#TBT – Behind the Scenes of the Season 3 NYC Episode 301 Screening

I often produce blooper reels with my interviews, because, honestly, stuff happens, and it’s fun not to take ourselves too seriously. Here is a little behind the behind the scenes with Sam at the Season 3 Screening of Episode 301, where I was privileged to do very short interviews with Sam and Caitriona.

To set the scene: We were all lined up in a very crowded, relatively small area with giant, very hot stage lights warming the room. Sam and Cait arrived about 40 minutes after the scheduled start of the press line, as they were all over NYC doing press for the S3 release. By the time they got there, I had stealthily applied 50 rounds of deodorant and toweled off about as many times. To say I smelled like a goat would be an insult to goats. Cait was in velour, and Sam was wearing a jacket! Safe to say, we were all melting. ?

Anyway, here’s a quick clip of the BTS, and then my full interview below for this throwback Thursday. Fun times. I hope I get the chance to sweat with them again!



Full interview here:


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7 comments on “#TBT – Behind the Scenes of the Season 3 NYC Episode 301 Screening

  1. Fascinated by Sam and Caitriona at S3 screening of episode 1. Lucky girl you got to talk to them both! Question: Were you wearing heels? How tall are you?
    You look so natural! I would be totally tongue-tied!
    Thanks foir sharing,
    Eugenia Elmo

    • Yes, I was wearing heels! (boots). I am just under 5’5″. They are both tall and Caitriona had on heels too.

      Hi Eugenia, thanks for your comment. I WAS lucky! And I also had applied and was selected, based on the work I have put into my blog, my interviews, number of views on my site, number of countries that use my blog, etc., so that was nice.

      I WAS nervous, but after everything it took to get there, hire my camera guy, etc., plus the 45 minute wait, I was less nervous, and feeling more like “come on, let’s get this thing done already!” which helped with the nerves. I also prepared A LOT, which helps, because things changed up until the very end – first they were coming together and we had 4 questions and then because the whole thing was running late, they came separately and we had to go down to 2 questions. I also have stage experience, have done a lot of public speaking, and been around celebs most of my life. All that helps.

      I did go and have TWO martinis afterward with my dinner! ?

      • Well, you did really well. I can understand why. It is easy to get star crushed with these two, though. In spite of it, they seem to be very easy to interview and act so relaxed, com’on! they play our beloved J&C! A lot rests on their shoulders, and they know it, and respect their fans. They may get annoyed by one trollop or two, but that is the price of fame.
        Is there anywhere I can read how you got involved with Outlander? I’m curious to know, as I am very obssessed with DG world.
        Thanks for your reply.
        PS Good the martinis were not before the interview because they would ave known…hahaha

  2. How lucky is that!? Interviewing Sam and Caitriona at the same time. You were so lucky. I would have been tongue tied – they both are so intelligent and talented – I wouldn’t know what to say to them. They have so much personality, and a great sense of humour – love them both.

  3. Oh my goodness, how lovely that you got to interview Sam and Cait! Despite all your preparation of hiring your cameraman, synchronizing your planned questions, waiting 45 minutes for them in a room hotter than Haiti, you were quite professional and did splendidly. I couldn’t help but notice that Sam was bearing the heat as well, sweating as he was with that one little bead sliding down his throat until he flicked it off. As for Cait, she seemed unaffected by it all, answering your questions with such poise. But I’ll just bet she wanted to rip off that velour jacket!

    A lovely piece, Courtney. I truly enjoyed it.

  4. Thank you for sharing the interviews with Sam and Caitriona with us. You did a great job and I would have been completely tongue-tied … I met John Hurt some years ago (after filming of ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’) and he was graceful and easy to communicate with. I also met Clive Owen whose body of work I admire greatly. British actors seem to be unfazed and natural in comparison with some big American ones.

  5. Hi Dorothea, Thank you so very much for your generosity in becoming a Patron. And thank you for the compliment. I think in the UK, acting is approached more as just another type of line of work – instead of being a banker, or a chef, or a bus driver, one is an actor. In the US, the mentality is very much about commodifying everything – including people (which has major pitfalls); the industry creates an image for actors, a mystique, an elevated status, that actors themselves probably find it hard not to buy into. I prefer the UK way, myself. I find these Outlander actors to be a breath of fresh air.

    Thank you again Dorothea!


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