Outlander Behind The Scenes Scotland 2023 Tour – Full! Waitlist Is Open

As of 6:51 Mountain Time on 5/19/22, this trip is officially sold out. If you did not get a spot and still want one, I strongly encourage you to get on the waitlist.  Click on the Registration and Payment page link and you will find the waitlist signup there. Thanks to everyone for the massive interest and response for this trip! (You do not have to become and OutlanderBTS Patron to join the waitlist for this trip. If a space opens up and you are moved onto the trip, you will need to become a Patron at that time). You can see all the details here: Outlander Behind The Scenes Scotland 2023



Here’s the scoop you’ve been waiting for (or perhaps didn’t know you were waiting for? 😁).  What’s that you say? It’s an Outlander Behind The Scenes Scotland 2023 Tour!

You will join the BTS Lasses: Karmen, Antoinette, Cathy, and myself, + 40 or so other Patrons for a fun filled week in Scotland: September 23 through Oct 1, 2023. I’ve been working with Patron Partner, Prime Tours on our itinerary since January, and it’s going to be a blast!

Please Note: You must be an OutlanderBTS Patron to register. Not a Patron yet? Find out more here: OutlanderBTS Patron Invite.

I have done a pre-release to longtime Patrons, and the bus is already half full; we expect this tour to sell out rather quickly, so get your spot soon.


Trip Details ~

You can see all the details here: Outlander Behind The Scenes Scotland 2023
To register, make a deposit, and save your spot, go here: Registration and Payment page (Installments are available). 

Patrons – You may bring a spouse, relative or friend – if your guest is not a member of your household, he/she will need to become an Outlanderbts.com Patron before registering. Please send me a note with your +1’s name. Spouses are covered by your Patron membership.

Patron questions may be directed to me, and questions about the tour and payment may be directed to Lisa at Prime Tours: info@goprimetours.com.

Scotlaaaaaaaand! Woot Woot!



16 comments on “Outlander Behind The Scenes Scotland 2023 Tour – Full! Waitlist Is Open

  1. So excited about possibly travelling with you. The option to register as a single is sold out. Is there an opportunity to be paired with a roommate? That isn’t a choice in the drop down. I get it, if that’s not available; I’m sure there are duos that will fill those spaces very quickly. Apologies for bringing this to you, but I didn’t see a way to ask this question in the online registration process. Regardless of the answer to my question (Yes🙂 or No can do 😔) , I am happy to be in this circle. If not this journey, the next one.

    • Hi Ann Marie, 

      No worries at all. Yes! You can sign up as a double without a roommate, and they will match you with someone who is also looking for a roommate!


  2. I just wanted to thank you, Courtney, for putting this awesome tour together and offering it to us! Unfortunately, I just can’t commit to something that far in advance, and honestly, I’ve been to most of the locations before. Having said that, I’d love to be able to share this adventure with you wonderful ladies, but simply can’t at this time! Sounds like you’ll be sold out soon, which is wonderful! Congratulations!

  3. Yup. I’m a single and just registered as a double. Maybe it will be Ann Marie!! I’m wondering about airfare and the timing/location of arrival. Is that something you can address Courtney or should I email Prime?? Thanks so much. So excited. I’m just going to tell my principal I’ve got this once in a lifetime trip and I have to go!!!!!

    • Yes Donna, direct the flights questions to Prime Tours, they will take care of you! Yippeee! Can’t wait!

    • I’ve registered and am so excited to be going on this fabulous adventure with everyone! Haven’t been to Scotland in years,and have wanted to return ever since Outlander premiered in 2014! Looking forward to seeing the filming location’s and most importantly, meeting everyone who’s going! Thanks again Courtney for putting this all together! Cheers to a wonderful trip!! 🥂

      • Susan I am so exited too – I think we all are. Now we just have to wait. But Droughtlander has trained us well! 😁

  4. This sounds fantastic and so do the voices in the article. How fun

    I’m a single but when I go in to register it says both single and double are sold out.

    I’m confused. Lol. Thanks so much I’m so excited you sound so fun!!!

  5. I want to thank Courtney for putting this all together and hope you all will enjoy it very much. I cannot joint this time but maybe another time.

  6. I wish you all a great time. Thank you so much Courtney for putting this all together. I wish I could have be joined. Maybe another time.

  7. I hope that everyone that is getting to go on this adventure has a wonderful time! I would have loved to go but wasn’t able to commit to it at this time (Just too many financial obligations right now) but maybe I will be able to join in another adventure with Courtney and the BTS Lasses at another time. I must say that of the several groups that I follow (and participate in) that Courtneys Blog has got to be the top of them all. She does so much for her fans that it is unreal – LOL! Thank you, Courtney!!!

  8. I just signed up as there was a double available when I checked the page today. My traveling partner’s name was put in but not sure if the deposit covers both of us.

  9. After having the initial invite e mail go to my spam folder… very happy to have jumped from the waiting list to the “going” list!

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