Outlander attracts spectacular people: cast, crew, writers, producers, and fans. It has been my pleasure to meet many of you, and to do interviews with some of the cast and crew.

My interviews are presented in a combination of fully produced written, audio, live video, and video call formats, all of which you will find in this section. New interviews will be added here as soon as they come out. I hope you enjoy reading, listening to, and watching them as much as I have enjoyed researching. conducting, and producing them!


Sera-Lys McArthur

“Thank you for all the time, thought and energy you put into this, and for the excellent questions and conversation, Courtney, I love it and hope Outlander fans feel the same.”
— Sera-Lys McArthur

“Learning about the filming of that dramatic scene in 412 was so interesting, but I loved how Sera-Lys shines a light on First Nation/Native American issues, language, and culture through her acting roles and her responses to your thought provoking questions.”

“What a fabulous interview, so interesting! I found her discussion about native languages particularly so. Sera-Lys gave such a moving performance, one that stayed with you beyond that single episode. She is a very talented lady! Great interview!”

“Terrific interview! It was great learning how [Sera-Lys] got into acting and the extent of First Nations contribution to the Arts in Canada and elsewhere. I look forward to enjoying [Sera-Lys’] future endeavors.”

“Thank you Courtney and Sera-Lys for this wonderful interview, really appreciate the time you have both put into this interesting insight to this character.”
— June

“Great interview…!! She tore my heart out..a moment not easily forgotten.”
-Linda V.

“Another wonderful interview…Thanks so much for doing these…I really appreciate your passion! Sera-Lys is a very interesting and lovely person who we’d never know without your interviews.”

“What a wonderful interview… Sera-Lys McArthur brought Johiehon to life and left an indelible impression. Thank you Sera-Lys and Courtney, it was informative, interesting, and nice to meet you Sera-Lys!”

“Wonderfully done – great interview!”

“Lovely interview with Sera-Lys. It’s always nice to get the back story of an actor and what lead them to get a part! Looking forward to meeting her in October at the Outlandish Vancouver fan event!”


Tim Downie

“Loved recording this. Thanks for having me Courtney, that was a lot of fun to do! X”
— Tim Downie

“Wonderfully insightful interview into this pivotal character’s motivations and history. Nicely done!”
— Linda M.

“Congratulations Courtney and Tim! Yours is among the very best of interviews I’ve seen. Thoroughly entertaining, interesting, informative. And Tim’s cake-baking-decorating skills are not to be missed!”
— Kate L.

“I judge a good interview by whether I stay glued to the screen for the whole thing. Yup. Stuck tight! Thanks for asking questions that kept/piqued *his* interest.”
— Cat

“Excellent interview!”
— Outlander ReCaps, Etc.

“That was a fantastic interview on both sides! Your questions were excellent, and totally engaged Tim! I wish the powers that be would use you for panels…. Congratulations on a terrific job, well done!”
— Sandy

“I love your interviews — so in depth, well-thought-out and engaging.”
— Anna

“Enjoyed listening to this terribly entertaining interview…. I find it fascinating that your questions sound almost casual and they trigger off the most interesting answers. Each question sheds a light on new aspects or sheds a new light on different aspects. To me this enhances the whole Outlander experience. When I see that time is running out, I almost feel like when an episode is finishing. Fortunately we know you’ll give us another “gift” soon. You’re a very gifted journalist! Thank you again….”
— Claudi

“Fabulous interview! Want more!!”
— Rosie

“Thanks for a fantastic interview,Courtney..What a delightful chap Tim is and so broadly talented..and your questions were excellent. Can you believe these cakes !???”
— Anita


Sam Hoare

“I’ll be honest, I find it slightly torturous to watch/listen to myself but I know you’ll have done a good job Courtney. Was great talking to you.”
— Sam Hoare

“This is excellent. Well worth the time.”
— Martha

“Hey Outlanders! Do yourselves a favor and check out this interview! Well done!”
— Kelly

“By asking such well-researched questions, you demonstrate a respect for the actor which, in turn, elicits such engaging responses. Thank you!”
— Janis

“Oh, Courtney, what a wonderful and enchanting interview with the talent and charm of Mr. Sam Hoare!! PLEASE let there be a Lord John Grey & Lord Melton spinoff for Outlander STARZ.”
— Julie

“Wow, Courtney! Great interview. Barbara Walters has nothing on you! Loved how prepared you were and how you surprised him several times. He seems like a really lovely, fun man and you brought that out of him. Bravo!”
— Christy

“Finally found the time to see this spectacular interview…. Now I feel I know something of this actor thanks to Courtney who is as good a researcher as she is interviewer! Fantastic job!”
— @OnlyOutlander

“Thank you Courtney for a delightful interview with Sam Hoare. What a decent self effacing man he is and thank you for asking such interesting questions. I always enjoy your interviews, you have a real talent. Thank you again….”
— Angie

“What an absolutely delightful man Sam Hoare is. The way he morphed into Lord Melton is so intriguing, now that I see him as the man he is….  Loved the interview.”
— Rosemary

“Terrific interview with Sam Hoare! Hal is another great character and Sam Hoare played him perfectly. I hope we see more of this character in the future…. Thanks for giving us this interview!!”
— Linda


Gary Young

“I just want to say, I thank you for talking to me. I’ve tried to be quite honest in my assessment of Willoughby/ Yi Tien Cho. It is important, I am incredibly grateful for having… the chance to play him… [he’s been] a fascinating character for me to get a grips on.” 
— Gary Young

“Oh, Courtney. This was one of the most interesting interviews I’ve seen. Well done, lass! I would like to know more about Gary Young. I loved hearing (and reading) about the work he put into realizing his character!”
— Connie

“This interview is a gift to Outlander fans.”
— Karmen

“Big congrats to you .. I normally don’t find American interviewers interesting or professional but rather shallow boring , ill-prepared and fake . However this interview changed my mind.. You could see how professional it was – well researched , great open ended questions ,respectful. I loved it . Look forward to seeing more . Well done you!”
— Meredith

“You always ask more original questions than most & seem to get your interviewees very relaxed. In other words you are good at what you do Courtney.”
— Vonnie

“Thank you so much for this awesome interview, Courtney! I thought Gary did such an incredible job in Season 3 and now I am even more impressed with him! It was so interesting to hear about all the background work and study that he did for the role.”
— Patty

“Great interview. Hope we see him again. The blooper reel of this interview is hysterical with people walking in and out?”
— Pat

“Thank you Courtney. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. It had a many insightful questions. Gary was quite entertaining! I loved that playing Mr Willoughby inspired him to look into his family story. Well done!”
— Donna

“I enjoy all your interviews, Courtney, and this one was excellent.”
— LJ

“I loved the interview. Interviews help us understand the “real” people in the roles they take. Gary Young as Yi Tien Cho, aka Mr. Willoughby was the best.”
— Rhona


Sam and Cait

“… Awesome fan site.” 
— Sam Heughan

“Well done, Courtney!!! Loved Sam’s reaction(s). ‘I’m not that far away!’ X”
— Susan

“Wow! Who knew Sam used stilts to make him look taller, and Ian is only 4ft tall!” ?
— Heather

“This is the first time I heard a hint of Cait’s lovely Irish accent.”
— Clarēssa

“The part about Steven Cree was great. I think it really caught Sam off guard. Thank you for your hard work.”
— Beth

“Finally I get to see all your hard work at the NYC Premiere. You rock Courtney??”
— Jennifer


Steven Cree

“I absolutely LOVED this interview!! Thanks!”
— Beth

“This is my favorite interview of yours, thank you!”
— Anne

“Great interview. Steven Cree is so Funny!! Love this revealing side of him. And he doesn’t need to do an Australian accent. His Scottish accent is just Perrrrrrfect!!”
— Sherry

“Steven Cree should be very proud of his short film. Beautifully and heartfully done and covers such a dark and somewhat untouchable subject of suicide. It is a ray of hope. I enjoyed your interview with him and how freely you converse with him and bring him out to us.”
— Suzanne

“Thanks Courtney – so enjoyable and informative as usual.”
— Sue

“Thank you for sharing the interview with Steven Cree, a great actor. I didn’t realize how hard it is to create and make a movie, short or long – that it has to be accepted in a film festival before it can be shown on tv, etc.”
— Rhona

“Thanks so much for the great interview. I can’t wait for Outlander season 3! I am so excited!”
— Melissa


Àdhamh Ó Broin

“This is wonderful! Thank you so much for providing a platform for Àdhamh to share his passion and his muse. What a gem Àdhamh is and how lucky we are that he can share his talents and passion, through the series and through your interview. Wow.”
— Piper

“Thank you!!!!! What a wonderful interview and knowing what he said to the baby adds so much to the meaning of the scene!”
— Grace

“First, allow me to say that I enjoyed these interviews very much… I look forward to more! [Àdham’s] efforts contribute immensely to the success of Outlander, and people are often unaware of what it takes to bring a production such as this to life… kudos to all on a job well done!”
— Catharine

“Thank you so much for that lovely interview. It made me weep, as so much about the Outlander universe does for the sheer passion it instills. What a delightful man …listening to Adhmah made me realize the spirituality pervades the language, the arts, pretty much everything about the culture. How astonishing that Diana just happened upon it.”
— Myrna

“BTS, you and Àdhamh have gifted us with many production details, thank you for this insightful interview. Interesting to discover the numbers of people in each department, sound, camera, lighting, makeup (wow – up to 30 ppl!). Thank you both, and the BTS team for this!”
— Lynda

“Your interview lends depth and meaning to the Gaelic words the characters speak. Great job!”
— Marilyn

“Lovely interview, so engaging.”
— Kisslena


Emma Campbell-Jones

“So enjoyed this. Knowing who this real person is… Your writing is playful and insightful. Thank you from Boston, MA, USA.”
— Sandra

“Loved the article, very well written. This scene was so poignant the emotions so raw very well played by both actors. I cried through the whole thing.”
— Linda

“Nice article! Thanks for tracking Emma down for us.”
— Marthan

“Lovely article. Your writing gets better & better, Court… I felt like I was right there with you.”
— Linda L.