Outlander Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray Out Today…

Photo: Starz, Season 4, Jamie and Claire

***Giveaway for UK folks at the end of the article! 

I’m told there is an exclusive first look at Bees on this thing – that’s reason enough to get it! Those of you who preordered, have you watched? What say you?

First, I’ll just throw in this wee heart melter of Cait and the new actor playing Adso, which Cait just posted. I’d say they’re bonding!

She says: “Nope. Not going back to work. Sam Heughan, you’ll have to play Jamie and Claire today!” (Twitter).

More info on this new cast member here – Adso.


Back to the DVD and Blu-ray, it looks like they’ve included a lot of fun stuff; here are some sneak peeks of what we’ll get…  


For the S4 gag reel, go here: S4 gag reel.

Here’s a scene from the Untold Stories…

and, one more look at some of the lovely extras…

 To order in the US: Amazon.com

To order in the UK: Amazon.co.uk

****For my UK readers only***** Lucky you guys! 

@SonyPicsAtHome (which is Sony pictures in the UK) and my buddy at @OutlanderHome  (Outlander Homepage) are teaming up and offering a Season 4 DVD giveaway. Three lucky people will win! All you have to do to enter is follow Outlander Homepage. Click the link below, hit follow when you get to Twitter, and send them a note that you’re in the UK and would like to enter. How cool is that? Drawing is June 1st. To enter, CLICK HERE.

PS. Outlander Season 4 CD release date: May 31st! 

Sending you my best, as always! x

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6 comments on “Outlander Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray Out Today…

  1. Just received it! It’s a beautiful boxed set including an excerpt from “Bees”, and a CD with the beautiful music of Bear McCreary. Can’t wait to watch it ??

  2. Just received mine today. Have only had a chance to look thru the impressive box. The excerpt from “Bees” is a nice little booklet. Now…do I read that first or watch DVDs?

  3. Outlander has done it again, a real treasure. I loved the gag reels – a real human touch. This will be loved over and over again. Have waited so long for it – now I can enjoy Season 4 over and over (and No commercials – thank heavens!). I love the working togetherness, and humour shared by all the actors. Looks like Rollo has his own ideas about his role – love that dog.

  4. Haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but was happily surprised that my original pre-order price of $67 had ended up at $44.

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