Tim Downie on Playing the Gov’nah ~ William Tryon

Photo: Starz, Tim Downie as Governor Tryon, Season 4, Outlander

It’s Memorial Day in the US, the day we commemorate and express appreciation for the millions who’ve served, and given their lives, from colonial times to present day, for our country. Thank you to all who have fought for the freedom and independence of the US. May we honor you, as we continue to shape our country.

In honor of today, I am publishing my interview with the renowned redcoat leader from the colonial period, one Governor William Tryon. (Well, the guy who plays him!). 

What a pleasure it was to spend a chunk of time recently with Tim Downie, whom I have known on Twitter now, for years. A friend of Mr. Heughan, Tim joined into the Twitter banter with Outlander fans back in 2013, winning our hearts, and then eventually winning a role on Outlander, in Season 4, as the not-so-popular Governor William Tryon. We talk about his casting story, the development of his character, stories from set, his own history, Tryon’s relationship with Jamie, and Claire, possible deleted scenes, his many pursuits outside of Outlander, his friendship with Sam, and more. 

Two points of clarification: in the UK, 

hiring = renting, and
UK public school = US private school, and UK private school = US public school. 


Please have a wonderful Memorial Day, and consider telling someone who served or serves, “thank you,” it means a lot to them.

Enjoy my recent chat with Tim Downie…


There are a couple of updates since our chat…

    1. Governor Tryon is definitely back for Season 5, stirring up trouble in the Piedmont. 

And 2. Look at this beauty Tim created for his other daughter’s birthday! 

Photos: Tim Downie, Twitter

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10 comments on “Tim Downie on Playing the Gov’nah ~ William Tryon

  1. That was a fantastic interview! On both sides! But especially you, because your questions were excellent, and totally engaged Tim! I wish the powers that be would use you for panels, instead of the twits they use, who cannot get names right, and who won’t do their homework by reading the books and knowing the story. Congratulations on a terrific job, well done!

    • Aw thank you Sandy! What a nice compliment! Made my day. I would love to host some panels with these guys!

  2. I agree with Sandy. Your questions were so well thought out and pertinent. Listened to the entire interview without pausing. ☺️

  3. I also agree completely with Susan and Sandy and would very much love you to host panels. I enjoyed listening to this terribly entertaining interview and discovering new facets of Tim D. We are used to your high level of professionalism, Courtney, and are really grateful for what you do. What I find most fascinating is that your questions sound almost casual and they trigger off the most interesting answers. Each question sheds a light on new aspects or sheds a new light on different aspects. To me this enhances the whole Outlander experience.
    When I see that time is running out, I almost feel like when an episode is finishing. Fortunately we know you’ll give us another “gift” soon.
    Thank you again and stay safe.

  4. I love your interviews — so in depth, well-thought-out and engaging.

    One quibble — Tryon does appear again in TFC — after the


    …battle of Alamance. When…a certain bad thing happens to…a particular person…and Jamie is markedly less than delighted with Tryon.

    • Oops…didn’t wait for the end of the interview. I got the books mixed up. You’re right, of course. The dinner and fireside scenes are in DoA and the post-Alamance scene is in TFC.

      Never mind.

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