OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 509 – Monsters and Heroes

Cover Photo: Claire and Jamie, Monsters and Heroes, Starz

Please enjoy our discussion of Ep 509, written by Shaina Fewell, and directed by Annie Griffin! xo

Below are some runners up for cover photos…

For our Season 5 Episode discussions, catch up here: Episode Discussions. We are lacking #BTS508 and #BTS501, still to come over the next month.  I hope this post finds you and your family well. xo

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26 comments on “OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 509 – Monsters and Heroes

  1. Yay!! Thank for taking the time to work on this in the midst of, well…a lot 🤷‍♀️❤️.
    When I looked at the cover shot runners up on the email, I thought that beautiful post manual-CPR couldn’t be beat, then the one with the amputation saw is a winner. But, you nailed it! 💞
    What a season, feels like a million years ago and I can not wait to jump back in with you, Courtney, and your co-maniacs.

    • hahaha yes, it’s always close for the winner photo – and someone else might choose differently! I had to get the one of Lizzy and the bison for Karmen! Glad you’ll be joining me and the other maniacs! xo

  2. Perfect timing! I’ve been feeling “punky” the past few days, even though the sun is shining. I imagine that world events finally dampened my positive outlook on life. Then – your blog came! Boy did I need a dose of OUTLANDER BEHIND THE SCENES!!! Just under two hours of intellect, insight and humor are the perfect remedy for Quarantine-i-tis! Thank you for all the time you spend on your audience. Thank you too. to the Ladies who dissect.

  3. Thank you so much for this one! I really love to listen to your discussions.
    In the book the “buffalo” that came to the Ridge was the one Jamie shot. When Bree butchered it she found the bullet and gave it to Jamie and said you did hit it Da.
    For me the scene with the amputation saw was amazing acting by Sam. He was terrific throughout this episode. Claire was too. I thought of it more as “their” episode even though we had a large cast of characters. Their work was equally excellent.
    The show is certainly at its best and strongest when it tells Jamie and Claire’s story. And I totally agree with Catherine when she said, he is the best actor and the more he is featured the better.
    Thank you again. I hope Antoinette is ok. I always enjoy her comments. ❤️

    • We filmed this back in April, and I think Antoinette had a family obligation and couldn’t be with us, or maybe it was work. We will be doing 501 soon, and I am really looking forward to seeing their faces! Thanks for the info on the bison segment from the book. It was their episode, I agree, even though so much of it was dedicated to Roger and Jamie. And, I agree with Catherine on that point as well. I am editing 508 next, and Antoinette was there. Thanks for joining in Ruth Ann. xo

      • Also, and to Ruth Ann, the bullet hole was where Bree found the maggots in the book. So, according to one of the monsters and heroes part of the discussion, Jamie’s two monsters also saved his life. I can not begin to figure out which way to go with that 😂. Except that he also killed/helped kill both of them. 🤦🏻‍♀️
        This writer not only understand the books, she may have a little Diana in her.

  4. Good work ladies, even though we were missing Antoinette. So my take on Claire and Jamie’s almost death scene was that he knew he was slipping away, so he asked her to touch him before he slept so that was the way he wanted to go. Then when she did touch him the way only she could do, it slightly aroused him and her body heat warmed him back up and possibly the blood going to his nether regions could have possibly stimulated his blood flow a little to bring him around. I’m no doctor, but maybe Karmen and Catherine would know if I’m even close on these biological effects. I shall watch the episode again so I can catch the black undies and other things you noticed. I was so glad that Roger had a chance to play such a huge role in saving his father-in-law and gaining respect from him eventually. I think when you were trying to describe Fergus being so french and stylish, I’m not sure of the spelling because I do not speak French, but I think what you were looking for was sauve faire? Anyway, I think you can figure out what I’m trying to say. I too loved this whole episode and this season does rival season one.

    • Hi Suzanne. Itb, Claire actually stimulates Jamie’s phallus as well as the region behind his scrotum, known as the perineal body. ITS, apparently, she stimulates only his phallus and rather vigorously, at that. Understand, this is conjecture on my part as I know of no studies in Western Medicine that recommends stimulation of the male phallus to restart heart beat or increase heart rate. As was mentioned In our Panel, parasympathetics cause erection of the phallus while sympathetics cause ejaculation. In general parasympathetics cause rest and repose responses which wouldn’t help Jamie. Apparently in Chinese medicine, stimulation of the perineal body can be used to resuscitate ppl after drowning. I am not sure how this was ever discovered as it is perhaps the last thing I would think of doing for a drowned person. I have to conclude that Jamie asking Claire to touch him was the one thing he knew would bring Him back and he Tells her that in TFC, although I cannot offer a sound physiological explanation. Thank you for the excellent comment!

  5. When Jamie says, “tell her I meant it,” that’s from the first season when he’s sending Claire back through the stones. He tells her that he will find her even if it takes 200 years….that was the promise he made to her. I think he’s referring back to that, and that Claire would remember what he said to her in that highly emotional moment when he thought he would never see her again in life.

    • Correction: I meant the 2nd season (not the 1st) when Jamie says that to Claire at the stones before the Battle of Culloden (that he will find her, even if it takes 200 years..). To expand a little, because Jamie feels he’s going to die (as he felt before the battle), he tells Roger to tell Claire he “meant it,” that he’ll find her. I seem to remember “tell her I meant it,” being in the books (I don’t remember where though). I’ve always thought that it alluded to his promise at the stones.

  6. Balm to my soul today! Loved the episode, and you guys made me love it even more. I agreed with everything you each enjoyed, everything you pointed out, noticed. Even the few things mentioned that I saw differently were interestingly discussed.
    There was a moment when Catherine and Karmen were discussing why Roger would know about snakes and I thought, look at yourselves!! Two women who have the widest range of expertise between you and intense fascination in even more. About a character in a book written by another one just like you 😂.
    I said it in the beginning but, I’ll say again, you bring a great deal of joy into my life with your POVs, ideas, knowledge, humor and potty mouths (technical term.) 💝

  7. I finished watching you all discuss it and enjoyed your perspectives very much. I agree with Courtney and Karmen on the last scene with Claire and Jamie and how she knew what to do in that moment. The scene that Karmen mentioned that she loved, when Jamie says, “when you’re tender as milk….does that mean you think I’m going to die?” And Claire’s response, and Jamie’s reaction. Jamie’s expression in that moment (Karmen said it well, incredible), and their exchange: it seemed they were agreeing nonverbally to role playing almost, each knowing what the other wanted and needed, like when Claire says, “you scared the hell out of me,” and Jamie, “You didn’t think I wasn’t afraid too?” I adore that scene. I watched this episode at least 10 times, and I could watch that scene over and over. I also agree with Catherine’s comment about Fergus’ scene. I loved when Fergus just says they have to be there for Jamie as uncle and son and that’s “all we can do.” He shuts down the fear and anger Ian feels about Jamie’s concern about losing a limb and reminds Ian that compassion is what Jamie needs. Thanks for posting this. I look forward to Ep. 8 discussion and Ep 1.

  8. Season 5 was one of the most emotionally draining and action paced Seasons put out in Outlander. It was numbing, thrilling and action-packed all at once. It had it’s humorous times as well. Jamie and Claire are the glue that keep it all together. Jamie has been in life-threatening situations to the point where he is close to losing his life or limbs, and Claire has that uncanny touch that always pulls him through. The scene where Jamie holds out the saw to have his leg cut – yikes! Yet I remember in the first book Outlander when he and Claire were in the Abbey when Jamie was healing after his torture at Black Jacks hands, he said then that he didn’t know if he could live minus a limb. I guess when it came down to it, he could manage if need be.

  9. Ladies, your conversation is always so interesting and insightful. Karmen, I also read all the comments regarding the healing scene of Jamie by Claire. I just thought: fools, you didn’t get it. This is precisely the risk of adapting a very good book into a TV series. There are so many great moments that are lost in translation, and tend to get ridiculed.
    I cherish my Outlander reading experience deeply, but I will always be grateful for the joy that the show has brought to my life.
    I am always looking forward to your opinions and comments.

    • Hi Eugenia. I do wish they had done the healing scene With a little less Manual stimulation but perhaps they wanted to be sure the viewers knew what she was doing. ITB, it is much more slow, evocative, tender as Claire coaxes Jamie back to the land of the living. I, too, cherish my book readings! Thank you.

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