WOD with more BTS shots…

Mark Lewis Jones, Tom Christy…

Alex Vlahos, Allan Christie

Stephen Woolfenden

Hugh Ross, Mr. Bug…

Tim Downie, Governor Tryon…

I am personally very thankful for Outlander and all of the positive people and experiences it has brought into my life, including you, Dear Reader, thank you Diana G! 

Have you met Charles Vandervaart (who is playing William in Season 7)?

William Ransom Has Been Cast! Who Is Charles Vandervaart?

The BTS Lasses have decided to go back and fill in the episode discussions we missed in Season 4. We discuss #BTS401 next week! Stay tuned.

We did Episode 605 recently, in case you haven’t seen that one…

OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 605 ~ Give Me Liberty



Have a wonderful day or night! x

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Many blessings to those suffering in Ukraine and Russia. 🙏🏼

17 comments on “Happy World Outlander Day!

  1. Thank you, BTS Lasses! I look forward to every discussion. With what episode did you begin? I want to go back & watch the episode, then listen to your discussion.

  2. Thanks (always) for the information gleaned. Very much looking forward to your Season 4 discussions. The Season 7 video was such a tease. I do hope they plan more of those to see us through [Drought]Outlander withdrawal. The book excerpt incredibly poignant–freighted with numerous, intense conflicting emotions.

    • I saw your email Lynda – yes let’s do a phone call when the time gets nearer – I will continue to feel out this idea & hope it works out. I always love your observations!

  3. Season 7 – Wow! I have recorded Season 6 – and am really enjoying it. Waiting till Season 6 goes on sale. Have loved Outlander from the very beginning. Thank you for showing clips from Season 7 – getting all excited for the ongoing adventures of the Fraser clan. Love them all.

    • Yes Rhona – you are in for a treat with Season 6! I love that they are already 4 – 5 episodes in – hopefully the Droughtlander won’t be quite as long this time!

  4. Hi Courtney!
    Thanks for all the pics & the video! Boy, they don’t spend too much time with any of the “William” shots! And yes, Jemmy does look like Steven! LOL.

    • You’re welcome Donna! 😊

      Do you think the Ed Speleers similarity was intentional? To throw the audience off? It’s uncanny.

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