Day 1 of Filming, Season 5, Part 2, in photos, by Mr. Heughan

Photo: Season 1, Sam and Cait, from Sam’s Instagram

First day of filming, Season 5, continued… Part 2.

After lunch, Sam unwrapped an early birthday present. His birthday is coming up on April 30th, and it’ll be his last as a thirty-something-year-old. Yes, the big 3-9, and he got some wheskay to celebrate. 

Another hurry up and wait station for filming… looks like beautiful weather for their first day.

Jamie’s got a cool old-timey gun, complete with animated little puff of smoke…

Here’s a shot of the hard working crew. Even though it’s a nice day, it’s obviously still chilly there, as everyone’s bundled up. At least it’s dry!

Clearly boredom is part of the life of an actor… but how wonderful to have your green room be in the beautiful Scottish countryside!

This fire is “set dec” for the gathering, I presume. I wonder whose fire this one is? And do we think Jocasta is getting marrit to that silver fox with the great wig at the gathering? Hmmmmm…. Smores sound pretty good too.

Homer Heughan is excited to be heading home after the first day of filming. Woohoo!

The sun sets around 8:00PM this time of year in Scotland, so they headed home before then. This shot was taken while Davie drove Sam home on the A9, passing Stirling Castle on their way back to Glasgow. 

And, he’s back home, having a wee nip, and getting ready to work on his lines for tomorrow. 

Thank you so much Mr. Heughan, for giving us this glimpse into the first day of Season 5 filming! What a treat. We look forward to more updates as the weeks roll on.

And this just in a few hours ago from Caitriona on twitter…

Cait: Season 5 …. is gonna be smokin’ (and maybe slightly weird and creepy) right César Domboy!!??!!

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14 comments on “Day 1 of Filming, Season 5, Part 2, in photos, by Mr. Heughan

  1. Sam’s a marvel. Thanks for the commentary. I will say that the fire is way small for The Gathering…lol!

  2. Loving these wee snaps of the filming such a big fan totally hooked I’m that bad their was a horse running in the grand national called outlander I had to have a wee bet but sadly it lost lol ?

  3. Hi Courtney, thank you so much.
    Do you know at which address I can send a birthday to Sam? It is in Cumbernaught I presume but this is all I know. It is where the studio is, right?

    • Astrid, it’s Cumbernauld, Glasgow and the studios are called Wardpark studios.. I’m sure he’d get your card if you sent it care of them…x

  4. Now that is what I call a full day. I love the scenery, Sam’s sense of humour (re the frog and Homer). Thanks for sharing all the wonderful news above.

  5. Thank you, Courtney, for sharing all the goodies! And, thank you to Sam and Catriona for taking time to share with us. It is so lovely to have a glimpse into their days of filming. Love the humor!

  6. What pure, delicious fun to know that Season Five is in the works! Sam’s photos were so delightful to see, and Caitriona’s twitter as well. They seem as excited to begin as we are to see it all come together. Thanks oodles, Courtney!

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