Patron Invite

I started the Patron program in January of 2017, in the hopes of offsetting costs for running my blog. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even be paid for this work I love so much!

The theory is, if you feel compelled to support my work, and help keep advertising free, you can do so via the Patron program. It’s set up so people can give as little or as much as they see fit, one time, or monthly. In return, as a thank you, Patrons get opportunities to take advantage of special offers and discounts.

In 2018, one lucky Patron won a seat at the dinner table with David Berry at a fan gathering, and two others won tickets to the recent Paley Media Season 4 premiere panel in NYC. Patrons also receive discounts on tours in Scotland, as well as more privileges to be announced. Look for the Patron logo on posts featuring Patron benefits; some information will come to you via email.