Wizard World Maria Doyle Kennedy and Ed Speleers via Outlander Anatomy

Photo: MDK, Far Far Away site

Before we leave the Wizard World weekend, here, courtesy of Karmen, are the Maria Doyle Kennedy and the Ed Speleers Meet & Greets from Sunday. I was supposed to moderate both of these, plus John Bell’s, but woke up feeling very ill on Sunday. Catherine did Maria’s and Melissa of Southern Sassenachs did John Bell and Ed Speleers. (Karmen was not at John’s so I don’t have that video, if I find it, I will put it up). They both did wonderful jobs, and I think the Wizard World organizers are geniuses to employ bloggers and podcasters to do these panels. Kudos to Cathy, Melissa, and Wizard World! 



Wonderful Ed Speleers…




For Sam’s panel, go here – Sam’s Wizard World 2020 panel.

For the OutlanderBTS Discussion at Wizard World 2020, go here – OutlanderBTS Discussion at Wizard World 2020.

Hope everyone is well today! 

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11 comments on “Wizard World Maria Doyle Kennedy and Ed Speleers via Outlander Anatomy

  1. So sorry to hear this Courtney! I hope you feel 100% better very soon!

    And thank you so much again, as a patron who received one of the free VIP tickets to Wizard world,, for this incredible opportunity! I had so much fun, especially meeting the four of you!

    • I am good as new now Piper. It was a highlight for me, finally meeting YOU and your lovely husband. I’m so glad you won a ticket, and came. Thank you for being a Patron, and such a longtime blog reader. xoxoxo

  2. I don’t know if the whole discussion group gang are reading these comments (if you are you’re probably tired of me, chatty as I’ve been re this weekend.) But, if you’re around, Catherine, I wanted to comment on what a revelation Maria Doyle Kennedy has been to me during interviews these last few months. No sound bites from this lass, she’s so full of thoughts and generous with them – fun, interesting and/or serious. You really kicked it up a notch in your conversation with her about the Black American experience and Irish – or Irish American, not sure how you phrased the latter – experience. I was blown away by her answer, how much more knowledgeable about that history in the U.S. she is than most Americans, how much more immediately insightful about what it means to live with brown skin in this country today. The fact that she remembered what the NYC mayor told his son when he was heading to a mostly white college.
    This woman doesn’t miss a thing. I was most moved, of course, when she spoke about Sandra Bland and having looked up the statistics about police killings of unarmed black people in the U.S. in the short period before. No, that thoughtfullness is not usual. As you asked her to, she made the historical connection to her own heritage. You both both touched on the context of New Orleans, in music… All this in maybe 5 minutes? And your own introduction, Catherine, about pain having it’s own sound – wow. Great panel!

    • Why in the world would we get tired of your comments?? They are so intelligent, thoughtful, and complimentary. Keep ’em coming! 😉

      I mostly am good at accepting that things happen the way they do, and going with the flow. After watching this video, I feel that Catherine was absolutely meant to moderate this panel, and did a fantastic job for herself, Maria, and everyone in the room. They were completely in sync, and it made for a lovely experience for all (Maria made that comment to Catherine on Twitter too).

      I love my incredible sisters/ friends/ discussion group/ team of women, and I am happy to provide opportunities for their incredible minds to be known to a wider audience. Thank you for your comment(s) Diane, I will make sure Catherine sees it. xo

      • Since I got permission ?, I’ll add that I enjoyed Ed Speleers tremendously as well! A different kind of exchange, but his replies were great, and I love hearing his vernacular. I haven’t seen this type of group before, and it never occurred to me that they would be so different from any panel or interview I’ve heard. Ed went into much greater depth about everything to do with Bonnet and playing him, the character’s background, his research and prep, etc. I’ve usually seen him somewhat reticent. There was also interesting tangential information, including the fact that he’s a Spurs fan – sorry Antoinette.
        Another greatly appreciated BTS offering.

    • Thank you Courtney for the opportunity. And thank you so much Diane for your thoughtful comment (I suspect you and Maria are cut from similar cloths). I was thrilled to have the opportunity to moderate for a woman I have admired for some time and admire even more so now. It means a lot that that those who were there and others who have viewed the recording, have responded so well.

      • Catherine, I’m so glad you received my message, and I’m very pleased that I’ll continue to hear your thoughts this season!

  3. Oh poor baby, was wondering how you would feel after all the day’s events and cocktails. I hope you are feeling better soon. It was such a delight to meet you and spend time talking with you. So very special to me. You and Karmen made me feel like one of the gang. And if I didn’t tell you Saturday, you rocked Sam’s interview! All of your posts are fantastic and a way to show my hubby how much fun it all was. Hang in there friend and get well. I’m feeling pretty whipped myself and hope I’m not coming down with something. Is it a cold or is it Cloud 9???? Love, Suzie

  4. I would also like to thank all the BTS women for moderating and recording these events. I love the smaller more intimate meet & greets. The cast members certainly seem to open up and elaborate more than at the larger panels. These conventions are all new to me, so can you tell me the rules about when recording is permitted? Does it vary by event or artist’s permission? For example, I saw that Sam had a Platinum level meet & greet, but haven’t seen any video of it. Is there just some unwritten rule about sharing? I know sometimes info leaks out, which is not always accurate. Thanks for enlightening this newbie!

    • Yes! Yay BTS women :). There are different rules at different conventions, they usually let you know if you may record or not.

  5. Sorry to read that you were feeling ill Courtney, hope you are on the mend. Always love hearing from you and the intelligent and fascinating opinions and perspectives shared. Always look forward to receiving Outlander behind the Scenes – love the dialogue.

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