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OK here goes. Thank you to Karmen for faithfully videoing everything. This is the unedited version of the BTS Lasses with audience participation. We had a great time at Wizard World 2020. I thought it was a well run event, which is hard to do, when doing something so large. Karmen, with her lecture hall experience, says we had about 200 people in attendance, not too shabby! 

Please enjoy…

To see Sam’s Wizard World panel (which I hosted), go here – Sam’s Wizard World 2020 Panel.

We had a fabulous weekend! 

To see Maria Doyle Kennedy and Ed Speleers Meet and Greets, go here – MDK and ES Meet and Greets

For our Episode Discussions, Go here.

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14 comments on “OutlanderBTS The Discussion Wizard World 2020

  1. Hi BTS Ladies!! I am intrigued by the audience comments in the video of your panel, but I (for one) cannot understand most of the statements they make. I realize that transcribing all of this wouldn’t be easy work, but perhaps at least the audience comments? Pretty please.

  2. Nice to see you all together again in discussion, and was glad to hear you’re planning on having a “Discussion” after each episode of the upcoming S5. Know that’s a lot of logistics and work, so I’ll thank you in advance for even considering it! As usual, Antoinette, you and I are simpatico when it comes to “excuses” that have been made for past episodes, rather than any good “reason” for deviating from the core story, for “time”! I was encouraged to hear Sam talking about continuity, and keeping my fingers crossed for a successful (and for me, more satisfying) S5! Carry on, Ladies!

  3. I love you all girls!!!! ???? Sois de lo mejor! I’m totally your fan. I 100% agree with Antoinette about producer’s choices, I totally agree with Karen about the Roger& Jamie scene in 501 (in fact I think there’s a switch moment in that scene: Jamie is rough at the beginning razing Roger, but then when Roger express his intention of building but recognises his lack of skills, I think there’s a change in Jamie’s body language, he respects that comment if Roger, his aspirations & his honesty admitting his limitations. I think Jamie already respects Roger because of his knowledge of history & because he followed Brianna for love & protection, this is something Jamie XVIII totally acknowledges and respect IMO. Courtney you’re entitled to love whatever scenes you want in the show as we all are. Only those who don’t follow you could get your comment wrong. I totally get it & I was also amazed on how they managed in that difficult scene. Finally, I’d say I don’t mind much if they focus on Jamie & Roger relationship, as far as they focus in personal relationships with a but of action it would be a success for me. The only comment that worried me is that generally they try to mislead us with the trailer… I loved this trailer: it insinuates action, love and personal relations, I hope that’s what S5 will be. Finally, I hope the image of Jamie in a red coat is a nightmare showing his anxiety in the conflict with the regulators.

  4. I have a question: Did Sam get to go to the French Quarter in New Orleans. Just wondered if he had time to see any of that beautiful city?

  5. I can not get enough of hearing what the four of you have to say! You’re all just wonderful, and wonderfully generous with your time. Although I was still ready for another hour when the panel ended ?!

  6. Well done! You touched on many issues that were interesting and sensitive in nature with thoughtfulness, accuracy and diplomacy. The three that standout for me were your panel’s answers to the Roger’s trust of Jaime holding a straightrazor to his throat, which in my mind was Roger’s way of saying to Jaime “Bring it on, I can take care of your daughter, in the past, present, and future.” The burning of the cross, any cross as historical accuracy which if we go back to it’s very origins was used as a killing tool by the Romans, so portraying and not sanitizing history is of extreme importance, and defining the difference between appreciating the technical work of all involved in filming the very sensitive rape scene although for the life of me I can’t understand why anyone would think it was an approval of the very violent act in and of itself. Looking forward to more of these discussions with your panel.

    • TY for you for pointing out how far back in history the burning cross goes, and how varied it’s use. Outlander has already shown it used by The Watch in S1 in gruesome detail and – I can’t remember if this was a visual in show – Claire and Louise witnessed their use in religious conflict in France. It would be a big dip in integrity if the show pulls back from reality here.

  7. Any comments about any of the female characters this season? Would like to know your thoughts. A lot of discussion around Jamie and Roger.

    • Perhaps that’s because the only S5 scenes (snippets) that have been released were of little boy Jamie/Murtagh, and Jamie/Roger. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m hoping they’ll now release some sneak peeks of Ladies of Outlander, and THEN let the discussions begin!

  8. Sam said in the panel that Jamie didn’t sleep with Laoghaire (we wish). I really hope that was a clue that they didn’t film that scene from the book where Jamie thought Claire was Laoghaire in his sleep. Looking forward to seeing the big house and the extended community of the Bugs, Lizzie, etc. that comes with it. Hopefully that proximity makes it easier for the writers to have lots of character interaction without having to invent any action to throw people together.

  9. Season 5 – The Fiery Cross – is just around the corner – am counting the days. It’s strange but we all knew that there would be a droughtlander, and we have patiently waited, but now that Season 5 is so close – I find that knowing it is only 1 month and a bit away, and can hardly wait till it appears. I’ll be looking for the scene where Jamie is shaving Roger with a straight razor – run Roger run!

  10. Well done all around! Thank you Courtney for organizing and bringing your four intellects to the table for thoughtful analysis and fun repartee. Since I have no friends with whom I can discuss the books OR the show… you four add plenty to my Outlander enjoyment. (I can imagine that your video/episode/week is a full time job during the season… very grateful for that.) Thank you all so much!

    PS. RE the Ep1 preview, no ifs ands buts about it, our beloved Jamie was a total jerk to Roger. No remorse at all for beating him to a pulp and selling him into slavery. Roger deserves major kudos for being minutely cordial to Jamie until there are major apologies. In the book, I took the apology to be at the Gathering (and I enjoyed all those chapters 🙂 btw) when Jamie called Roger beside him to be “Son Of My House”. Not that I’m protective of Roger… or anything like that 😉

    Thanks all!!

    • Nadine, Roger had needed protection from these writers!! It sounds like they’ve done much better for him and his various relationships this season ?.
      I would like to see resolution between Jamie and Bree and Jamie and Roger. Not least if all, between Bree and Roger.

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