Wizard World Sam Panel from Today, Enjoy!

Photo: Wizard World NOLA, Sam’s panel, Courtney and Sam

Thank you to Karmen and her selfie stick ? for getting these videos of today’s panel. I was asked to host by the organizer just last week, while myself and my 3 other family members all had the flu. I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull this one off, but, we did it! 

Please enjoy.

Part 1:

Part 2:

To see the BTS Lasses discussion of the Season 5 trailer, teaser, and excerpts from 501, go here – OutlanderBTS, The Discussion, Wizard World 2020.

To see Meet and Greets for Maria Doyle Kennedy and Ed Speleers, go here – MDK and Ed Speleers Meet & Greet.

xo, Courtney

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91 comments on “Wizard World Sam Panel from Today, Enjoy!

  1. beautifully done, Courtney and thanks, Karmen for filming. You got some great responses in the interview with Sam and so appreciate how quickly you got these videos loaded for us all to live vicariously from far away!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had so hoped to be there among you and have the opportunity to speak with Sam again but life intervened and I’m at home in Indiana. Loved this opportunity to see the panel so promptly. Thank you for the videotaping, Karmen, and to you, Courtney for not only posting but for being the best MC we’ve seen/heard for any of the cons, interviews or public presentations. You rep’d is well! Bless you. Xoxo ?

      • Thank you so much Susan. It’s nerve wracking to do. Last minute instructions and timing changes, added in speakers, etc. But I was happy with the job I did. My goal was to have it be a good experience for me, for Sam, and for the fans, and then Maria, John and Ed. I think that was achieved for the most part. Thanks again for your kind words. xo

  2. You did a great job Courtney , I never would have guessed you were under the weather. Loved the panel with Sam. What a super nice guy!

    • Thank you Joan. I was operating on adrenaline for most of Saturday, and then had a wee crash Sunday, but better now. xo

    • Thank you so much Karmen. That means a lot to me. And thank you for filming, and I love that I can hear your voice during the video too 🙂 xoxo

  3. OMG Courtney!!! I had no idea I would get to see the panel….Thank you Karmen for holding your camera for such a long time! Please share my thanks if she does not read these….so much fun!!! Wish I could have been there in person but this is almost as good. Thanks again, Much love!

  4. Courtney you did such a great job you seem so relaxed and make everyone comfortable.
    Karmen thank you for filming.
    Also thanks for getting this out so quickly.

    • Thank you Kerrie. Oddly, I was relaxed on stage. Lots and lots of prep, because these things can go any way, and it’s nice to let them, and then be able to pick up a thread, and go. Thanks for your comment. x

  5. I have to quote Karmen (who’s laughter I appreciated in the background): “You were superb, Courtney! So proud of you, girl! ??”

    You did such a great job, smart questions, no tired ones, great timing for smart replies, and wonderful – fearless – personal comments ?. Sam seemed to enjoy those thoroughly.

    You gorgeous ladies sure made him look good in the photo.

  6. Thank you, Courtney, you did a great job! Wasn’t expecting to see you there, you lucky lass!

    Will we see your panel posted as well? I hope so!

    One serious question for you…
    How can the scene with Geneva be your favorite sex scene? I really can’t imagine, but would love to hear your thoughts…

    Still so sorry to miss y’all, I am sick, watching from home….??❤

    • It wasn’t my personal favorite but it was verra hot. The words, “move with me,” in Sam’s voice, will stay in my mind forever.

      • Exactly. That one line and the way it was delivered created a definite hormonal response for me. I may have watched it more than once too…

        • If you want to talk about hormonal response, how about “I want to watch you” “I want you so much I can scarcely breathe” “Will you have me?” Come find me, come find us” “bolt the door!” To me these were off the charts!!!!

    • Rosanne, I’m so sorry you got sick and couldn’t come! I was looking forward to seeing you in NOLA. I was asked about a week before, and I had the flu, so it was a near thing. I helped him design the 90 minutes and thought I might have to pass my questions off to him, but was able to make it after all. I did the best job I could, so I’m glad most people I’ve heard from enjoyed it.

      Re Geneva – I prepared a lot, but I wasn’t prepared for Sam to ask ME questions! My mind went blank. The Geneva scene is very hot in my opinion, just as a sex scene. Of course there are scads of Jamie and Claire scenes that I think are beautiful and brilliant, and hot – the wedding episode – the first kiss, the undressing, the take your shirt off, I want to look at you, basically, that whole thing, the scene in 103 when she checks his injury, the lead up to sex and sex in ep 109 (I don’t love the knife to the throat part, seems too unrealistic for me), the scene by the river, in 109, Ep 308, First Wife, the finale of S1 at the stones!!!! I can think of lots now, but at the time, I couldn’t sort through and grab one, so GENEVA popped into my head, which I do think is a VERY hot scene. So, that’s the answer I gave. There ya have it. xoxox

  7. Oh, well done Courtney and Karmen! So good for those of us far away and a nice distraction from bushfire concerns. Good, respe tful questions and great responses from Sam. Brava!

      • Surf Coast, Victoria. You can look it up if you’ve a mind. Very picturesque and high risk re bushfires, but we’ve dodged the bullet. For now. Still have the rest of the summer to get through. Thanks for your concern, and sending get well vibes. Take care of yourself! XO

  8. Got to watch via YouTube… very interesting interview. I DON’T think you speak for the majority of us by saying that the Geneva love scene was a favorite! Gag!!! seriously?? When Claire returned to Jaime in A. Malcolm, we were all like, Geneva who??! Never heard of her lol!

    • Completely agree! I felt like they choreographed that scene to be sensual and mirror the wedding scene which always made me wonder why. I don’t understand why it lasted as long as it did either. Still doesn’t compare to Jaimie and Claire scenes. I mean “the reckoning” “the wedding” …Hello???

      • Yes, hello indeed. My brain went blank, and I needed to move the conversation forward. So Geneva was my answer! (And I do think it’s a hot scene).

        I thought it was clever to compare it to the wedding night with Claire, because that was Jamie’s first experience, so that’s what he would remember and try to recreate if he was trying to tenderly guide her, (as he was guided). That made sense to me.

    • Indeed, a rape scene should not be classified as a love or sex scene regardless of whether the victim achieved an erection and was able to perform.

      • I know I am probably stepping into the fire, but…are you saying the scene where Jamie has sex with Geneva was rape? That Geneva raped Jamie? He went through with it reluctantly but definitely could have said no. Just would have had possible repercussions for his family. I’m sorry if this offends you but I just have trouble seeing it as rape. There was a closeup of him kissing her breasts, for pete’s sake. Sexual harassment, sure.

    • Hi Samantha, I definitely do NOT speak for the majority! Only for myself. And quite frankly, I do think that scene is extremely hot, as a sex scene. I wasn’t expecting Sam to ask me a question, and my mind couldn’t sort through the Jamie and Claire scenes in a quick manner, so it went to the standout – which I do think is hot – Geneva. I liked the Mary McNab scene too, by the way. I thought it was beautiful.

      • I must ask as I’m reading the responses… do you like any of the Claire and Jamie scenes? Or just Jamie with other women? I enjoyed the Maria Doyle Kennedy interview BTW. She seems like a genuine person. Thank you

        • Hi Leslie, I love so many Claire and Jamie scenes! I couldn’t sort through them all and come up with an answer on the spot (it was my job to keep things moving forward as well as interview, and I wasn’t expecting the question). Claire and Jamie are the center of the story for me, as they are for most fans, I imagine. There are so many, shall I do a laundry list? I’m not sure I can stack rank them right away, there’s a lot of data. I may have to rewatch the whole series to do a proper job too ?(twist my arm).

  9. Well done Courtney!! Amazing panel! Thank you for sharing! Hope one day I could meet you!! Maybe at the next MPC Gala !! ?

  10. Thank you for your coverage an fun intelligent question an professional handling.

    It was So rewarding to watch feel I was part of the excitement. I feel we saw a very relaxed Sam Heughan having a great time.

    • Thank you Maxine. I am very gratified that you enjoyed it so much, and I thought he seemed relaxed and engaged too. 🙂

  11. Thank you,thank you verra much from OutlanderLand .You were marvellous and no-one would guess you were under the weather.Thank you Karen for your cinematography.
    I am afraid we Scots mainly cringe and squirm at the inane questions and comments from interviews with Sam..but you were great,Courtney,adult,informed and so friendly..I think it was obvious Sam enjoyed himself.??????????

  12. You were great . You spoke clearly and to the point and Sam seemed very relaxed and able to be himself. Couldn’t be better. Thank you so much

  13. Outstanding Courtney and Karmen. It was so lovely to see Sam looking relaxed. Some fun facts: vegan?, being a producer, his love of American accents, his fun at the quiz! Karmen’s arm must have been aching.

  14. I almost forgot about the start of the session. The most lovely, unprecedented, and insightful introduction of Sam I can imagine, completely set the tone for the interview section.
    Your choice of showing the kingfireman(?) video was genius. Something Sam had not seen to boredom before made him both “emotional,” his word, and thoughtful. Also brought him back to the beginning (with us too, thank you.)

    • Thank you Diane. I was extremely intentional in setting the tone, in hopes of elevating the discussion and letting Sam know that I (we) don’t just see him as “eye candy.” And, yes, I also selected that opener, and asked them to make sure Sam could see it too. He and I watched it backstage. I didn’t watch him watch it, as I could feel he was indeed emotional, and wanted to give him his space to see it and feel it. Thanks for noticing! 🙂 xo

  15. One of my favorite recurring themes of these videos is Karmen’s delightful laugh in the background, which I would recognize even if she hadn’t been identified as the videographer, from the “Discussion” videos. Once again, King FireMan did an amazing job, and it appeared Sam was also visibly moved by the video he produced! Haven’t watched anything from Sam on screen in some time, so was happy to see him. Thanks for sharing girls!

    • BTW, forgot to mention that I was thrilled to hear Sam (part 2) utter the word “continuity” during a Q&A question. Yes! Something I went on about, especially for S4, and was dismayed when it appeared an episode had been written by someone New who hadn’t watched previous seasons. When he said, as producers, he and Caitriona could now address those things, my heart leapt! Dare I dream for for a more satisfying S5?! Hope springs eternal!

  16. Great job, Courtney! This was so fun to watch, especially having gotten to “know” you through your blog and discussion group, which I absolutely love! Good job filming, Karmen! Sam seemed so relaxed and I learned some new things about production. Thank you so much for posting, and so quickly, too! ?

  17. Sometimes an honest opinion is neither required, nor advisable nor relevant. Such is the case when the opinion giver is host to the beloved star of a beloved show based on a beloved book series with a devoted fandom, and the opinion given is beyond controversial, disagreeable and offensive to the love story the star has put his heart and soul into portraying. And what was that about introducing the star as son-brother-nephew-uncle? Isn’t that what they do at funerals? Or was the intent to highlight what (you think) he’s not?

    Don’t think I don’t like you—I do. This is meant as constructive criticism—something to think about . . . for next time.

    • With all due respect, Ms Shegum, yours is an opinion as well. I’m sure of that because my point of view is so different. I was just about to email Courtney to ask if she would post her introduction of Sam because I found it so lovely, so deeply respectful. He was more at ease and engaged during this interview than I have seen him in some time. I’m sure that was in part due to the respectful nature of the discussion, and because the questions were interesting.

      As to what offends or does not offend fans, all a blogger, interviewer – anyone actually – can do is be polite, thoughtful, and then honest.

      I consider myself an enthusiastic fan of the show and I can’t count how many times I’ve read the books – I have one in my lap now – I also know Sam Heughan to be extraordinarily talented. He certainly puts his heart and soul into his work – including his scenes with Hannah James, as Geneva.

      I don’t know why Courtney’s opinion on this would be controversial, or disagreeable or offensive to the love story we all cherish. She didn’t say she liked Geneva better than Claire. Just that it was a great scene. It’s not my pick for the #1 spot, but many of us agree that it was hot and well done. Sam’s work was superb and nuanced. He always rises powerfully to challenging material.

      • Diane, your comment if I’m reading it right, made me realize how like reading the books we can also interpret the show differently. I’m new to the show but a long time book reader and I didn’t hear Sam saying those words in that scene I heard Jamie and felt sick for him as I did for the entire encounter. I think the production made some odd choices that romanticized the act such as how long/graphic it was and the intro montage which I have to fast forward thru because I find the Geneva part unpleasant.

        Maybe they made those choices to overcompensate for the book scenes controversial take that seemed to offend a lot of readers but what I found to be understandable actions for Jamie to take under the circumstances. I’m someone who believes the scene in both book & show was rape so I don’t find anything about it hot – my brain just can’t go there knowing everything that brought Jamie to that bedroom and everything that comes after. But the fact that it gave me such an adverse reaction makes it a great scene as for the people who really liked it. Anyway thanks for your posts, they gave me a new perspective on why some people had a different experience with that episode.

        • Hi Kate, I thought I was leaving a reply and it ended up as it’s own post, somewhere down below. I hope it made it clear that I understand your point of view – also that I always see Jamie and not Sam on screen. It still astonishes me how completely he does that.

          • I agree with some of the other comments in that I don’t know why the Geneva scene was directed or “choreographed “ in that way. She threatened to blackmail him. But then it turns into her wanting to do this for herself and Jamie slowly guiding her through it. I guess that makes Jamie look like a nice guy? It left me feeling yucky not thinking this is hot. When she asks if it will hurt, I’m thinking this is ridiculous…I’m wanting to yell out “she is blackmailing you remember?” and that is why he said “move with me” to help her I guess. ?For me, not a fan. I skip that scene when I rewatch. It’s always funny to me when people talk about it being hot.

        • If one views that scene as rape, my answer would be very upsetting. It was portrayed very differently in the show than the book, and I was talking about the show only, which I didn’t view as rape.

      • Thank you Diane. I appreciate the vote of confidence, and I liked my intro very much, and I stand by it. Hana’s opinion is only hers, and that’s not a problem for me. xo

  18. Bravo,Courtney ? Fantastic job moderating. Can’t wait to hear how it all transpired. Hopefully we can see many more Outlander panels with you as the moderator. Sam seemed to love the format and everything about it, he was so comfortable and even mentioned that he felt like he was at home talking to a lot of people. I certainly won’t miss the next one,that’s for sure. Your the best,Congratulations! Hope your feeling better.

  19. Hi Courtney,

    I think this is my first time posting. But, I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job I thought you did hosting the panel. And to thank Karmen for capturing it all for the fandom!

    You asked great questions which allowed Sam to really engage and talk. He seemed like he was having a great time and really enjoying the experience and that’s a beautiful thing to witness.
    His charm and humor were on full display.

    Don’t let the fandom bullies get under your skin. They’re just jealous of the time you got to spend with Sam.

    I had no trouble understanding your distinction between a sex scene and a love scene. Again, sorry others have misunderstood and attacked you.

    The threats and blackmail used by Geneva to get Jamie to her room and into her bed were without question wrong, even criminal.

    But, what then happened next speaks to how truly remarkable and empathetic a character Jamie truly is.

    He was able to look past his own pain and anger and see Geneva for the naive and scared young woman she actually was. That is remarkable.

    He was always honest with her that sex and love are not the same thing. And he did not love her.

    His compassion showed true when he gently introduced and respectfully lead her through her first sexual experience.

    “Move with me.” Drop the mic and get the mop.

    Also, I was thrilled to see that all four of your remarkable group of ladies were able to get together for this event!

    Thank you for all you have done for the fandom and will do in the future.

    Thank you,

    • Your description of the whole bedroom scene between Jamie and Geneva was so well put, Corinna, and a perfect description of our Jamie’s approach to others. Thank you for the insights – and for quoting what immediately became one of my favorite TV lines.

    • Thanks so much Corinna, for your thoughtful and uplifting comment. “Move with me.” Drop the mic and get the mop. Exactly!

      Re bullies, I am always happy to entertain respectfully stated opinions, including opposing ones. Other ones are about an agenda that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the person commenting, so I don’t worry about it too much. I do remove the nasty ones, as this is my blog, and I don’t endorse that lowly behavior toward myself, or anyone here. Thanks again Corinna! xo

    • Yes, Geneva was a “naive and scared young woman.” She was vulnerable. Rapists are human beings and as such have insecurities. In fact, they are guaranteed to have serious ones. How else could they become rapists? Does that make them less rapist though?

      Yes, Jamie got an erection, as men do, and kindly and respectfully fcked Geneva as the kind and respectful servant he was. He showed her “how it’s done” in a way that minimized her fear and discomfort. That was the job he was ordered to do and he complied. Surely he wasn’t looking for complaints. Rape is always about control and imbalance of power. Geneva did not use threat of physical force she didn’t have. She used her very real power and authority to threaten Jamie’s life and wellbeing and those of the people he loved. Of course it was wonderful acting. Jamie’s torture and rape by BJR were wonderful acting as well, but neither can be classified as intimate, love or sex scenes as we as a society have agreed that those involve mutual consent freely given. Now, if one decides to isolate that scene from its context and create a fantasy, that’s something else.

      When I was 19 I was raped by a man I didn’t know in a country I hitchhiked to. I used bad judgment and went with him to his house. After he raped me, he cried. I felt sorry for him and consoled him. A totally wrong move on my part, needless to say! I guess I was thankful he didn’t kill me? When he let me go, it didn’t even cross my mind to go to the police. I was not in a position to do that—always the power imbalance. Who knows how many more he raped after me. My rapist was a “poor soul,” some might say. He probably just wanted a girlfriend and didn’t know how to get one the decent way. Rapists and their apologists always have a why. That is why rape can never be justified under any circumstance. I think rape in the movies should be no exception. And I think OL treated it appropriately. Both victimized and with agency (required in this case), the Jamie we know by the time we get to the Geneva scene, could not have behaved in any other way but the way he did.

      • Hana, thank you. You have just taught me a great deal. I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate your story, Diane

      • Hana, thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry for what happened to you as a young woman. I have more awareness now, thank you. ❤️

  20. Not much I can add that hasn’t already been said, but I will say THANK YOU COURTNEY! Also, please extend my/our deepest gratitude and appreciation to King Fireman, he did an OUTSTANDING JOB on the intro video….I absolutely LOVED IT, and it was evident everyone did and especially Sam!

  21. Thank you, as well, Kate. I can see what you’re saying and have been interested in the discussion this scene has generated regarding rape, coercion (a fine line there, if any), as well as the power dynamics created by imprisonment, servitude, class, gender, degrees of agency. It’s a fantastic storyline that makes us feel what it’s like to have no agency. I’m not going into any conclusions I may have drawn because my point is the breadth of the discussion on which all of our opinions are based.

    When Jamie gets to Geneva’s bedroom, he’s obviously furious – as he has been most of the past 10 years – the fact that he recognizes a spark of humanity in Geneva’s situation is pure Jamie. I mean, he gently took BJR from his brothers deathbed and walked him home (without slitting his throat) something I had to reread a number of times just to get my head around. The Jamie and Geneva scene on TV must have been a huge challenge to play, especially for Sam, the perfect person to do so because of his ability to communicate so many different emotions at once, with or without dialogue.

    Whether or not we agree that Jamie could have found enough kindness to perform as he did, or whether it was appropriate for the show to choreograph it that way, cast and crew certainly made it work. IMO.

    One TV aspect that is HUGE SPOILER for non-readers. We don’t know how many more seasons the show will last, but if it’s long enough for William to start asking questions, it would be difficult to explain to an audience, in retrospect, that Jamie was at all sympathetic to his Willie’s mother, unless we had seen enough to believe it.

  22. I personally don’t like the way they did the Geneva scene in the series. I’m sure they were trying to change it from the book, but it almost went the extreme the other way. She was totally blackmailing him, and I almost found it comical that he was all licking her nipple and kissing her on the mouth etc lol! They tried very hard to make it sensual… I was wanting Jamie to just get it over with quickly. The undressing and hand holding etc. Then it seemed like it went on forever lol! Who directed that scene? Does anyone know? Anyway it was not my favorite at all. I tolerated it.

  23. Please don’t get mad at me… I can tell Courtney that you are a huge Sam fan as we all are. I do feel like as a moderator you have to keep your opinions and feelings to yourself. Keep the focus on the person being interviewed and put your fan girl aside. I also felt at times the questions were cheesy. How many women has Jamie slept with? Also, do you like Claire?

    • I would never get mad at you Alliyah, for leaving a respectful comment. Sam asked what my favorite intimate scene was, so I answered. I will say that I wasn’t expecting a question from him, and my mind went blank. As to the fan girling, I’m not sure what you are talking about. For the trivia game, I gave them 21 questions about all 4 cast members on stage, and the organizers chose those 3. Do you like Claire? I didn’t ask that, did someone else?

  24. Hi Courtney,
    I still did not get to meet you and that was a disappointment. I missed your panel due to the long picture lines. So disappointing.

    Thank you for your great introduction of Sam. And I bet you had something to do with the intro video which was a brilliant touch. Congratulations on the great job you did facilitating Sam’s panel. You did a fabulous job. Sam was relaxed and gave great answers, you proved well and o truly believe Sam enjoyed talking with you (us).

    Many thanks to Karmen for the videos! Great job!

    • Thank you Ruth Ann, and I can’t believe we didn’t get to meet either!!! ?I did select that opening video, and I wrote the intro, and I was happy with how most of the panel went. There were many last minute changes and keeping it all going was a big part of the job. Nerve wracking, but it was my first live one, and I was happy with the job I did. We will just have to meet next time. Our panel is up on the blog so you can watch it – wonderful Karmen videoed that too. xo

  25. I do feel that even though we can’t always understand it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That being said, I have a few of my own. Calling him “eye candy” “daddy” acting like you were going to sit on his lap. #of sexual partners Jamie has so far. Etc etc I guess it was a laid back atmosphere, and he seemed to roll with it. I’m not gonna get into the Geneva discussion other than I find it interesting that you did an interview with Hannah James a few years ago. In which you also called her a “lucky dog” you seem to be a fan. I don’t know maybe some people are into blackmail

    • Hi Morgan. “eye candy” refers to what his own CEO of Starz called him, and he knew that. He said he was going to sit in the daddy chair, so I called him daddy. I wrote 21 trivia questions including all 4 cast members, and the organizers selected those 3. I never interviewed Hannah James, but I would love to!

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