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Photo: OutlanderBTS Gathering in NOLA, with the BTS Lasses and friend and Patron, Tammy

I started the Patron program in January of 2017, to offset out of pocket costs for running my blog. Since then, the program has grown each year, both in numbers of Patrons and in benefits to Patrons. 

If you feel compelled to support my work, and help remain advertising free, you can do so via the Patron program. To become a Patron, contribute as little or as much as you like, one time, or monthly. In return, as a thank you, Patrons get opportunities to take advantage of special offers and discounts offered by my Patron Partners (discounts or perks on Outlander fan conventions, Outlander tours in Scotland, and Outlander merchandise). 

To show my appreciation, I do at least one giveaway per year for Patrons, sometimes more (and I give away stuff I would want!). In the summer of 2018, one lucky Patron won a seat at the dinner table with David Berry at a fan gathering. The 2019 giveaway was two tickets to the intimate Paley Media Season 4 premiere panel in NYC with Sam, Cait, Richard, Sophie, Maril and Ron. In 2020, 4 Patrons won tickets to the Wizard World NOLA Sam panel, (which I hosted! woot!); 2 of those tickets were VIP, including photos and autographs with Sam. In 2021 I gave away two Outlandish Days of Xmas packages, with 12 days of video messages from cast members, and a  live play reading performance of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” by all 12. (It was fabulous). I also gave away 3 bottles of Collector’s Edition The Sassenach Blended Scotch Whisky with Special Edition Boxes (sold out shortly after I purchased them!), two personalized Christmas messages from Mr. McTavish, and 8 tickets to Save A Seat For Sam, benefiting the Royal Lyceum (my favorite theater).

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