Patron Perks and Annual giveaways So Far…

In January of this year, I was approached by Prime Tours about doing an OutlanderBTS Scotland tour. I spent the winter putting together this trip for the BTS Lasses and my Patrons. Patrons will be able to register for this trip very soon!

Prime Tours is now a Patron Partner of, and you will get a discount or a perk anytime you use their services (including the 2023 OutlanderBTS Scotland Tour). Refer to the Patron Partners page for more info.

In July of 2021, I did the “Downie Down Under” Patron giveaway with Patron Partner Ozlander Fan Gathering.

In December 2020, I did a big Patron giveaway, including two Outlandish Days of Xmas packages, with 12 days of video messages from cast members, and a  live play reading performance of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” by all 12. (It was fabulous). I also gave away 3 bottles of Collector’s Edition The Sassenach Blended Scotch Whisky with Special Edition Boxes (sold out shortly after I purchased them!), two personalized Christmas messages from Mr. McTavish, and 8 tickets to Save A Seat For Sam, benefiting the Royal Lyceum (my favorite theater). It was a good year for giveaways (we needed it!) 

In April of 2020 I interviewed Graham McTavish, and invited Patrons to submit questions, several of which were chosen and he answered.

In January 2020, 4 Patrons won tickets to the Wizard World NOLA Sam panel, (which I hosted! woot!); 2 of those tickets were VIP, including photos and autographs with Sam.

At that same convention, the BTS Lasses did a panel at Wizard World NOLA, and we had a gathering afterward at the Omni Hotel in NOLA for Patrons and blog readers – it was really fun!

In October, 2019, I hosted a gathering at the Algonquin Hotel in NYC with the BTS Lasses for Patrons and blog readers, after the preview of Episode 501 at the Hulu Theater. Aside from lots of great fans, Sera-Lys McArthur was also my guest at this event – it was super chill and nice.

In October of 2018, two Patrons won tickets to the intimate Paley Center for Media Season 4 premiere panel in NYC with Sam, Cait, Richard, Sophie, Maril and Ron.

In July of 2018, a lucky Patron joined David Berry for dinner at the Novel Adventures “Ceilidh on The Ridge.”


Photo: OutlanderBTS Patron giveaway winner, Connie McKenzie with David Berry at the Ceilidh on The Ridge dinner.

I hope you’ll consider becoming an OutlanderBTS Patron 😊.

Warm regards, 

Courtney Williams