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Posts become popular for different reasons: sometimes a piece strikes a universal chord, often it’s a matter of timing, and also who promotes it. Here is a list of my most popular posts, by category for your perusal. This is a good place to come and hang out for a while, especially during Droughtlander. This page is updated periodically, so check back! Enjoy…



Season 5

These are my most popular posts and articles about Season 5!!!

J & C, Rog & Bree, Jemmy, Murcasta, Mohawk Ian, The Bugs, Creepy Beardsleys, & Fave Scenes for S5

Cover Art: by the uber talented Vera Adxer. Vera on Redbubble. *** WARNING*** This post contains MAJOR spoilers for non book readers. I don’t advise reading this unless you’ve read the Outlander series through at leastA Breath of Snow and Ashes. Book readers and non book readers who don’t mind major spoilers, read on. Similar to […]

MORE Season 5 Pieces

“This made my week start off so positively. Good for Sam to remember his fans. Excited to know Season 5 is happening now. Thank you.
— Anne

“I loved the table read because the original cast were all there with their wonderful accents and seemed to be happy to be together hugging and all. Today I signed up as a patron because I so enjoy your blogs and interviews and thought it high time that I contribute to keep you going girl!”
— Suzi

“Thanks so much for all of this. You put into words and organize what so many of us think and wonder. I really enjoy your work.”
— Kathy

“Thank you, Courtney! This.Is.Fabulous. Taking us behind the scenes into the table read gave me such a rush!”
— Rosemary

“Wonderful post! Thank you so much! I am looking forward now – and to be honest I wasn’t after last season. Hardly recognized the characters!
Thanks again and Merry Christmas!”
— Amy



Passion Pieces

These are created when I feel compelled to write, and in some cases, pieces that emerged when trying to write something else…

Diana Responds…

Photo: Wonderful Diana with our beloved Show Claire and Jamie, Pinterest Diana works in the wee hours of the night, as most of us know. And last night, presumably on a break from crafting the much anticipated ninth book in the series, Bees, she also wrote a response to Jeffrey Hirsch: @Outlander_Starz – Jeffrey Hirsch “Well, […]

Fans Express Concerns about Season 4 in The Wake of Recent Publicity…

As I begin writing this, treading into the murky waters of potentially pissing off the production, especially Matt, possibly Terry, maybe Maril? I think about Oprah’s words at the Golden Globes…”What I know for sure, is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” So, I’ll say this: it’s never my […]

Golden Globes Article Hits a Nerve with Outlander Fans

Vogue published an article that set off Outlander fans who’ve been vocal on Social Media. Today is the Golden Globes, and Outlander has one nomination this year: Caitriona Balfe. In my opinion, Cait TOTALLY deserves this nomination for Season 2. The first half of Episode 201 alone, is sheer genius in every way: the writing, […]

MORE Passion Pieces

“Well said. You have an amazing gift of putting all what we are thinking and feeling into words with so much respect for Ron and the outlander team.”
— 5Robs

“Just so you know… I posted a link to this blog in a blog I just finished. I really appreciated how you voiced your opinion in a pleasant and thoughtful way.”
— Beth Wesson

“Jesus H Roosevelt Christ! That was well said!!!!! You have a gift for searching the heart of the matter and then conveying it in such a graceful way.”
— Beth E.



Clips, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reels, Trailers

These are clips, trailers, deleted scenes, and gag reels from all seasons. Enjoy looking back to earlier days and laughing with the cast and crew. Check this section for new posted videos – can’t wait for the Season 4 gag reels!

Jamie & Claire, Rupert & Angus, Murtagh & Fergus on Delousing… Deleted Scene

What a treat! Enjoy this comedic deleted scene from Episode 209… The gang’s all here, discussing their unique approaches to getting rid of lice. I can certainly see why Grant nicknamed Claire “Kill Joy” (or something similar) based on this scene. Phew! In her defense, this precedes the PTSD sequence, so she’s not exactly supposed […]

MORE Clips, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reels, Trailers

“It’s a wonder they ever get anything done, the way they keep cracking each other up!! To the administrator of this page, many, many thanks for your work! I have this page bookmarked and refer to it often due to all your excellent content.”
— Karen H.

“Thank You!!!! as usual just wonderful (smile).”
— Adele

“I know they have to edit, but these details make a difference to the overall effect of the scene… thanks for posting them.”
— Katrina



My Interviews

Here are my interviews with select members of the cast and crew, in order of popularity, not surprisingly, starting with Sam and Cait. ?

Sam Heughan on Wearing that Red Coat & More- Wizard World NOLA

Photo: Courtney and Sam at Wizard World NOLA Jan 2020, fireside chat. We talk a bit about the scenes we just saw in Ep 507. Enjoy! Check out my other interviews here: My Interviews. The lasses discussed Ep 507 on Tuesday! To see that, and our other Season 5 Episode discussions, go to  OutlanderBTS Episode Discussions. […]

A Wee Chat with Emma Campbell-Jones, on Playing Mary McNab

One of the highlights of Episode 302, for me, was the Mary McNab scene with Jamie. I thought it was played perfectly by Emma Campbell-Jones, and by Sam. That scene had to be portrayed just right to make it believable, and it was. Sam was convincing as a heartbroken, soul crushed, aggrieved man, while Emma […]

CREE, The Interview, Part 1: Sam’s Well Kept Secret, Fave Scenes, David Berry, London

Photo: Steven Cree is a massive Andy Murray fan, Twitter As I write this, we drive through the beautiful Wyoming countryside en route to Montana; I’m on a road trip with my family. Sunsets last for hours this time of year, and we talk about all kinds of things. Apart from the occasional squabbles, it’s […]

OutlanderBTS Original: The Story Behind The Story – Interview with Gaelic Consultant, Àdhamh Ó Broin, Part 1

Courtney’s Comments: Here is the first segment of my long awaited (by me, anyway!) interview with Àdhamh Ó Broin. In this segment Àdhamh talks about how he got the job with Outlander, his experience with the books, and he tells us the beautiful, poetic sweet nothings Jamie is whispering to Jenny’s baby in Episode 208. […]

Gary Young, on Playing Mr. Willoughby/ Yi Tien Cho

It’s Wednesday, February 21st, 1:30PM, and I’ve just dropped off my 15-year-old at the bus stop for afternoon classes. Usually he rides his bike, but it’s 15 degrees (Fahrenheit), and the streets are covered with ice. I tuck my sick 11-year-old and our dog up into her bedroom with lots of food and drinks and […]

Tim Downie on Playing the Gov’nah ~ William Tryon

Photo: Starz, Tim Downie as Governor Tryon, Season 4, Outlander It’s Memorial Day in the US, the day we commemorate and express appreciation for the millions who’ve served, and given their lives, from colonial times to present day, for our country. Thank you to all who have fought for the freedom and independence of the […]

Duke of Pardloe, Earl of Melton, Harold Grey ~ Sam Hoare, on Playing Lord John Grey’s Big Brother, Hal

Those of us who watched the Facebook Live Chat with Maril and Toni  heard the first (that I’m aware of) words of encouragement from the production team about the possibility of a Lord John Grey spinoff series. When asked about it, Maril said, and I quote: “I don’t know, maybe… you know, it’s certainly something […]

Sera-Lys McArthur, on Playing Johiehon

Photo: Sera-Lys McArthur as Johiehon, Starz Happy 4th of July! (if you celebrate, and Happy Thursday! If you don’t ?).  As Outlander fans, July 4, 1776 really doesn’t seem that long ago, what with Claire et al, dashing back and forth in time. Outlander has brought history to the forefront for me. Traveling, listening, discussing, […]

MORE OutlanderBTS Interviews

“Thank you for all the time, thought and energy you put into this, and for the excellent questions and conversation, Courtney, I love it and hope Outlander fans feel the same.”
— Sera-Lys McArthur

“Wonderfully insightful interview into this pivotal character’s motivations and history. Nicely done!”
— Linda M.

“I love your interviews — so in depth, well-thought-out and engaging.”
— Anna




You guys love when our cast and crew go to awards shows! And we all love it when they are nominated and WIN awards! Here are my most popular posts about awards over the years…

Halloooo the House! Premiere Week Updates, Caitriona at Oscars Tonight!

Photo: Caitriona Balfe at the 2020 Academy Awards, FarFarAwaySite. Hi there, I’ve missed you! If you’ve enjoyed Outlander Behind The Scenes for a while, you’ll know that I get quiet just before a season airs. Lots of photos and tidbits flood the scene at this time, as the production gears up for the premiere, IN […]

British Academy Scotland Awards 2019 – Cait, Sam, Richard and Sophie Attend

Photo: @FFASiteTweets Some of our beloved cast attended the BAFTA’s today at the DoubleTree by Hilton, in Glasgow Central. Caitriona and Sam presented the award for Director, Fiction, and Richard also presented. Sophie was there as well.  Here are some photos and some wee red carpet interviews , one with some S5 filming BTS, with […]

And the Award Goes to… Sam and MacKenzie at The Oscars… Outlander BTS What’s New

He wore New Balance, complete with matching sports watch, and a black baseball cap….?. Sam posted this picture earlier yesterday saying “Watching @TheAcademy from up here!”  My guess is  he was on a training run for the actual ceremony – shaking off some jet lag and going out for a pre-Oscar afterparty night spin. Sam […]

Two Oscars and a WIN for Outlander

Photo: Stunning Cait and Sam at the Oscars Vanity Fair party Feb 26, 2017; Hannah Thomson Outlander has had a flurry of awards activity recently including nominations for awards, winning awards, and attending awards parties. It’s hard to keep up! Here’s a look at the most recent happenings… Sunday night (Feb 26) Sam and Cait […]

MORE Awards

“Courtney, thanks so much for all your BTS posts. Brilliant to see Sam and Caitriona getting some exposure here in England at BAFTA.”
— Mandy

“…Your posts are always very professional and really interesting. You put a lot of work into them and it shows.”
— Diane D.

“Nice to see Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in a festive setting. They look relaxed and happy. Beautiful couple. And, 3 more seasons, 4, 5 and 6 to look forward to as well. Life is grand!
— Karen



OutlanderBTS Deeper Dive

We all like to know more about the people and things related to our beloved Outlander. Here you’ll find posts that dive into more detail.

Older J&C, Baby Bree, Young Adult Fergus, Old Leg Hair… Lots To See in Season 3

Artwork by Vera Adxer This post contains major spoilers for non book readers, you’ve been warned! I was poking around for any new casting announcements, wondering who’ll play all the characters we’re excited to see in S3: Duncan Innes, Hal, Father Fogdon, Lawrence Stern, Mina Alcott, Mamacita, Aloysius O’Shaughnessy Murphy, Margaret and Archie Campbell, not […]

Murtagh Spotted in Season 4! Now… Will He Get Married???

Cover Photo by John Cooper Photography *Spoilers for book and non book readers. We fans almost always have differing opinions about the show’s choices to make departures from the books. Some of us like them, some of us don’t, and there are normally folks on all points of the continuum between strongly agree and strongly […]

MORE OutlanderBTS Deeper Dive

“Thank you very much, Courtney. I’m always thrilled to read your fantastic posts! I appreciate all the time and love you put in them and your witty, humorous comments.”
— Claudia

“Thank you for the post it was really wonderful. They had a connection from the beginning.
— James

“Wow!! Thanks for posting, Court! Interesting to see how the script changed from the screen test to the actual show. Their chemistry is obvious. We are fortunate to have Sam and Cait as Jamie and Claire!
— Peggy



Episode Discussions

During Season 4, I started an episode discussion group, including myself and these 3 lovely ladies: Dr. Karmen Schmidt, PhD (Outlander Anatomy), Dr. Catherine Toomer, MD, (contributor to Blacklanderz), and Antoinette Simmons, JD, Criminal Defense Attorney. Here are our most popular discussions:

OutlanderBTS Episode 406, The Discussion – Blood of My Blood

OK ladies and gents, it’s Friday evening, you’ve worked hard all week, time to grab a cocktail and join me… I invite you into this warm, wonderful, and often hilarious discussion of Episode 406, with the same crew from last time (Episode 402, The Discussion) : Antoinette Simmons, Karmen Schmidt (Outlander Anatomy), Catherine Toomer (Blacklanderz), […]

OutlanderBTS Episode 409, The Discussion – The Birds and the Bees

OK folks, in time for a Thursday night cocktail. Enjoy….     For more Episode Discussions like this one, go to Episode Discussions.  If you’re looking for more Outlander during Droughtlander (aside from anticipating Bees, re-reading Diana’s other 8 books, and re-watching the show), visit my Interviews page, and Reader Favorites page. Subscribe to receive an email each time I […]

OutlanderBTS Episode 402, The Discussion – Do No Harm

Photo: Starz, Claire, Jamie and Jocasta, Ep 402 After seeing and digesting 402, I decided to do something a little different to cover it this week. After some thought and coordination, it worked out that Friday, I spent a lovely evening with three fascinating women: Karmen Schmidt, whom most of you know as Outlander Anatomy, […]

OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 504 – The Company We Keep

Claire and Jamie in the Moonlight Walk scene, Ep 504, Starz Here it is…. Life dictated that we were a small group this week, but the others are always with us in our minds and hearts. Please enjoy… To catch up on our Episode Discussions you may have missed, go to Episode Discussions.  Let us know what you thought […]

OutlanderBTS Episode 407, The Discussion – Down the Rabbit Hole

Photo: Brianna Randall and Laoghaire, in Dr Jekyll mode, Starz, Episode 407 Boy oh boy, there are a lot of mixed feelings about this episode! I’ve seen comments that run the gamut, from “Best episode of the season!!!”  to “What the @#$%&!????” The lasses and I got together again, to discuss it… For more Episode Discussions […]

OutlanderBTS Episode 412, The Discussion – Providence

Photo: Starz, Braeden Clarke breaks our hearts as Kaheroton in Episode 412. I dedicate this OutlanderBTS Episode Discussion to Antoinette, (whom we were so happy to have back), for her courage, intelligence, authenticity, compassion, and general  badassery.  Let’s drink to Antoinette! ?. We’re back! Discussing compelling Episode 412. What did you think of it? We […]

MORE Episode Discussions

“Absolutely loved this discussion. These 4 women are amazing and spot on. I don’t know how they all came together, but the dynamic is pure genius.”
— Dottie

“THIS IS ABSOLUTELY the BEST discussion about Outlander… I agree with everything your panel says even when they disagreed with each other. Brilliant ladies!”
– Pelly

“This was amazing. Informative. Sensitive. Wise. Thoughtful. As well as being food for further thought, I am thrilled to see women of color as part of this exchange of ideas.”
– Cynthia



OutlanderBTS What’s New

Every once in a while I do a post that catches us up on all people and things Outlander; I call these OutlanderBTS What’s New. Here are the BTS What’s New reader favorites… (Since I added a Season 5 section, above, this list includes older favorites as well).

OutlanderBTS What’s NEW – S5 Updates, Cast News, Casting, And More

Photo: Outlander cast enjoying some down time S5 Filming update… Earlier this month, Diana mentioned on the Lit Forum that Season 5 is “actually looking really good.” (Waaaahooooo!! ??). She also said that they can’t stick exactly to the book, (of course), but that they’ve taken specific pieces and done them “quite faithfully,” including original […]

OutlanderBTS Season 5 Updates & Insights, Diana in Scotland, Thoughts on Bees Release

Photo: Jamie, Claire and Jemmy, by the ever talented and gracious Vera Adxer  Happy Spring! As the Outlander story goes on and gets bigger and bigger, so does the cast, crew, and the fanbase. At any given time, there’s always something new to report, if not a lot to report!  Top of mind for fans […]

OutlanderBTS What’s New: S3 Filming Ends, Bare Asses in the Print Shop, Sam Facebook Q&A, New Cast Projects, etc.

A lot has gone on since my last update on May 24th. I attended Outlander in the City, where I caught up with numerous friends and cast members, including Grant O’Rourke, Steven Cree, Gary Lewis, Stephen Walters, Duncan LaCroix, and I had the pleasure of meeting Rik Rankin, Nell Hudson, and Wil Johnson, who plays […]

S5 Filming Update ~ Scenes at Lallybroch Cancelled, Possible Cause: Untimely Facial Hair

It seems that filming at the location of Lallybroch (Midhope Castle) for Season 5 has recently been cancelled, apparently due to the presence of facial hair! FanSided just released an article about this today… Excerpts: Edinburgh Tour Guides shared the announcement on Facebook, stating that it’s due to one actor having a beard that couldn’t […]

MORE OutlanderBTS What’s New

“Thanks Courtney! Glad to get a wrap-up of all things in Outlander land, without spending time looking everything up!”
— Jane

“You’re the best! What an amazing recap of everything Outlander,I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s so hard to keep up with everything that’s happening, and I know I can always count on you to keep me updated. Thanks a million, Courtney!”
– Susan



OutlanderBTS Adventures

As part of my Outlander journey, I go on what I call OutlanderBTS Adventures. These are trips to fan conventions, gatherings, and premiere events, where I take photos, sometimes do interviews, and often write stories about my experiences, which I share with you…

OutlanderBTS Adventures: SiWC and Outlandish Vancouver 2019

Cover photo: Diana, surrounded by her cast of characters, Outlandish Vancouver I have just returned from SiWC, and it was a great weekend. Highlights for me were: spending time with Diana, spending time with Karmen, conference moments, meeting/seeing old and new friends, and my river cruise with the Outlandish Vancouver folks.  The flight to Vancouver […]

Happy 5th Anniversary Outlander!! And Outlander Returns to NYCC in October

Photo: Starz, Season 5: Jamie and Jem, Claire, Bree and Roger Today marks the 5th anniversary of the first airing of Outlander! Here is a video from location of Sam and Cait reminiscing… happy birthday, outlander !! 🎂#Outlander #SamHeughan #CaitrionaBalfe — Olga (@MakkOlga) August 9, 2019   Both Starz, and Sam, announced this week […]

What Scenes Are You Looking Forward To In Season 5?

Artwork: Jamie, Claire and Jemmy, by The talented Vera Adxer. To see more of Vera’s wonderful artwork, go to Vera Adxer on Redbubble. I have also added a permanent link to Vera’s work on my site, bottom right, under “Links to More Great Outlander Stuff” on the homepage.   *****WARNING***** This post contains SPOILERS for […]

272: Remembering Scottish Highlanders, and the Battle that Changed Everything

Today marks the 272nd anniversary of the Battle of Culloden, which as we all know, effectively ended the Highland way of life in Scotland. This relatively recent (in the big picture) tragedy is commemorated each year in Scotland, and in Nova Scotia, Canada (and possibly elsewhere?). More about that in a minute, but first, some […]

OutlanderBTS Adventures: ECCC 2017

Seattle…. This trip was interesting. It was rife with complications from the beginning. There were mix ups with the organizers, equipment issues, babysitter mishaps, sick kid, arduous logistics, etc., which differs from my usual OutlanderBTS Adventures. I was paying attention. My flight was delayed two hours, so I arrived late on Thursday night. As I […]

MORE OutlanderBTS Adventures

An amazing article. A very rare gift to have – being able to write in such detail and hold our attention to each word. Loved reading your adventure! Send some more!”
— Rhona

“I am new to your blog and I have to confess I’m a dreadful snob when it comes to reading stuff online. Generally I get bored a paragraph or two into pretty much any article or blog and then move on to another, and god knows, there are so many others online one can move on to. I’m a retired English, Theater and Film teacher… so when I say I read this whole thing without a pause, that’s a compliment I’m not able to give often. I truly enjoyed it. Your writing style, the tone you create, your descriptions and details, all are so warm and arresting. I haven’t been in NYC for a few years and you gave me the entire package; the energy, the crowds, the smells and sights all came flooding back to me.

Thanks for writing it all down for us. I really appreciate your work.”
— Rebecca

“Really enjoyed this. You have a wonderful writing style that draws me into your experiences as though I’m hearing a friend tell me about her adventures.”
— Janet



Outlanders in Other Projects

As the story grows, so does the number of people who work on Outlander. This section contains posts about our Outlander team and their other endeavors.

Pssst… Wanna See Sam’s Audition for “This Guest Of Summer?”

In case you haven’t heard, Graham McTavish is making his directorial debut in a new film called This Guest of Summer. The Comedy Horror feature film will also include fellow Outlander actors Duncan Lacroix and Stephen Walters, plus a couple of actors from The Hobbit series. Graham is running an Indiegogo campaign to help raise money […]

From Batman to the King of Men, Here’s a Look at Sam’s Days as a Superhero

Before Sam Heughan played Jamie Fraser, King of Men, he played Batman (and Bruce Wayne) in the world touring stage show, Batman Live, based on the DC comics superhero. The show played all over the world, debuting in Manchester, England in July 2011 and finishing in December 2012 in Dallas, Texas. Playing a superhero seems […]

MORE Outlanders in Other Projects

“Thank you for sharing this lovely video! Yet another example of Sam’s big heart and his fantastic sense of humor. The children are adorable and funny! A date with Sam would be a dream come true!!”
— Gisele

“Thank you for sharing this! I’ve wondered quite a bit about Sam as Batman. This group of videos answers a lot of questions. He was great in this production. Loved this info.”
— Satn



OutlanderBTS Casting News

I sometimes do more in-depth pieces about new cast members after they’re announced (and occasionally before). I also speculate sometimes! You’ll find those here.

J & C, Rog & Bree, Jemmy, Murcasta, Mohawk Ian, The Bugs, Creepy Beardsleys, & Fave Scenes for S5

Cover Art: by the uber talented Vera Adxer. Vera on Redbubble. *** WARNING*** This post contains MAJOR spoilers for non book readers. I don’t advise reading this unless you’ve read the Outlander series through at leastA Breath of Snow and Ashes. Book readers and non book readers who don’t mind major spoilers, read on. Similar to […]

OutlanderBTS Fave Photo Tues: Cait + Tim Downie, S4 Cast & More What’s NEW

Photo: Caitriona Balfe at Emerald City Comic Con, March 2017 This is not the perfect picture, but it’s such a good one. Not perfect, because just as I snapped it, ECCC 2017 Outlander panel host Clare Kramer (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who also played Courtney (?) in Bring It On), lifted her hand into […]

Diana, the Sculptor & A Deeper Look at Season 4’s Jocasta: Maria Doyle Kennedy

Photo: Maria Doyle Kennedy, BBC America This post contains straight up SPOILERS for non book readers, so proceed with that knowledge.  Jocasta Cameron… we meet this intriguing new character, (who as book readers know, will be around for a while), in this next season: the visual adaptation of Diana’s fourth book in the Outlander series: […]

More on Hannah James, who is Playing Geneva Dunsany (you Lucky Dog, you! ?)

Photo: Allison Brophy Champion/Star-Exponent. Hannah James in front of her family home in Radiant, VA 23-year-old British/American actress Hannah James was raised in Virginia, on a farm. Excerpts: Home schooled until age 10, she grew up close to the land, exploring the open space with an older sister. James’ mother is British, so the family […]

MORE OutlanderBTS Casting News

“Courtney, you are killing me. I am soooo impatient for November. Thank you so much. I love your post.”
— Astrid

“Huzzah! You never fail to intrigue me and challenge both my memory and my speculative powers!!?? Loved this piece as a way of getting ready for Season 4! Bring it on!! x”
— Susan

“Thank you Courtney for this post and all of your posts. I always love reading your insights (still loving the expression “Autumn Beauty” discovered in one of your previous posts). Maria Doyle Kennedy is an awesome actress. I was excited to read that she had been cast to play Jocasta.”
— Michelle



OutlanderBTS Episode Recaps

Occasionally I have done Episode Highlights and Recaps over the seasons, and you’ll find those here…

Discussion Highlights & Insights with Diana, Cast, Crew & Fans ~Episode 401

Photo:  Starz ? First, a couple of informative, logistical things… You can find the scripts and the podcasts for the Outlander Season 4 episodes right here on good old Go to the Outlander Behind The Scenes homepage:, and scroll aaaaaaaalll the way down to the bottom right-hand corner, where you’ll find “Links to Great Outlander […]

Episode 306 in Review: OutlanderBTS Deep Dive into A. Malcolm

OK, we start with a mysterious woman helping Jamie with his stock and scarf, but since I’m a book fan, I know that’s Madame Jeanne, not Jamie’s new love. Speaking of which, if you are not a book reader, this piece is chock-full of SPOILERS. As usual, the details of the sets, locations, and costumes […]

OutlanderBTS – Episode 308: Was This The Real Reunion?

To my children, Laura Juliet, Samuel Gordon, and Jennifer Rose, Who gave me the heart, the blood, and the bones of this book.  — dedication for Voyager, by Diana Gabaldon. Ahhh 308: Jamie and Claire felt like Jamie and Claire, and the supporting characters, including Lallybroch, were like coming home to a warm embrace. In the podcast […]

MORE Episode Recaps

“I am an educated, retired elementary school teacher… I read as many of the articles I can about Outlander because I am just as obsessed as everyone else… your comments I always enjoy, and when presented in your easy to read style seem as though I could have come up with them myself. Thank you for your ideas, the pictures, references and everything else that you offer. This is my favourite Outlander commentary.”
— Linda V.

“Loved this!!! I’m so excited to see the Print Shop Episode but this was a perfect go round of the wedding. I really appreciate your writing. So catching every nuance and reminding us of all it brought. Good work!! And thank you!”
— Linda B.




We can all agree the the costuming for Outlander is phenomenal, and BTS about the costumes is always a big hit. Here are the most popular posts I’ve done on Outlander costumes.

The Bat Suit, and There’s Room for Everyone

One of the things I love about this Outlander trip is the tremendous acceptance, inclusion, love, and transformation that happens in, around, and because of it. There are so many different personalities, perspectives, talents, and energies in this community of artists, fans, and well, just people. And, there’s enough room for all of us. Surely […]

Outlander BTS Season 3: Emmy Nominated Terry Dresbach Gives a Glimpse into the S3 Costuming World

Okay, so I am going to try to take everyone through our process starting with the beginning of prep… — Outlander Costume (@OutlanderCostum) June 27, 2016 I have been officially working on S3 for two weeks now. Most of that time has been spent planning things with my team, remotely. — Outlander Costume (@OutlanderCostum) June […]

Terry Dresbach Talks Dressing Lord John Grey: Ep 406, Blood of My Blood

Photo: LJG and Jamie, 406, Starz But first, it’s my pleasure to announce that I will be hosting another round table discussion this week, on Episode 406; I look forward to bringing you our lively discussion. If you’d like to add a discussion topic suggestion, please comment below.  As many of you know, Season 4 […]

FASCINATING & Entertaining Terry Dresbach @ Thru The Stones, Courtesy of Outlander Cast

Photo: Grant and Terry at Thru the Stones, Daily Record *SPOILERS* FOR NON BOOK READERS – YOU’VE BEEN WARNED Below is a delightful panel with Terry Dresbach (who is SO FUNNY!) from Thru the Stones fan convention, held this past December in Iowa. Terry’s talk starts at about 13:10. Thanks to Outlander Cast for capturing this […]

MORE Costumes

“Thank you so much Court. I am somewhat overwhelmed. Very kind.”
— Terry Dresbach

“I love that she made her suit. Having made costumes, formals and much more for 3 daughters, I knew she could do it. Terry is a magician.”
— Margaret V.

“The costuming in this show is magnificent & the designers & seamstresses deserve awards. It made perfect sense that Claire would be prepared for her return to the 17th century by seeing her own outfit.”
— Janet K.

“Thank you, Courtney, for both arranging another roundtable and paying tribute to Terry Dresbach with this gorgeous example. We will certainly miss her next season and forever. She’s such an amazing artist and person! ”
— Claudia



OutlanderBTS Q&A Recaps

From time to time we get a Q&A (question and answer session) from one of our lovely Outlander folks, and I often recap them. In this section you’ll find your all time favorites…

Sam Heughan End of Season 5 Twitter Q&A Highlights

Okay here we go!! #askSam @Outlander_STARZ — Sam Heughan (@SamHeughan) November 20, 2019 Watch season 5 and find out! ? — Sam Heughan (@SamHeughan) November 20, 2019 It’s a great season. Difficult for everyone! For Jamie eps 7… 9… 12!!!!!!? — Sam Heughan (@SamHeughan) November 20, 2019 Many! I think you’ll see! […]

OutlanderBTS What’s New: S3 Filming Ends, Bare Asses in the Print Shop, Sam Facebook Q&A, New Cast Projects, etc.

A lot has gone on since my last update on May 24th. I attended Outlander in the City, where I caught up with numerous friends and cast members, including Grant O’Rourke, Steven Cree, Gary Lewis, Stephen Walters, Duncan LaCroix, and I had the pleasure of meeting Rik Rankin, Nell Hudson, and Wil Johnson, who plays […]

The Fraser & MacKenzie Lasses Live Tweet the Finale ~ Highlights

Photo: Starz, Claire and Jo Whay exactly has Jocasta smiling?? Going to stay up way past my bedtime to live tweet with y’all ….who’s in? ⁦@Outlander_STARZ⁩ #OutlanderFinale — Maria Doyle Kennedy (@mariadkennedy) January 27, 2019 Quite a lot ( in fairness, they’re gigantic sleeves ?) — Maria Doyle Kennedy (@mariadkennedy) January 28, 2019 @jongarysteele […]

#Ask Richard Rankin Q&A + Sam Banter, After Episode 410

Photo: Richard Rankin after Jamie pummeled him in Episode 409. Source: Sam Heughan, Instagram Richard answered fan questions on Twitter Tuesday from New Orleans, where he, Diana, Sophie, and Lotte participated in Wizard World this past weekend. Graham was scheduled to be there, but had to cancel. Here are the highlights!    Luiza: When will roger […]

Jamie Got to Meet Jocasta & Now It’s Our Turn! Maria Doyle Kennedy Twitter Q&A

Okay Beauts , I’m here for 30-40 mins for as many questions as we can get in ( Im supposed to be in a recording studio so if I suddenly blank for a minute it’s because I’ve ducked under the table out of producer’s sight!) #Outlander #meetJocasta #bringIt — Maria Doyle Kennedy (@mariadkennedy) November 12, […]

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“This was terrific, Courtney! I missed the Q&As, so I appreciated having that part included–your method of linking the tweets to relevant photos was quite brilliant.”
— karenjeanne

“Thanks for compiling these all into your blog! It is always a great pleasure to have another wee peek into the inner workings of Diana’s incredible mind.”
— Joanne B.



OutlanderBTS Favorite Photo Tuesday

Occasionally, on Tuesdays, I share an original photo taken (by me) at some point over the last few years. Come here to see all the photos, old and new.

OutlanderBTS Favorite Photo Tuesday + New Sam Interview + Season 5 Scoop

Photo: Sam Heughan, Season 2 Premiere week, April 2016, NYC, @ Saks 5th Avenue The news keeps rolling in! At the BAFTA’s (full coverage here), in an interview with Digital Spy, Caitriona said there would be a long, 7 month hiatus between Seasons 4 and 5. Personally, I think this is fantastic news. As I’ve […]

OutlanderBTS Favorite Photo Tuesday… Cait and Sam

Photo: Caitriona listens attentively as Sam answers an interview question; a reflection of St. Patricks Cathedral and a tinsel haired Claire wearing the iconic brown dress from Season 2 form the backdrop It’s Tuesday, and I’m releasing another favorite photo. This one is of Caitriona and Sam and was taken from the press line at […]

OutlanderBTS Fave Photo Tues: Cait + Tim Downie, S4 Cast & More What’s NEW

Photo: Caitriona Balfe at Emerald City Comic Con, March 2017 This is not the perfect picture, but it’s such a good one. Not perfect, because just as I snapped it, ECCC 2017 Outlander panel host Clare Kramer (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who also played Courtney (?) in Bring It On), lifted her hand into […]

MORE OutlanderBTS Favorite Photo Tuesday

“Looooove that photo! It’s the mischief in his eyes that captures me (and obviously many others)! What a delightful man! Thanks so much for catching that moment.”
— Anna

“Great picture. Love his character!! (Ian Senior)”
— Ana Inés